It’S less than 200 pound it’s got follow me mode. Wave points and it’s also got return to home, and this is the holly stone. 700D drone. Is it any good let’s go and find out, so i do get sent quite a lot of drones and a lot of them are pretty enough. But when this company reached out to me asking do you want to review our drone and then i looked at the specifications and i noticed that it had follow me mode and it also had waypoints, and i thought why not so i’ve come to this brilliant lovely Location today, let’s go and test this out and i’ll. Show you some of the best things about this drone. Aside from the price is it’s got software which you can download, which is very similar to the dji fly app, which i’ll show you when we take off and i’ll get it going and i’ll show you the app and i’ll overlay it over this video just open Up the app enter device it’ll tell you to make sure you’ve connected it by wi fi, and then you want to see what i’m. Here you want to do a calibration of the actual compass, so you just as normal you’re going to turn it round, face it up and turn that round and then you’re good to go okay, so you can see from the main screen itself. We’Ve got 14 satellites batteries on about 80. Remote control is 80 everything’s set up now, we’ve done that calibration and then, if you click on the settings icon in the top corner here you can set your distance setting maximum distance max altitude and your return to home altitude.

So that’s all really good and really something that we’re all familiar with. If you’re a complete beginner, you can also change this to beginner mode. So, within the actual remote controller you can see you’ve got automatic takeoff, so we can get the propellers going by pulling them in there, you’ve got automatic takeoff, you’ve got lock, return to home and also take picture. So let’s get this up in the air and what we’ll do to get it going in the air we’ll. Just press automatic take off so by pressing that button now you’ll see the drone now in the air, and then we can move the drone forward and side to side, and this is gps locked. So this is really stable as well. You can see just bring it back to me here. That is nice and stable is an fpv camera. So the gimbal will move with your direction as well, but, as you can see, it’s hovering in place being a gps space. Drone it’s actually doing that pretty good. So let’s send it out now. Let’S have a look at how it looks so press this to record Music. So this footage looks really good. It’S, really responsive, it’s, fast let’s, bring it back up here, we’ll get it full fire. So yes, that’s good! You also get about 21 minute flight time with this drone, so that’s good. So it is really windy today, as well and it’s handling that really nicely that wind, so let’s bring it back to us here and i’m going to show you some of the other great points about this drone.

So in orbit flight go in orbit, so it will go in a circle location and it will circle around so it’s got some pretty good features built into this drone as standard and then, when you record footage like this, it actually records directly to your phone. So you don’t have to import or export anything afterwards, so it’s pretty smooth. You know you’ve got to bear in mind that this drone is only less than 200 pound, it’s really good fun, especially for a beginner, so that just continues to rotate until you get it to stop so we’ll stop there. So the actual drone itself has follow me mode within the settings, this folds the gps on the controller. So if we actually swipe this here, as i now walk, the drone will actually follow me and i have control of the gimbal wheel. So i can move the gimbal to the left or to the right and as i walk or run or on a bike or a car, it will also continue to follow me now. This is excellent, so this is something that you can’t even do on some other drones so built into this it’s excellent, especially if you’re going for a walk or tracking kids or anything that’s great. Also, if you actually turn around, though, and walk towards the drone, because it’s actually focusing on the position of the gps on their controller, it will actually move back in your direction. Okay, so another good feature on this drone is it’s got waypoints.

Now the way of doing weight points is you click on the actual map icon and then, when you’re in the map icon, you can zoom out, you can zoom in and in the bottom right hand corner here, you will see that you can actually select track or Points so you can actually draw a line from where you are and it will go in that position. You can delete that if you wish so let’s, just zoom in and we’ll just set a quick track from where we are in this line here. Five point track once you’ve done, that click on submit, which is in the bottom right hand, corner it’ll. Ask you if you want to do that, press yes and the drone will then automatically go in the position that you’ve set it to. So you can track this as many points as you want, and it will continue flying in that location. So at the moment it’s now flying towards number one, and then it goes number two, three four and five and so on. You can also when you’re in this. You can click on that again and you can click point and then you can go from point to point to point to point and back to you, click submit and then the drone will then continue to go from point to point in the area that you again Have set automatically on that drone so, as you can see, i’ve got it in a bit of a circle mode at the moment, so it’s now circling and going from different point to point, which is absolutely brilliant to be able to do on a sub 200 pound Drone and it gets that back to that location, then you can do it again or you can stop if you wish so from here now: we’ll press the automatic return to home.

So within the return to home, you have got this music camera down. You’Ve got the controller on here. You can actually press and it automatically come back or you can actually press it within the actual app settings as well. So let’s just press the controller, so you press that and that will now automatically return back to your location. As you can see now here, it comes back straight back to the location where it’s set and then we’ll just take a couple of photos, so just by clicking that photo take a photo and another photo so let’s actually turn it round and we’ll go out to Sea and then i’ll set return to home and then, where i started from let’s see how accurate it is all right, so it’s, right over there now about 155 meters away being a bigger drone, it’s really good, because it’s easy to see automatically now it will start To return – and it will come back to me and whatever altitude you’ve set it up, it will go to that height first, so, where it comes now, you can probably hear it it’s just above my head, so it’s come back on to where the location is and Let’S just see that london, how accurate this return to home london actually is, and here it is – and you know what it’s in the exact location where it was starting to land so that’s good. So that’s come straight back to me.

So let’s just have a bit more of a mess around with this, just while we’ve got still battery we’ll take it over to that location there and we’ll try and get it to orbit around this and see what this looks like this drone for a fun beginner Drone is really good, so we’ll just keep flying this now and just show you a bit more footage quite low ground shots just while we just get rid of some of it more of that battery, but we’re able to do different things with this and that battery Stays nice and strong, it doesn’t descend too much so you’re going to get a good 20 minutes battery right guys. Overall, what do i think of this drone? I think for the price point on a beginner drone, it’s excellent. You can’t really go wrong. It’S got following mode and tap to fly so that tap to flight. I can see it using a lot if you’re going on a bike ride, you can set your location to fly to certain distance or, if you want to be flying around, say an object or a building. You can set them wave points within the app which is great. The following mode is also a great addition been able to actually track the gps location. You could go for a walk, just put this controller in your bag and it will follow you where you are so you’ll get that great shot without you having to do it manually.

If you’re going on a bike ride, you could also do the same thing. You can have a hole in your hand or put in your bag and because it’s tracking, the gps location, wherever you are, it will track it. So yeah it’s not going to have all the bells and whistles, because we need to remember the price point of it and it’s, not the best best camera quality. I would like to see the camera have the option to have more stability rather than just the fpv style, and also to have the battery be able to charge a lot faster. It does take a few hours to charge, but once you do have it fully charged as you’ve seen from today, i’m able to test this out fully on one battery, so you get about 20 minutes of battery life, which again for this price point, is excellent. For this drone really good drone, the best bit is now is that this drone is currently 199 pound on amazon, which i’ll link in the below description, but there’s a 25 pound voucher. Currently so it takes it down to around 175 pound and then i’ve also got a discount code which i’ll put on the screen now for an extra five percent off so you’re. Getting this drone a really really good price, so go and check it out by a really good company called hollystone.