But if you look its 20 off and ive got a 10 off discount code, so this is the new holy stone in the lineup and theyve really been putting a lot of drones out if you ever use their customer support its the best in the industry. But this ones really cool. Looking that looks like an alien head on the front kind of like an inspire too, and i love the look of this drone. So three months ago, they put out the new version of the 700 to 700e, which is my favorite drone by holy stone so far, because its so stable in the air lots of fun to fly 4k camera and the performance of this drone is just the best That theyve ever done so last month they put out the hs440, which is the mini version of the 720e, which is their most popular drone ever. But this thing is a blast to fly and its a great price. So then, a few months ago they came out with a newer version of the 175 and they put it in black over gray and they came out with brushless motors 4k camera, but this ones at the same almost price point as this one. Let me tell you why i like this one so much more its got intelligent batteries. So if you look at the back of it, it lights up when you, when you push the button, it seems to have a much better camera.

The camera looks more like the ones that come in the 700 and 720, but one of the most important things to me as a controller. It uses the same controller as the 700 720, so it has a lit up screen and its much easier to use the functions and performance of this drone over the 175 controller, and as always, it came it comes holy. Stone gives you these great bags that come in this is the first one ive ever seen. It has a handle, so it comes with two batteries: extra props and two chargers. So where does this cool looking little drone fit and their new lineup of all the drones? They put out well lets, go put her up in the air and find out, but before we do that lets go over the functions of the drone, the remote and how to get it up in the air and get it calibrated. All right guys lets see what she weighs in at first. She weighs in at right at 249 grams with the stickers off so thats exactly what it needs to be to be under the faa requirements to register it so its right in line with the dgi mini at 249. But that puts it way heavier than that new h s 1, 75 d, so how much is 250 grams, its about the same as good size banana? So it comes with this really nice case, made of good material, very solid, great zipper.

First, one ive seen that comes with this pleather handle. I really really like it, so you open it up. It actually comes with this nice cover that you can put in there, but it has the drone an extra battery. I love the remote its the remote of my favorite drone, which is the 700e by holy stone, and this is also the 720e remote, so it doesnt use the remote of the 175d ill explain a little bit more about this later so, like i said it comes With an extra battery be sure and keep these little uh slide things that are on here. So when you put the battery in the drone when youre storing it, so it uh its not locked in because you dont want these connectors connected uh to the battery. In the drone at all times its good to leave this one of these on there when you stick it in the drone, so it comes with a handy, dandy, screwdriver. It comes with extra props and whats important about these props. It comes with four of them that they have a a and b on them. So if you look on here real closely, itll have a1 or b2 and when you pull the drone out when its time to replace the blades and you look at it, you see that theyre labeled, a and b so just make sure you get the right ones. On the motors, so it comes with two chargers for the batteries and look at these chargers.

Gone are the days of these big clunky chargers, because these are intelligent batteries. What i mean by that, is you just plug it straight into the wall into the c connector and its an intelligent battery? So when you press it itll tell you how much is charged up while its flying, you got to hold it down and itll. Tell you that its uh all the way fully charged, so it also comes with a really nice instruction book and what you want to do is open it up to right here to the qr code, open up the camera on your ipad or your im. I use my phone but im just using my ipad for demonstrations, you open it up and its the ophelia go app and you download it. So what you do next is you turn the drone on by a long press on the battery Music? The lights will come on the first time. You turn the remote on every time. What you want to do is hold down on the red button and slide it over. So once you have, this turned on, you want to go back to your ipad or your phone. Go to go to your wi fi see holy stone. You got to do this, every single time or itll fly away and once its connected go back open up the app and hit enter device. So this is an instructional page. It pulls up to return to home.

