Take a look at the road and see whats going on im what you might refer to as a drone enthusiast. I love drones and everything about them. Theyre super cool! You can get some really good shots if youre into videography. Now, of course, the best drones are the ones that are very easy to control, along with amazing video quality, thats also very stable. So today we have yet another 4k drone in the holy stone. Hs 710 brushless foldable drone with gps, so this drone does check a lot of boxes, including a 4k camera that records more details. Adjustable camera angle by remote controller. Follow me mode point of interest mode and optical flow positioning along with independent esc, brushless motors and 5g wi fi transmissions. It does come with two batteries, so you can get up to 50 minutes of flight time, which is a very long time when it comes to drones and that 4k camera has a 120 degree field of view, along with 90 degrees of adjustment. So you can get any angle. You want very nice matte black box, but lets get inside because i want to see this drone. So this drone does come in a very nice decently hard shell zipper case. It can easily carry around oh cool. Even a little leather strap here, so you can actually carry it around. I like that inside we have an instruction manual very thick, some extra propellers in case you break one, a screwdriver for the propellers and big thumbs up right here we have two usb type c charging cables, usb type c charging cables the extra battery.

So you can get 25 more minutes of flight time. The remote control looking nice, as well as the drone, which is very small, lightweight and compact. So first things first take a look at the remote control, very nice. It can actually pop out these bottom parts here. For grip, okay fits well in the hands. We can pop out the antennas for more range: okay, very good, the joysticks very responsive buttons, very clicky, okay, very good. As far as remote controls go. We have a nice led display here to tell you about your drone and theres no batteries in here, but it does take two double a batteries easy to find, of course, right here on top what were definitely going to be needing phone holders, so you can actually See from your drones point of view and really its a very simple remote control, easy to use easy to master, you just need batteries and now taking a look at the drone itself. Oh wow, nice all black design, look like this thing is small again its in the palm of my hand, and this thing can shoot in 4k, its pretty impressive already. So, of course, we can pop out each propeller. Okay feels very strong. So far i mean this thing is tiny, though seriously over here on the front. We have the 4k sensor at 120 degree, point of view. Of course, we have led lights on the propeller, so you can see it at night in the sky over here.

On the left side, we have a micro sd card slot, so you can save all your footage, then, of course on the back of the battery. Just slides into place, you can pinch in the sides to lock it in very secure and as far as powering it on theres a button on the battery just hold that down it lights up. I always love that sound firing up a new drone. The lights are flashing, they are active so now without further ado, we dont have a lot of room in here were gon na. Take this outside, get it all calibrated up and take this thing for a flight and see how well it actually manages to fly around the sky and record video for us all right guys. We are outside got a lot of open space here were gon na put this drone to the test. I mean this thing is so small im gon na be really impressed if it actually does, as expected, were gon na download the affiliate go app, so we can see whats going on from the drones point of view. All right so were gon na get everything powered on well start with the remote control it beeped pop open all the propellers on the drone. I always do it backwards. You got ta start with those ones first and pull this one out all right. Looking good gon na power it on, i heard the remote control beep, so thats, always a good sign.

Lets get this placed on the ground were gon na have to go into our wi fi settings find the holy stone, fpv network and log on to that. No password it should automatically connect, just like so got to calibrate the drone. Real quick im getting dizzy place the head up and spin around three times whoo. Now we got the green were good to go inside the app. We can control everything and see everything its very nice. We can go to the settings here. We have beginner mode were going to turn that off because then well be able to go as far as possible. Instead of being limited, max distance is set to infinity thats. Pretty cool max altitude is set to 120 meters. Rth altitude is set to 15, but were gon na just turn. It all the way up to 50 orbit semi diameter. I dont even know what that is well just go. All the way up were going to max everything out were going to change it to imperial for feet again. That makes more sense. I can understand that a bit better sensor status, we already have it calibrated camera. We have it set to 4k. You can also do 2.5 k, 16 by 9 mov files on the sd card. We already formatted it and well update the data, so it just transmitted all the settings. Weve changed to the drone. All right so now were gon na try to fly it im gon na press record.

We got the video recording in 4k. We just press this little unlock button on the remote and bam. Look at that spinning super fast and its ready to go so lets see if we can go all right lets go straight up all right. Let it hover here: okay, its working! Well, the video looks a little bit shaky, though usually its a lot smoother. So its not doing a very good job with stabilization were 20 feet. High lets see how high we can actually go. All right so were at about 150 feet 177 feet and climbing lets keep going all right. We are actually 350 feet in the sky right now. Okay, so were beeping. I think we lost connection to the app. No, we got it back ‘0 feet its a little spotty. The maximum flight height has been reached and can be adjusted in accordance with the need. So it looks like the maximum flight height is about 400 feet which is really high. I dont think you would need to go higher than that. As you can see, we can see a lot of stuff. Now we can spin around its very wobbly, though its really shaky there we go were spinning. The video is a bit laggy on the smartphone right now. Okay, lets come back down a little bit. Now that we figured out our max height. I want to make sure we have a stable connection, so well come down to about 200 feet its definitely coming down slower than it went up.

Okay, so were 285 feet high and it looks like we have a stable connection, yeah its a lot smoother now so well stay at about this height and lets see, which way is forward actually lets see. Where do i want to look okay, theres, the main road over there so lets actually go. Take a look at the road and see whats going on all right, so were about a hundred feet away right now from the transmitter and 300 feet up in the sky. Nothing is far were flying right into the sun right now, so its a little bit hard to see, we have some glare were actually 420 feet away. All right, so it says the transmitter has no signal and its returning. Where is it there? It is hard to see with the sun. Oh wait, we got the signal back, so it drops the signal, but then it finds it again. So thats good and it looks like all right here. It says automatic return again. So the good news is if it does lose signal, it should return back to where we started, but i still could see it on the video so lets actually pan down with the camera. There we go. We can actually take a look at traffic conditions. Oh thats, weird, it looks like it is returning back to us. The funny thing about this is that the smartphones still connected, but the remote control is not connected and its returning home.

Actually so the drone is returning home back to us, which is cool, because if it loses signal its gon na come back so that way you wont lose the drone. The funny thing about this, which ive never seen with a drone before, is that my smartphone stayed connected to the drone longer than the actual remote. Usually the remote stays connected at super far distances. It sounds like its closer, but the display on the app actually disconnects. So this is different. Its new to me and we actually are landing right now looks like its just coming home. It actually is automatically landing so lets see if it comes back to where we started, which is basically right here. You can see the car. Let me just get in the frame yeah there. I am. It actually came right back to us when it lost signal to the remote, so thats perfect, all right, so right now, actually a drone following me and its still coming after me: okay, not bad, now, im actually going to run underneath of it and its still following Me thats really impressive, that planes pretty low. Let me angle the camera up soft landing. I mean not bad. It came right back here when it lost signal, so thats always a major plus. Now the thing is, i expected the video to be a lot more stable. Like it usually is when it comes to drones, but this one it was very shaky.

Taking a look at this, the video quality looks all right, not the best ever, but you know its good enough for an amateur drone, although it was a bit wobbly as it was flying around so im not really liking that usually its a lot more smooth. So the drone is all right, not the best ive seen the stabilization could use some work. The video quality is okay, but not amazing, by any stretch of the imagination, but it did come home with no problems, its easy to control easy to fly easy to learn. I just dont like that.