The big thing about this one is its a its a pretty um expensive drone um its one of holy stones, more expensive drones, um and ive anybody, and for a while ive wanted a uh, expensive drone. Uh thats got a good camera and stuff on it and so ive. I chose this one here. I ordered it and it came in within a day uh. The package is pretty heavy and uh lets see what all it says on it. If anything lets see lets see, says it has electronic image stabilization, uh, 4k camera records more detail, so its a super high definition uh. It has an adjustable camera angle by the remote control. So its the cameras on a gimbal has follow me mode point of interest mode and lets see what else nobody my uh two year old son, is wanting to help lets see what else it has here: um, independent esc, hi, buddy, uh, brushless motor, so thats kind Of good um, this will be the first drone ive had that has a brushless motor and its a 2.4 gigahertz communication. It says if it has a weak signal or low voltage, remote controller uh theres an alarm, and i believe this one probably has the automatic return to home too. If it loses connection but well see in a minute im gon na go and get it opened so ill be back in a minute. Okay, so inside the box, uh looks like its got its own carrying case and its sealed in a plastic bag.

So im gon na go ahead and tear this bag open and then uh well see what uh, what all is inside this carrying case? Okay. So this is um a pretty nice looking case, um by holy stone, its a kind of a rubberized feel its got a nice zipper and a nice carrying handle right here is the carrying handle and uh its a plastic carrying handle its got a double zipper and Inside is a foam pad and a box and theres a little carrying pouch here at the top and its got the um its like its probably got yeah its got the paperwork instructions and all that stuff. Music. Yes, buddy and you can see its a pretty thick book, um instruction book, um im guessing its in several languages. The drone itself is folded up nice and uh, tucked into the side of the um case. Here you pull the drone out and its its actually pretty heavy. This is uh one of the heavier drones that ive had from holy stone um. It feels quite well made um. You can see its got the fold up, arms and thats, a quad quadcopter hang on buddy and it looks like its got lights underneath and im, not sure if thats a speaker well find out in a little bit of course, thats. This is where the battery goes and then its got a pretty nice remote control. Um remote control feels pretty nice um sturdy, its got several several buttons trim and uh looks like it has fold out handles and then in the box lets see this box.

Here. Is this box sealed, i cant, i dont think its sealed, so it should open right up and it does so lets see. Whats inside this box, im guessing the charger and spare battery and stuff are in here yep. So it looks like uh some a chart, the charger and looks like an extra battery heres, the extra battery here, pretty good size battery and the charger and components so ill open these little bags up and we can ill lay out whats, all inside of them. Okay, so heres the battery uh, it does have two batteries. The drone has a battery in it already right here, and i noticed it is a 2 800 milliamp hour. Most of the drone batteries ive had are around a 1200 um or maybe even a 1500, but 20 100 milliamp hour thats, pretty good battery its pretty hefty. You can see so hopefully thatll give give me quite a bit of flight time. It does have two of them and of course inside is the uh charging hub. It doesnt want to focus very good, and this is the charging hub and, as you can see, you can charge both batteries uh with the one hub. If you so desire, or if you decide to get extra batteries, you could have two batteries charging. While youve got your two spares or two spares charging, while youre using your other two, so im gon na go ahead and get these all charged up.

Let me see if i can get this thing to focus. Im gon na get these uh batteries all charged up and get the uh the remote going and once theyre charged up and ready to go, um ill, reconvene outside and well take a flight and see how this thing does all right: okay, im back um! I wanted to show you guys this uh charging hub with the two batteries, so the charging hub is actually uh. Its got uh some lights on top and its actually a usb c um, not your usual micro usb, but its the actual usb type c, and you can see here the uh. The output is 3.7 volts at 2, amps, so thats, a pretty good um output um for a charger which means that this uh this charger should charge these 2800 milliamp batteries fairly quickly now to charge them this. These here, just basically flip open all the way open. Like that Applause rotate them over like this and then the batteries basically just plug in to the charger here. So let me do that real quick, and so, as you see here, the way these um plug in is the uh. You lay the charger open like that and then the battery plug turns over. I guess it goes this way and just slides right in to the charging pins. So let me get this one in here: real, quick, okay. So once you have uh both battery packs hooked up to the charging hub, then you can bring your usb c uh cord here and plug it into the actual charger.

