Otherwise, you cant do this and it will only only do it on your phone, so its just just showing the quick how this works seems like i just start again at this point. I dont do this very often all right. So now you just slide the switch and it initiates. Drone will then fly its more or less doesnt fly any faster than about five meters per second is more or less approximate maximum, so 18 kilometers per hour or about 12. I think 12 miles per hour. So if you want to cancel this, the quickest way is to press return to home, and it will automatically cancel this. It will cancel even if you lose the um signal on your phone, because if you do which ill show in a few minutes where i put it on, i have a limited range where i could lose connection with my phone. At this point, i just press the return home button. Youll see the h light up there and it will then automatically fly back any. It will fly backwards, sideways doesnt matter. It will head back to home, so ive taken control of here. Ive had put it about 20 meters and now im going to do a long, long test here, ill put it up to 26 meters. I think the tree maximum height of the trees around here about 20 to 25 meters. So i think there are some that are 30, so you do have to watch for that.

You dont go over the tree line or something because some of the trees are quite high. All right. Yes also remember the always set the return home um altitude higher than any trees or anything that might get in the way, otherwise that will wont youll hit a tree and that will shorten or certainly not return home, then so doing a long flight in this flight. I do lose connection with the phone because my phone has a limited range of about 150 meters or so before i lose connection with the phone, and this seems to be a and it loses over 150 meters. But now im just uh hovering around on this path and leave it running and itll keep on going, even if it loses connection with your phone until it follows, which will then hover until you hit the return to home function on your controller, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, seeing how fast it can fly um. I do give some rough figures in a few seconds which ive put on here, just indicating uh it the highest speed. Its ever gone is roughly uh recorded speed, something like 14 and a half meters per second, but most of the time it doesnt even reach 12 meter. Second, even high speed mode. So normally, i suppose when no winds headwinds or anything 12 meters. A second is roughly the maximum speed in this case, but i do think here we got a tailwind, so its a bit difficult to say what the actual yeah i put 10 to 13 meters.

A second high speed mode, but im not in those, are just rough estimates of this maximum speed of the speeds. So i reckon its got about a two meter. Second headwind here, probably but im not entirely sure. Obviously you can look up the wind which ill were going to talk about in a few minutes, so i guess in some break up here in the image uh, our connection is lost, so this is something that happens a lot even uh. I think flying close to some trees, there can sometimes uh for some reason it can cancel the signal between the controller. This doesnt always happen its i had mixed results. This field particular seemed to get more than some other location, so im not sure if theres, something in the field itself, that interferes a bit um, but uh yeah its, not very, not particularly great, in with the transmitter between the transmitter, the Music drone and the phone Connection with the phone, so if you so im flying it, obviously in a high speed mode, a lot it doesnt indicate here what type of speed youre doing, but i know thats switching it between high speed mode, uh, generally low speed. It wont exceed uh more than about 10 meters, a second with a tailwind, so so its actually fair. I do have quite a bit of fun flying around in circles like an airplane here, because i miss it uh 13 meters – a second there.

If you do it right, you can more or less go in a sort of circle: gently circle rather than you can control the. If youre gentle with the controls, you can sort of do small loops and around and kind of uh kind of to your center of interest, theres an option for it to go around the center of a thing. Unfortunately, i didnt do it uh on this review. I havent got that didnt show that option, but its there hit 13.7. Oh nearly 14 meters, a second yeah. I think the headwind is from the south yeah its because the speed and high speed mode is a lot lower, so yeah at least two. I would say two or three miles: uh meters, a second headwinds, so this is uh. I do fly regularly from this because you kind of are limited to the location where you can fly the drone. This is um a c1 rating, so you can fly up to 50 meters of uninvolved people and 150 meters of built up area fly to up to 100 meters and 50 meters and obviously theres the 120 meter maximum altitude, and things like that. So now were going to do the the wind test. I think here. First i think were going to show this is a uav forecast for the location im in the field at goring by the sea, south england, so uh yeah. The winds are not its saying, not recommending uh fly there because you can set the speed, so i recommend dont send set the speed higher than the um low mode or lowest setting on your drive or medium setting on a drone.

