So here is the controller. Weve got dual joysticks. If we just open up the antennas, they can also twist to give you space and what i mean by that is you have an attachment here for your smartphone, so you can attach your smartphone right there and that will allow you to see a live feed of The actual cameras now weve also got grips that slide outwards. So you give you a bit of a hand grip which is quite a nice touch. Now batteries lets open the compartment. It takes two double a batteries, so you need two double, as so. The new hs 710, so it is folded up, lets unfold. The drone first of all and rip off that plastic. Look at that shiny brand new drone. The battery just slid out there because it wasnt secure weve got a 4k camera on the front 120 degree field of view. Youve got five gigahertz transmission optical flow positioning, youve got two batteries, included 1820 milliamp hours, so quite a decent capacity and they are charged via usb type c, and you can expect 25 minute fly time from each battery micro sd card slot. So we can record all the footage. Um pretty neat, looking drive a very nice finish to the drone and your charging cables and theres, even a screwdriver included as well. Now there is a smartphone app, so youve got app control. Now, when youre outdoors, the wi fi operating distance is up to 300 meters and the transmission distance is up to 600 meters, Music, Music, so Music, Music, so Music, Music.