My name is peter aka styler and welcome to my centec channel. If youre new, then please subscribe and check out the rest of my videos in this video im unboxing and having a first look at the holy stone. Hs710 foldable drone. It features gps, wifi, bossless motors 2.5 and 4k adjustable camera. Two speed modes. Follow me point of interest, auto return to home, headless mode and a live range up to around 300 meters. It is, of course, ce and fcc certified and can be ordered on amazon, so it comes in a well made and stylish black carrying bag and inside we find the foldable drone with all the necessary equipment and up here we also have some extras, like some extra Propellers and a screw driver two usbc charging cables cautions of battery which contains info on how to treat the batteries and what you need to be aware of, and, of course, the instructions user manual on how to use the drone included are two batteries which each gives A flight time on about 23 minutes and in the bottom we find some leds, which shows remaining battery level plus a power button. So this you need to remove before using it thats just some kind of protection, and here we see the charging port for the usb type c. Next, we have a mini controller with a small and simple display. The antennas must be folded up like this, and then we have buttons for return to home.

Auto takeoff. The control sticks, lock, slash unlock button and a power switch on the back. You can flip these down. They are just there to provide a better grip to the controller on the top. We have a scroll wheel which let you remote control, the angle of the camera. We have a photo, slash camera record button, plus a button for low and high speed on the right. We also find an on off button for the gps, as this drone can be used with gps or just visual positioning, and on the back, i lit for two double a batteries which are not included on the top. There is also a hidden holder, and this is for smartphone, as this drone can operate with or without a special smartphone app. Okay, so lets now power on the controller and, as you here can see, the mini display is just monochrome and extremely simple, as this just needs to show the user. Some basic information so more to the app later in the video lets now move on to the drone. So, as you here can see, it is folded and that way it does almost not take up any space. Let me just remove the batteries and lets unfold. It completely Music, so thats it, and here you see all the propellers it is using brushless motors and the propellers can be changed if this should be damaged. Overall, it is a pretty cool, looking mini drone, very similar to the dji mini se, and on the front we find the 2.

5 4k camera with 110 degrees fov, which is fixed in a kind of soft suspension. The camera goes up and down lets just try to adjust it here manually, but it can, of course, also be electronic adjusted through the mini controller, which is pretty nice on the side. We find a micro sd card slot, and this is for recorded videos and photos. Important here is to use a class 10 speed card, as the videos in 4k can get really big. So next up lets insert one of the batteries hold the power button down until all leds are on and hold again to turn it off. The leds also indicate its power level, so, while the drone and controller is turned on, you need to calibrate the drone to activate calibration mode. First put both control sticks at the same time, down to the right, lower corner and the compass symbol will begin to flash on the controllers display then rotate the drone level clockwise three times and also three times face up after that is done. The leds on the drone should stay on solid instead of flashing and now to the holy stone smartphone app. First, you need to connect the phone over wifi with the drone to establish connection. When done, you will see the camera picture on the phone down in the left corner, we have google maps which is using the gps. Then we have the features. Follow me point of interest and headless mode for the image you can turn on tweet d and also, if needed, flip it 180 degrees.

While zooming is done down here in the settings, you can switch between meters and feeds and turn off beginner mode plus adjust the distance etc. Then we have sensor status. If you want to recalibrate it, we have the camera where you can switch between 2.5 k with up to 60 frames per second and 4k, with up to 30 frames per second plus format. The micro sd card, if needed, the image transmission, is good with a very small but noticeable delay. All photos and videos can be watched afterwards in the local gallery and last. There are also some built in tutorials that you can try out and thats. Basically, it so im no real drone expert. I mainly test this for fun, and here you now see some real footage i made wit off and with the drone while moving. It does have some wobble, but at least photos are always good and sharp, and if youre not satisfied with the built in camera, i did see some on the net who also attached another camera to it like, for example, an insta360 go so thats, indeed possible. The drone also has an automatic return to home. This is activated whenever the battery gets low on power or it loses connection with the controller Music dripping lights, paint the skies Music lights paint. The skies can make me Music, come here: Music, Music, Music, all right now to my final thoughts of the holy stone. Hs 710 foldable drone.

This drone is amazing and extremely easy to fly and has some nice features built in like gps, return to home 2.5. 4K. Movable camera follow me point of interest headless mode and much more. The drone is stable made in a good quality and has a pretty long flight time. Drawbacks are that the camera has no electronic image stabilization, so videos will have a lot of wobble while moving so its, not the best for videos. While photos, however, turns out good without distortion, the dji mini sc is better, but also almost twice the price of this one. So if youre on a tight budget, then the hs710 is definitely a good alternative because it gets really close, so thats.