So once i plugged it in uh, you get some lights and theres a red light showing that theres power and then the two green lights are blinking and i believe that means they are in. The process of charging looks like one is blinking fast and the other one is blinking slow. I dont know yet, because i havent looked in the in the instruction book but im guessing that the fast blink probably means its being fast charged and the slow blink probably means that the battery is basically charged and its um being trickle charged or maintained would be. My guess, but once i read the instruction manual through thoroughly ill ill, see if, if im correct on my guesses on what these lights are, meaning and im im going to guess that when theyre fully charged, it might turn solid here, potentially anyways. Let me get these charged up and and then ill be back okay. So after reading the owners manual, i figured out what the lights mean. So the green lights uh, if you remember correctly, one was f uh flashing very slowly and the other one was flashing quickly. Well, even though this charging hub has two ports for two batteries, apparently it can only charge one battery at a time, so the battery that is currently charging the green light will flash very quickly and then the other battery, the one thats waiting to be charged will Blink slowly and then, when both of them are fully charged, the lights turn solid, green.

It takes about five hours per battery to charge. So i put these on the charger yesterday afternoon and by this morning, when i got up, they were finally charged uh. When i went to bed around one or so in the morning, uh the one battery had finished, but the other one was still charging so uh. They were probably fairly depleted. Anyways im gon na go ahead and take the drone outside and give it a run. Okay, so i have the holy stone: hs 720e uh drone outside now im going to test it test flight. The batteries are all charged up im going to go through the owners manual, a little bit with you. This is the drone. Obviously – and this is the controller – the drone came with four extra propellers, which is kind of nice. So if you happen to break one of them and then its got the little screws in that bag and even a little screwdriver in that bag to uh to put the propellers on and uh so im gon na hand the uh video the camera off to uh. My daughter and uh she will take over the videotaping okay, so in the owners manual, its so thick, because theres, actually three languages, uh, english, german and spanish. The first part of the uh owners manual is your standard. Uh disclaimers safety guidelines, maintenance of the drone stuff about lithium ion lithium, polymer batteries, etc, and then it goes over whats whats included, which i already showed you and then the parts of the drone uh and as most drones, have um the opposite wing.

Uh propellers. Each spin in a different direction and thats how it is able to maneuver theres, also a vision, positioning lens on the bottom and lights on the bottom and the battery goes in the back and theres a battery indicator on the actual drone itself. So the first thing im going to do is uh well well, go over the the controls here, real quick so on the actual remote control. Once you pull it out. Let me set this here so itll keep it open once you pull it out. Uh first thing you have to do is bring down the little handles they just pop down like that, so you can control it and hold on to it, and then the um antennas go up pretty easily like that no big deal, and then it also has a Cell phone holder um, so that, if you want to use your cell phone in the app they have holy, stone, has an app for this. For this model, which can do a lot more um functions uh with the app, then you can with just the remote control but um that thing. Basically, the cell phone holder. You can see right here, theres a spot here. You just pull it up as far as itll go until you hear it. Click like that, okay and then tilt it forward and youll hear an audible click when it tilts forward. You pull this down and then your phone goes right in there.

Now i checked it. I have the samsung galaxy uh s20, ultra, probably one of the largest phones out there. I think the only one thats larger might be the note and it fit in here with a otterbox case on it um. So one of the things id complained about in the past was the cell phone thing not being large enough to handle larger phones, especially with a case on it. So it seems that holy stone must have taken that to heart uh, when i gave them the review and feedback on that, and they made this to expand a little bit better. So you can put larger phones in there so and then to put it away, you just pop that up push it back and it goes right down um. So this is your left joystick. This is the right joystick. They have two modes, its set up, typically in mode two, where this is your you go. This is your altitude adjustment and your turn left and right, and then this is to move the drone forward, move the drone backwards, uh strafe to the left and strafe to the right, and then, if you want to, you, can switch those uh theres a mode where You can switch how those two operate um. This is the lock button. It is to use to lock the drone and unlock the drone um. One of the things this drone has is if youre flying and you realize that um theres an emergency um.

Something is coming along. You see that youre heading straight for power lines or something like that and youre, not sure what to do. You just hold this button uh for three seconds and the motors just stop and the drone will just kill and drop straight down im going to test that, but im only going to test it with the drone a few feet off the ground, so it doesnt hurt The drone and then lets see this is the power switch for the controller, and then this is the return to home button. So you can use that to bring the um drone back where you took off from which is called home. This is the one button takeoff when you press this. The drone raises about five feet and hovers in place, and this is the camera slash video uh button, you press it once it takes a picture, you hold it down, itll start video taping and then you hold it down again and it shuts off the video and Then this is the um high low speed and the lights on the bottom of the drone, and then this one here is uh lets see what does this one do again? This is the camera angle adjustment. So this drone has a has a 4k camera set on a gimbal, and so you can bring that camera up and down using this. This slide uh this wheel here and i believe that is all the buttons.