Page, your status, your gps signal, your remote control battery level, your signal strength, your settings, your photos, you push this button to switch back and forth between photos, your camera settings and your focal length. Then you want to hit home and itll show your multi functions. Your one turn return home your key to take off, which is also on the remote. All of this is your map, your distance and your altitude. So up here where it says geomagnum calibration. What you want to do is hit this envelope and thats whats going to take you into it. So youre going to hold the drone youre going to spin it three times and then its going to tell you to go heads up and spin it three times again that helps it set the gps. Then its calibrated see up here it says weak gps signal thats because were inside, but you see our signal, strengths, um and well go over so in here its got. Follow me orbit flight and headless mode, dont ever use headless mode, but well test the orbit flight and the follow me when we take it out so return to home and take off so on our camera settings heres, where we switch from 2.5 to 4k. I really say i suggest: shooting in 2.5 k 4k takes up so much minute energy and then heres. Your frames per second is: actually you can change it, so here were at 60 frames per second and ill run ill.

Do 24 frames per second shows how much storage you have left up. Heres your brightness and your color saturation so restore yeah id rather have it defaulted to that? I dont know what it had and man you can even suggest your change, your iso. What iso means is when it starts to get dark? You want to pull it up, but i mean i wouldnt mind. We can just leave it on automatic, so you can change your white balance, just leave it in in default, so thats something you want to play around with until you really get the hang of what its doing the cameras really good, even at 2.4k, so heres, the Zoom man thats going to be really nice and on the remote you can move the gimbal up and down with the wheel right here so on the remote this, if youre ever flying and its flying towards a pond, you can hit this button and thatll stop the Motors this is your takeoff button on your on this side. Is your photo button short presses, a photo. Long press starts the video this one. This doesnt do anything here and then you pull up here and your phone goes here uh. This is your return to home button and then it everythings pretty. I love this led screen. This shows the signal strength on the sides, the drone battery the remote battery, how many gps is your distance, your height and, of course, mode two and its in low speed.

So if you want to switch it to high speed, you go up here and hit this switch up here so also under settings under safety. You can pick between metric or imperial, and this is beginner mode. This will make it run in the beginning. You want to try to use this and itll have all these default parameters, but one thing i dont like would be the return to home. The default is 15 meters, so thats about uh 45 feet high. So if youve got trees higher than 45 feet, this needs to go up. I would put this up to about in the middle and then your max altitude is 120, which is 400. Your default, your distance. You can change that, so you dont want it past. You know thats 400 meters thats pretty far, and so your max altitude is 120.. So on the battery you can see that its a 1820 milliwatt ampere battery battery compared to like 2800 for the 700 e and then the 175d would be at 1700.. So take some time and really familiarize with yourself with the manual, and one thing you really want to do is start a pre start checklist. If you want one from me, drop me a line and ill give you one but really its important to have your own. That way, you wrote it and you know it what needs to be done before you put the drone up in the air. So it is a two axis gimbal with the 4k camera and your and your sd card goes right here and you pop that in and out like there so on the camera it it goes up and down so its only a two axis gimbal, it is a It does seem to have some image stabilization uh into it, but you may say: wishing you had a four axis gimbal, but if you actually, if you look so on these drones thats, the first thing that breaks is these three axis gimbals, so be careful.

What you wish for this is more of a beginner bass drone, even though it flies very well, but the camera is very well protected and go up and down. So it takes great photos but youre gon na get some jello and some movement in when youre trying to take video unless its really theres no wind out there, and you know how to fly it perfectly. All right lets go put her up in the air. All right you got ta hold down for a minute for it to switch into speed, two Music really pretty windy out here. You can see it fight the wind all right guys, its a little too windy to be using the sound uh from the outside drone footage. So, im just going to talk of course, a picture on the left hand, side, um, thats, not synced, to the drone, and i shot it in 720, so its able to shoot in 4k, but really without a 3 axis gimbal. I mean youre not trying to get great foot footage anyway, youre just trying to get some uh scenes. You can work with it. You see a little bit of jello a little bit of shakiness to it. Takes really good pictures ill show you that in a little bit here i come up to the drone um, so its a gps drone, so its going to hold its position so im going to walk up to it, im going to grab it and im going to Pull on it and its going to fight me its going to go when i let go its going to go right back to where it was thats.

