I am here in our outdoor studio because it is just so beautiful here in florida right now, and so i wanted to unbox play with and talk to you about this new holy stone, hs, 710 drone, so heres. What were gon na do real, quick in this video first im gon na. Take you to the play im gon na fly it around do a couple. Little tricks have some fun with it. Show you that then im gon na come back. Give you a dug score from one to five. Let you know how my experience was with it and then, if youre still interested im gon na, do the full unboxing show you what it comes with and tell you about some of its more interesting features and quirks. So how about we get on with that lets? Go play with it: Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music. Now i was so impressed with this drone that even in these crazy wins, i was going to do the altitude and distance test which youre seeing here. I flew it out to well over a thousand feet at 400 feet up in the air and high winds. Until i started to lose contact with it, and then i just hit the return to home button and youre watching it return to home, and it landed, came back within 10 feet of exactly where it took off from it was awesome. Okay, wow. I hope you enjoyed this this thing.

Just real quick is absolutely a five out of five on the doug score. No, if fans or butts, let me tell you like three of my highlights from playing with it number one i dont know if you could tell from the trees back there or not. It is crazy, windy here, crazy windy and it really flew like a trooper, i mean even like the biggest of gusts. You would see it like move like a couple feet, but then it would catch itself go right back to hover. I was very impressed with that. I tested the return to home. The accuracy was crazy, amazing, i like drove it pretty far away and i was like boom hit. The button walked inside set and came back out, and it was right where it was supposed to land and then finally, this battery here is much longer than they say. I would say you get a good 20 25 minutes even in this wind. In this battery, it was crazy, definitely exceeded expectations anyway. I hope that was helpful. Lets go. Do the unboxing welcome to the past. I hope we had fun flying it. I hope you enjoyed the review and it was helpful, obviously youre still here. So you want to see whats in the box and what comes with it? If you should decide to go with this, so lets open it up, take a look at it and well talk about it at the same time.

So this is a 4k drone which is super cool. It includes gps technology so that, if you should lose contact with it, it will return home to you, oh and speaking, of losing contact. This is a 5g drone, so you really should not be losing contact, but just in case you have that security of knowing its going to return home to you, which i think is a big plus as always holy stone, comes with these great cases which are super For traveling in particular another thing speaking of this, it is ultra light, so you can fly this in the united states without registering it with the faa, which i think is also a big plus, especially for travel and that kind of stuff you dont want to have To start worrying about that, while youre on vacation, whoo, thats so cool, it is so small. I cannot believe this thing is 4k. Okay, lets start over here and well work our way over there towards the drone and the remote real quick. I always want to say comes with an instruction manual, which i want to show you right there. Please read it go through it real quickly. Each and every one of these drones is just a little bit different and knowing those little differences is what separates crashing and having a miserable time to just throwing it up in the air and right out of the box having a good time. I think thats.

Smart comes with extra blades wires to charge the batteries lets talk about the battery, so these batteries are good for about 20 minutes of fly time each. So, with the two batteries youll have 40 minute total fly time. I want to show it to you. It is a solid composite battery, so all you do is plug it right into the drone and youre ready to go im gon na make you wait for the drone lets talk about the controller for a sec. Here is the controller. This is a holy stone, classic kind of looking controller. You got the antennae, you got an fpv mount for a phone, you have your standard controls on off, lock the lock the rotors unlock the rotors take off button. This sets your home point. You can choose between high and low speed and choose between photography and video, and on this particular model you can aim the camera up or down right here on the remote. I think thats really cool its a nice feature. I find at least okay youve waited long enough. Lets. Take a look at this drone itself. Oh that thing is so cool, looking, okay, so obviously it comes with the second battery in it im gon na, take it out as were playing with it. For the first time, you just fold out the the arms and the blades and there it is how about that. This thing is legitimately super light. I cant believe i cant believe something.

This light is a full 4k drone that you can adjust the angle on the camera and everything okay. Well, obviously you saw it fly. You saw the review now, youve seen the unboxing and what it comes with. Ive talked about the features and attributes of this.