Oh, there is another button on the side, which is your gps. This drone has a built in um gyroscope. It also has a built in compass and the built in gps locator that uses seven satellites. If you want to, you can shut that gps locator off and not have the gps running, but holy stone. Doesnt really recommend that unless youre a well advanced, uh drone flying uh, drone pilot and then uh the batteries go right in the back here. And so you just pop this open and two double a uh. Two double a batteries go in there and i forgot to get the battery so well pause. The video here in a little bit and ill go get the batteries um, and then it also has this protective stuff on the lens of the remote and also on the lens of the um ill, pull out the drone on the lens of the drone camera and On the lights uh for the bottom, for the bottom, camera or vision, positioning system and ill talk about that here in a little bit, okay, so uh, let me go get some batteries so on the drone itself, its a up drone, so it can fit. In the case – and it says right on the arms uh number one unfold – the rear, arms then number two unfold, the front arms and i believe that has to do with the way that they close, so they dont close on each other.

So we undo these ones. First, this is the rear of the drone so, and it gives you the stats of the camera, its a 4k at 30 frames per second, and then it can also do 1080p at 60 frames per second. It doesnt say that on there, but does it in the owners manual and so well open up the other rear and then the front ones, and the drone is now ready to fly so im going to go ahead and um take off the actually first ill. Do the batteries so it goes through the the owners manual goes through the different buttons and what they do, which i already went over and then its got the lcd functions. So these bars here are your signal transmitter signal. So if those start to get low, that means the drones starting to get out of range of your transmitter. This is the return to home, so when the return to home button is activated that will that will light up um. It also shows you the distance that the drone has traveled from the home point as well as the altitude that the drone is currently at from the home point, which is thats pretty cool. And then it tells you whether gps mode is on or off um. And then this one, whether the transmitter is in motor one or two meaning, how swapping basically the operation of the joysticks, and then this is um. What is this low and high speed? This is the transmitter battery level and this is the drone battery level.

So the drone not only has a battery indicator on the back of the drone using these lights, but it also has a battery indicator on the transmitter itself. So you can tell when your drone is getting low on the batteries, its pretty cool, and then this is the photo button when its um, when its on, i believe its taking video and then when its off it isnt. When you press the button to take a photo, i think it. This shows just briefly flashes, then the battery warning. So when youre down to two bars on the battery, which is basically fifty percent of the battery um, it says that it goes into what they call uh. What is it uh low voltage, nearly low voltage, and so what will happen? There is itll. The drone will start to come back Music to home, and then you can cancel that and send it out again and then, when it drops all the way down to one bar thats, when imminent failure of the battery or the battery is imminently low in low voltage And it will, it will cut out pretty soon so thats when you should bring the drone back in and land it. Okay and, as i mentioned, pretty standard joystick controls. It is mode two. So the left joystick is your your altitude and your turn left and right and the right joystick goes forward and backwards and strikes, left and right and then mode two swaps, those or mode one.

I mean swaps, those okay installation of the battery pretty standard um ive got two batteries here, so ill use one to hold that open. So basically, you just take the battery and you can see theres a little indent there and theres a little catch here and i believe these have to come off. Let me check that real, quick before installing the insulation gasket so yeah. This is an insulation gasket. It has to come off before you actually install the battery. I think its there to protect that part of it. Okay, so basically you just push it in and itll click pretty easy and then, when the battery is low to remove it its got these little grip areas here. So you grip, it push the button and just pull the battery straight out. So this one is pretty easy to install and remove the battery. So now and then this is the the camera and you can see its on a gimbal so now im going to go ahead and remove the um, the protective lenses lens things over the lenses ill. Take it off this one as well, and we should be getting ready to go im going to. I forgot to put um you can. So when you take pictures and video with this, it has a spot to store it on an sd card. You can also use your phone through the app and itll store it on the phone, but the resolution is better if you save it directly to the to the to the sd card on the on the drone, its a higher resolution than what you get using the Phone app, and also this drone has a wireless thats, how it connects to your to your phone.