What a gps drone! Does it actually locks into the signal and thats how it keeps wherever youre telling it to go to and the same with every drone? The first time we fly it, its gon na have a different personality than the ones before itll have its own little quirkiness uh. How fast it turns if theres any latency, this didnt seem to have any latency at all, doesnt seem to want to spin real fast. Like i said, the circle mode worked really good. The follow mode worked, really good. Um lets have a little bit of problem with the waypoints, but i didnt spend much time on it. I dont think id ever use that anyway um on a drone unless im trying to get some really good footage, but without a three axis, gimbal im, not gon na do that. So as far as the distance that this will fly, i mean i wouldnt. Take it past 300 meters or thats 900 feet uh thats beyond visual line of sight anyway, which is legally youre supposed to keep it to where you can see the drone, this drone being so small. You know its hard to see anyway, so you cant go beyond that anyway, so always keep it in your line of sight, so it takes about an hour to charge the batteries and you get about 20 minutes of flight time, which is really good. Also, when you go out and you first connect it outside and youre waiting for the gps to signals to come in for the satellites that actually takes a long time, i mean it seems like a long time because youre sitting there staring at your drone, it takes A minute or two and it needs at least i think, seven youll see three or four come up and itll say weak gps signal.

Youve got to wait till that bar turns green and youll. Look down and youll have 11 17 satellites, something like that. Dont, take off until youve got your gps and your wi fi connected. Also, this drone is 249 grams. So if you do anything to it, its going to put it over like here, i attached a water pontoons to it off a dgi mini and id use. Two velcro straps to connect to it. Uh didnt seem to affect it at all. Actually it seemed like it flew a little bit better with a little bit weight, but that takes it over the 249 grams. If you do that, then you need to register it with the faa and then you got to take those numbers and mark them on the drone where theyre visible. I have to do it on all my drones, because i have a part 107 license. Also, if youre flying drones and you havent taken the any in the united states and you havent, taken your trust test ill, be making a video in that soon. One thing, too, that holy stones really improved. On that, i had a lot of problems with you know three years ago, with the original 700 is the connectivity, it just seemed it would work half the time and it wouldnt work half the time it wouldnt want to load on your phone. The app wouldnt want to connect um this performed flawlessly, just like the last three ive.

Had they really connect really really quick, which makes it so much more enjoyable to fly. One thing too: with the wi fi drone: you dont have to take a wire and stick it to your phone because it connects to the wi fi to your phone. So here im landing it again again. If you want those are only like 20 on amazon and it didnt fit perfect for the like. I said it came off the mini, so this is actually my third day of flying it and every day i fly it. I get you know more confidence with it when you first get a drone, as with any drone your first day, youre going to have some hesitation to it, youre not going to trust it, but every time you plop a new battery in it and start all over Youre going to trust it more and more also, every time you plop a new battery in it, youve got to start all over with your pre start checklist, very easy and heres. What i attached to it in the beginning, when you see the really cool shot of the drone from the front i attached the instago 360 to it very simple. I just used some two sided tape with a little uh hot shoe mount and it worked flawlessly. I mean, i think, doesnt weigh hardly anything and it the drone didnt even know what was there so that thats also no another way to get some really cool shots with drones, so the easiest way to hand land it is to hit the land button on the App which will be on your phone and its right next to the return to home button and they look almost identical so itll.

Take you a little while to get used to all the different functions on it. So study dont panic, familiarize yourself with the app the manual the drone, the controller, the more you know about it. The more confidence youll have and the less chances that you have of hurting the drone yourself and maybe someone else so be safe out there and thanks so much for watching heres. My final review on the drone and i really look forward to seeing the in the next one again thanks for watching. So thanks so much for watching my review of the new holy stone. Hs710 good little drone for the money around the 200 price point, which i really like this drone way better than the 175d. So, if youre, considering between the two, i would much more lean towards this one and it puts it in the price point right in the middle of the hs 440 that they just came out with and the 700 and 720. So if the 200 is all you can afford, this is a great drone. If you could forward a little bit more, i would lean towards the 300 and even at that price point youre, starting to get close to the new just released dji mini sc.