So this is it here. This was 299 on amazon when i went through, and i really checked – checked it out and really read through everything, a couple of things that i really liked that caught my eye number one. The reviews had 2 000 reviews and the the score was a four and a half Music in the 26 minutes of fly time. That was a big deal too. So when going through and looking at the mall and seeing what the deal is uh, that seemed to be uh a number that seemed pretty good a little above average. So we went with that. One okay lets unbox. It lets see what we have in here. So i have not opened this up yet i havent taken a look: ive never had a drone before ive, never flown a drone before ive never had a drone in person in my possession and that ive touched before its a travel case. So we could bring this with you and thats. What were going to do, as you can tell by the videos. I live in the woods theres a lot of trees around here, theres, really, no clear area that looks safe for me to try out a drone. So once we do this, video of unboxing um ill cut in uh, the next part, which will be us going to the baseball field or something and giving it a try after its charged up. So pretty cool case i like it seems pretty rugged its kind of like a rubbery texture.

Its got a good handle here kind of like a travel bag handle all right. Here we go the moment. Weve been waiting for there, it is um, looks pretty awesome. So first things first theres another box to open im gon na guess this may be a battery lets see nothing else in there. This is a battery charger. Okay, it comes with a small screwdriver. It comes with extra propellers. I almost paid an extra 20 bucks for some from additional propellers and i that was not necessary uh because they come with a whole new set perfect. We have the remote control there. She is its pretty neat. You can see that so well, read the instructions and make sure we get all this stuff right. Uh were just kind of checking it out see what it looks like in the out of the box and then ill read through instructions and see whats whats next steps. Gps on and off from the side meet two joysticks. Okay, pretty pretty awesome controller. It pulls right up, fits right back into your case, your travel case all right there. She is the hs 720 by holy stone unfold. The rear arm unfold the front arm so rear arm number one number two first before you can do a second all right now that we got that cleared up now, thats what it looks like um ready to go its got rubber pads on here for landing. Uh kicking off the camera here on the front.

Its got a sticker over over the lens here, im gon na pull that off okay looks pretty awesome and the battery very cool um. I guess the battery is charged its got this rubber piece on it, thats, keeping it from being fully inserted, so well double check that make sure that thats charged before we fire this baby up and give it a try um we fold this back up. Do the front first rear second front, first rear, second, that that snaps right into place there holds up right back in the case and check that battery charger battery additional pieces that screwdriver heres our charger im gon na keep this im not gon na toss. This thatll be good to keep everything safe in there and im guessing. There would be an instruction manual and it was hidden in the pouch. So it looks like all in theres there pouch here in the front and the black envelope. Okay, a quick start guide and instructions for use, so im going to take some time and im going to read through these im going to make sure this battery is charged up and then were going to go out to the field. Here we are, we made it out to a field. Hopefully you can hear me. Hopefully you can see me well see what we have. I read the quick setup guide. Hopefully we can get that going there now.