Hs 720e drone on amazon picked this thing up for 300, around 300 bucks with the coupon there’s, a 50 coupon it’s uh 4k has a 46 minutes of flight time with two batteries. Five gigahertz and it’s brushless has a brushless motor and um. I don’t know it’s my first time getting a drone, so i’m gon na try it out and do an unboxing, so we’ll just see how it is real. Quick got my little scissors, so yeah. Let me show you the box first before i do it so there’s a little box, pretty simple, okay, there you go box on there picture right there, so oh that’s, pretty cool has a little carrying case what’s in here. This is an instruction manual that’s. The control thing drone looks pretty neat here. These are the batteries, as the batteries in here let’s go so before i show you, the unboxing um here’s, the uh link on amazon i’m, a link in the description. So please click on the link. If you want to purchase this it’ll help support the channel tremendously um. As you can see, it’s uh with the 40 coupon. You can get it for under 300. Right now on amazon – and i purchased this on february 21st. So you’ll see in the footage that uh for the size of this drone, i mean it handles pretty. Well, i wouldn’t say flat and windy weather, but you can still handle so i mean you just got to be careful because i crashed this thing three times already, but it’s still working.

I mean i just had to replace like two blades, but it comes with extra blades. When you get it there’s extra blades, you can switch it out with so you’ll see in the footage. Um i mean it can fly pretty high and uh it’s easy to control. So i mean, if you never had a drone before i suggest getting this, and if you have, i mean you’ll, really have fun playing around with this. So so right here you can see me flying it up. There’S, actually, a button. You can press on the uh drone and it automatically takes it up. I don’t know how many feet, but it takes it up and yeah i’m just getting the shot right here of the little lake area. People like like going camping. You can camp out here, four peaks, see it’s even easy to maneuver, so right here, i’m flying the drone down and uh see how stable it is see how windy it is. My hair is blowing all over the place, but i was still able to control it with my uh with the controller and i was able to catch it with my other hand, right here see so that’s how stable the drone is, even though it was windy. It was kind of windy, not too windy, but i was still able to grab it with my hands in midair um. Another thing is: you can connect this drone to your phone, so you can see the actual footage from the camera on your phone, but for some reason my bluetooth was acting up and i was unable to do it that day, so i just was looking at it In the sky so but uh you can actually do that with the phone.

So that’s kind of a cool feature that this uh drone allows you to do, since it doesn’t have a camera on the actual controller. You can actually use your phone as a camera when you’re looking at it. You just need to connect it with the bluetooth, so yeah. This footage was from uh four peaks, uh near fort mcdowell in arizona and uh earlier. That was where the uh kind of lake area was up there up north, and this is like the trail area right here and uh. I think i wasn’t that high with the drone, but i think it could go higher, but i didn’t want to. It was kind of windy that day, so i don’t want to go too high, but here’s some footage of it in the air and there’s a joystick button to move the camera up and down as well when you’re controlling it see i’m moving it down right here And you can move it up as well and side to side. So i mean this is my first drone and i was able to pick it up. Probably like this is my probably fifth time flying it. You know i’m still learning, but i mean, if i can do it, you guys can do it too. So i mean.