So when you download the app um, basically, you turn the wireless on here. This automatically turns the wireless on, and then you connect to that wireless signal with your with your smartphone and then you basically are able to control the drone using your phone and lets see the. Where does the uh try to remember where the yeah, okay, so theres? Where the sd card goes so i need to go. Get a memory card. Itll hold itll itll, take up to 128 gigabyte sd card, which is a pretty good size, sd card most of these older drones or the older drones would only handle up to about a 32, but this one will take. This is a brand new drone. So this one will take uh 128. So let me go get a um. Let me go, get an sd card ill, be right! Back, okay, so uh! Unfortunately, i wasnt able to find an sd card um, so ill, just go on with the uh first test. Flight of the drone and then at a later date, um, i will put an sd card in and uh take some pictures and video and ill update the uh, the video with that all right, so thats putting in the the uh flipping the antennas up. Putting on the in the sd card, the phone holder transmitter battery charging, which i already went over operation so pairing. The first thing you got to do is pair the uh drone with the remote.

So the first thing you do is you simultaneously hold the lock button and slide the power switch to the right to turn it on so well. Do that so you hold that okay and it lights up and its in pairing mode. As you can see, this transmitter signal is flashing. So now you short press the power switch to turn on the drone, which is this switch right here. Okay – and you can see now that it is connected and it made some beeping noises and the uh range bars went solid. You can see its got a full uh battery on the drone and a full battery on the remote. And if you look in the back, you can see all four lights are lit up on the back, so its a good battery and then the bottom lights are flashing, yellow and well talk about what those flashing lights mean here in a minute all right. So the next thing we do once the transmitter sets out a long beat which it did and its shown that the drone has been successfully paired. So next. So next what you have to do – just the next page yeah, so initialization detection. So you have to place the drone on a level surface and it will enter the initialization detection. The red, green, yellow lights will flash uh alternately for about seven seconds and then um. Oh, it looks like it already did it its because it says first used indicator lights, turn, yellow and flash alternately, so im, not sure that this was a level condition so im gon na turn, the drone off you hold it down and the drone is off im Going to power this back down and ill make sure were on a level surface so lets go.

We can pause it. Okay, so im going to start the parent process again hold this down slide this to the right and that comes on and then go over and short press the drone to turn it on and itll go into its pairing mode and then – and what i did is I uh, i put it on a block so that i know its got a nice good landing spot and that will be the home position initially, so so initialization detection um. It should have done that now calibrating the compass is next, and so what you do is you hold both of these down and to the right, both joysticks down into the right and the compass. You can see its waiting for calibration because the little compass little compass symbol here is flashing, and so, when you let me, go get the battery real, quick. Okay, this way im not fighting you press them down um this icon will disappear, and that means that the compass is calibrated and you have to hold it down. Uh nope, it just says to press it so ready; okay, it should now. Okay, maybe i didnt uh make sure maybe you have to hold it till it. Beeps hang on buddy, all right, yeah, hmm, it doesnt seem to be oh. Okay right, you got ta. Actually it looks like you have to yeah. You have to manually calibrate the compass. So the first thing you do is you hold the drone horizontal and you rotate it.

I think it is yeah three turns, then you hold it vertical and you also rotate it three turns and then the lights should all turn green, and this should go away so lets. Do that real, quick, look up. Let me take the drone and you rotate it. Three complete times theres one two three and then you hold it vertically. You do the same thing, one two and three and now these lights are solid, solid red at the head, solid green at the tail. And if you look at the at the controller, the compass is gone and it says what good gps is when the two on the back are green and the two on the front are red, so it the compass has been calibrated: okay, unlocking the motor uh. I wanted to make sure yeah okay, so you look here and it says gps on, so it tells you that the gps is is on. Okay were on low speed, which you want to start out at so low speed to start with. Okay, so unlock the motor. Basically, you hold this down and it will unlock okay and now um, oh short, press, so just press it once i guess there. It goes all right. So you can see the drone motors are spinning now, and so it is unlocked and ready to go to lock. The motor it says, theres two ways: you can lock the motor long press that same button um after the drone lands it stopped and or after the drone lands, pull the throttle, stick to the bottom position, hole for three seconds and were going to use the one Key take off here so im going to start it up again: okay and the one key take off.

So you hit this and there it goes and it hovers and its uh its hovering, pretty good theres a little bit of drift, but its not too bad, and so now i can bring it raise it up and you can see its pretty slow its in slow Speed right now bring it back, bring it back and straight to the left just straight to the right. So this is a pretty steady drone um, especially in low speed um it doesnt uh it doesnt drift too much its pretty steady. It has nice smooth movements, so i really like that it hovers pretty good theres, a very slight breeze out, not much and so lets go up a little bit higher okay. So now, if you look at the, if you look at the controller, it says that it is basically two away from the home spot and its 16 and i believe those are meters high and so thats, probably pretty good thats about right. I think okay, so now we can bring it back down. Now i want to test the uh. I want to test the button yeah, the landing. So if you, if you press that same button, it should just come down and land where its at so i pushed it and you can see it is indeed moving down pretty slowly pretty steadily. Oh there, it goes. It must be determining exactly how far it is from the ground and its coming straight down and it should land, and then the motors i believe, shut off, and it did all right so lets go, get it and ill put it back on the pad and well Test the return to home function, okay, so were gon na take off again, oh, you have to unlock it and then take off Music.

