This drone perform excellent in the calm weather and with the sunshine conditions. So if it’s, slow, wind or no wind, it’s very stable flies, perfect it’s fast, and it has this tripod mode for filming it’s really great. I was impressed and also with video and the photos. You might say they are not bad because i’m very critical as a professional photographer but i’m very pleased with this drone. So far, so here are accessories, i guess extra yes, it’s extra battery, phillips, screwdriver or not. I will leave it in the cases and here: okay, one two: three complete of the propellers change and nice charger. You have to charge first before the first flight. You can. You must always charge everything wrong, and here are our drones, it’s, nice and clear, like first. Second, first, we open this one, the rear one, and then this size is the same, and here is the drum really nice made and great design. We have here sd card nice, little new camera with image, stabilization, dampener and everything here is button for off and on button nice brushless, very strong, brushless motors, the led lights sensor for landing. So you actually get a drone ready to fly with a full battery.