In this case id say the low speed, which is 10 meters, a second, so uh. So i think i was presuming its friday when i was filming this, so this is fentucci venture cassie, quite good, app, so im using the mrc pro, which is the main drone app for this one. It works quite well and it allows you also indicates your meters per second as well, so you can see how fast it goes. So you can set the altitude up to 1 500 meters in this app. It gives different. The kp settings lets turn that down a little where the drone will suddenly fly. I dont know if the wind was uh partially affected the drone here, but if its not staying still, it should hover and if its not hovering, then and its going sideways, then even when the gps is on, you can switch that off and the drone will uh. Try to hover if its very windy, the drone will drift away, so you do have to be ready to control its direction so living life a bit dangerous. At this moment. I think the winds are about seven, eight meters, a second uh at six meters. Second, at ten meters i think and now ive risen to about 110 meters and flying into the wind, i think im using a low speed mode, so so its actually quite flies fairly effectively, even though its a low speed mode so yeah just to send out the Speed and how the drones flying in these conditions, but its flying quite well to be honest.

But yes, just to be mindful of winds uh, especially if its windy, and also, if theres, strong winds, because sometimes the winds can be only two or three meters per second. At ground level – and they can be up to 13 40 meters, a second which would be higher than the top speed of the drone uh. So its something to be aware of, i obviously it does um you do have to consider taking into account so im just doing a follow me Music. Also, the battery is running low here there it goes so. Basically, i think it will follows the distance from the controller, and just you can Music, so Music. I dont think it goes more than about five meters per second, but i dont know if it has a higher if it will go higher. Since i it only went about four meters, a second Music it goes to red. Then it will automatically go by itself to the return to home. You can take control and move it, but it will try to land by head to home there. It goes so concludes our review: Music, Music Applause, Music, Music Applause, Music, so Applause, Music, Music, Applause, Music, Music, so Music, okay, now were starting the orbit test. So this is a little bit a different couple of months from where i last filmed so doing an orbit test. Orbits seems to work. Okay, note you, the you cant change the distance at which it orbits.

So if you set it to five meters, it will orbit at five meters from the object 10 meters from the object of 30 meters. So its just uh, you cant change it. You have to actually manually bring it down and then reset it because it wont you cant change the distance, but its easy enough just to set it up to orbit it or you can move it for a different position. Then get your camera to change. So its just a point of positioning the camera and then it will automatically orbit that location. I dont seem to be having any problem with it orbiting so theres some parameters, all right, just testing the loaf line. You can change the this camera position, so you can see whats going on through your phone its following the path now, so you do have some control over the operation there. I think you might have to manually cancel the actual or press return to home to actually cancel its flight. You can, i think he only got the camera motion all right here. It lost contact 146 meters distance and its quite annoying. You cant do and now you cant see anything i dont think theres any trees or things in the way. So but if youre only eight meters its something to remember to not to have the altitude or make sure that you got nothing in the way because it you cant see obviously what its going to go into.

And obviously you only got your line of sight and its quite low to the ground at so more than 150 meters youre, not gon na have trouble keeping it in visual sites. So this is not, i would say, a recommended use of it. I would say rise. It to above so you can see it clearly at an altitude. Okay, start again got the signal back to the uh connection between my phone and my drone, so i just literally press return to home so that hell come back and then set the connection with the phone once its in range. So theres quite a few mites on there: Music, oh Music Applause, Music. Oh i lost connection gp, had to switch the started to drift off by itself, so i switched off the gps. This is not everything that happens quite a bit with this drone is uh its not a usual thing, but in this field it always seems to happen or often seems to happen that it drifted when i before getting a replacement drone, it had quite a lot of Problems with trying to control the drone, it just seemed to drift off by itself, but uh yeah its, not something having the gps switch is quite useful for when you lose connection, so now were rising im going to put it up to an altitude of 100 meters And now were going to get it on its set the course again for the route we want to take set in the course and set in the coordinates, so the roots roughly here is 100 1600 meters.

As soon as the phone engages it sort of connects to point number one and that will carry on until obviously i reach 160 meters here and it will lose connection with the phone. There seems to be no difference to in altitude, so it loses connection just as easy, more or less with the drone in my phone, but obviously the controller remains the same. Theres, no problem, no loss of connection, so i can control the drone quite comfortably its just above 150 meter or 200 meters. If it comes difficult to know which direction the drone is going in visually because it becomes just a dot on the horizon, so thats one of the downsides of going, is that it all you cant, really see which direction the drone is going. Itll just appear to be uh moving dots going from um. The only way you can know its direction is by watching, if its going side to side and taking a glance on the controllers distance. So if its coming closer to you know its that youre moving towards you, obviously, if its going away from you know if its going, but you can only get again the direction uh by its uh, if its coming towards you or far by the movement in the Distance for the main route, the going to fly do the follow a path round this time in the field again with here, but it lost contact around here at about 160 meters away, so yeah, 160, 59 meters.

So its not really a great range 150 meters and if you put it here ill, lose contact the signal, because this tree here they interfere.