This is a bit of a breeze Music, uh, Music, Music, Music and lets go aways and im going to hit the return to home and well see if the return to home function works properly. Im not going to go that far away from from us uh, because itll take forever so lets see. Im gon na im, gon na im gon na drift over here to the right, maybe ill slide to the right, so were a ways away now all right. Now, if you look at the controller, the distance from the home spot is 16 and the height is 18.. Okay, hang on buddy so now im going to hit this button here, which is the return to home. This is a return to home and well see what happens so go to the drone. Get ready and okay its coming back. Well see how close it is to landing right on the pad, which is home and its. I think its uh trying to figure out where its at okay come here buddy and its slowly coming down, well see how close it gets to the pad the landing spot. Music boy: it takes a long time doesnt it figure out where its at and theyll finally land. So unless it moves forward Music, so ill, tell you what, though thats not bad, i mean were off by maybe five feet: thats thats, pretty good. I think thats generally the right area so now what i want to do is i want to test the um.

The emergency stop function. Im going to fly the drone over just a little ways over the grass here and im going to test the emergency stop function and again the emergency stop function is simply hold the uh. The this uh lock button you hold it down and it and itll cut the motors. So first you got ta start the motors okay and then one one uh one button take off Music and actually before i do that. I want to bring it over here and im going to rotate it, and i want you to zoom in on the camera. Okay, let me get it steady again: Music, Music down. I turn the button all the way or i rotate the wheel. All the way left and the camera goes up so thats a thats about a 90 degree angle. It looks like um and it is drifting a little bit, but not too bad and so ill. Do it again, are you still on the camera? So let me rotate, i rotate the wheel on the right hand, side to the right and the gimbal goes down pretty slow and steady and rotate it the other way and the camera comes back up, like i said its about a 90 degree angle, all right. So now, Music, its a little noisy but not too bad ive, had noisier drones, all right so now. What i want to do is take it over here and im, going to bring it down a little ways and im going to kill the motor and test the emergency.

Stop all right, so i dont want to do it from too high, because i dont want to hurt the drone so ill, bring it down away Music. So again, im going to hold this button down, and that is the emergency stop come here. Brandon come here. Come here buddy all right and are we ready, yeah Music and it worked geez, so you hold it down, you hold it down it beeps a couple times. I think to let you know: hey im, gon na youre, gon na drop me and then the motors just cut out and the drone just plummets. So if you were up above in the and you were getting near the trees and for whatever reason the wind was blowing too strong and you couldnt get the drone to come back, kill it with the emergency, stop button uh so for now, thats all im gon Na do you can see its uh? You can see its only used one bar so far of the um of the drone battery. And if you look at the oh and my son brought it back and set it on the on the home on the takeoff pad good job buddy. And if you look at the back, one dot is missing there as well, so its used uh. What one quarter of the battery thats not too bad, hang on buddy. This can fly in both head and headless mode um in head mode uh. Whichever way the front of the drone is pointing is always forward, so if you turn the drone so that the head is facing you and you press the joystick to go forward, the drones actually going to come at you, so everything gets reversed in headless mode.

The uh drone is always uh it doesnt matter which direction the head of the drone is facing. If you press forward, the drone will always go forward in relation to the way it was oriented when you first take off so show the drone. So if the drone is facing this way when it takes off in headless mode, you want to make sure and stay where youre at because your reference point is going to be this. This uh this takeoff spot. So when this drone raises, if you press the joystick forward its going to go that direction, and it doesnt matter if the drone is facing this way or facing that way or where its facing in relation to the head and the tail uh in relation to the Home spot, when you push forward, the drone is going to go forward away from this spot and same with left and right. Itll go left and right according to the spot and backwards according to the spot, and it doesnt matter which orientation. The head of the drone is in thats headless mode in head mode. This is always the front. This hang on buddy. This is always forward. So if the drone is facing this way, it goes forward that way if its facing this way, that is forward. Okay makes sense um at this point, im going to go ahead and stop the video im going to research a little bit more on uh taking pictures and video um and i uh.

I need to find an sd card and then i also want to research a little bit more about the app and using the app im going to get familiar with the app a little bit first.