, its a drone thats been out for about a year and a half. It was released in june of 2020 and youre thinking. Why am i reviewing a drone thats been out for a year and a half, because the subscriber told me more than one subscribers have told me: this is their favorite holy stone, drone, its the funnest to fly, and so i had to get it and check it Out so its this price on amazon right now, which puts the holy stone 510 at the same price point of the just released 175d that was released a few months ago. So why would they have two drones at the same price point? Well, let me explain the differences between these two, so they both have 4k cameras and they both have optical flow sensors. I do like the light on the bottom of the 510, especially if it starts getting a little bit dark. You can turn the light on, and not only does that help you. It also helps the optical flow sensor. This one weighs more than this one, so this one weighs in at 243 grams and this one is 210. This one has a 1300 milliwatt amp battery and this one has a 1700 milliwatt amp battery. So but if you look, let me show you something look at these two motors this motor on this 510 looks like its twice as big as the 175. So the way you got to look at it, this thing has a smaller gas tank, but a bigger motor so its more.

It is actually a lot more fun to fly. Another thing too: if you look at it here, its a lot smaller and compact than the 175, so when youre flying the 175, which flies really good when youre flying it at full speed and you turn around and you want to come back, it takes a little While but the 510 being more compact and having much stronger motors, it spin, it turns around on a dime and its a lot funner to fly as far as in sport mode. So if youre just flying around youre, not going to tell the difference. But if you want to get aggressive and fly these two, this ones much more fun, it kind of reminds me the dji spark and then they came out with the mini. If you look, the spark is much smaller than the dji mini and its, but its also weighs a lot more and it has a smaller battery, but the motors are way bigger on it. Just like just like it is on this one, but ive always thought the spark was way much more fun to fly than the mini, and so that kind of reminds me of this scenario. So between the two. I think the 175 looks better than the 510, but but if that counts, if youre going for looks, uh holy stone just came out with their best looking drone ever, even though i still like the 700e as their best drone of all time, but this 710 that Just came out is a really good.

Looking drone applies really good, its just, i think its uh. It shows that its 229, but ive got a discount code on my video for this one, which brings it even down closer to 200, which makes it only 20 or 30 dollars more than the 175d and the 510.. They all have 4k cameras, and i think the cameras on these are rated better than they are, but but for all of these, they dont have a 3 axis gimbal. So it i dont care if they have 4k or 1080p youre not going to get good video with these. You can get some good pictures and, if you, if theres no wind – and you really know what youre doing and youre flying it really good youll get some uh good footage on video. If you want good video, then youre gon na have to move up to a three axis gimbal and the cheapest one. You can do that that the best drone out dji just released the dji mini sc at 299, but it only comes with one battery. Another thing, too, is the controllers. The 510 uses the same controller as the 700, the 710 and the 720, so its got a digital display. It has a lot more features than the 175d so enough about comparing it to other drones. Let me go out and show you how it flies and ill compare you the two and ill show you what i mean then, after that, if you want to stick around ill show you how to use the app because, as always with all wi fi drones, you Need to have a pre start checklist, so youve got to accept the gyro on this.

Every time i read about holy stone flyaways, but i guarantee you 99 of those are user error, because theyre not going through the process of calibrating the drone calibrating the remote and getting it set up through their phones, so lets go. Lets go put her up in the air, so we have to wait until we have at least seven, maybe its eight probably shouldnt hold the drone like this. It needs to be on a flat surface before we take off so ive done my calibrations, so the power on the motors we unlock them well start spinning and go up. So this is the first time i have flown this im gon na go into speed. Two wow look at that hole: Music, theres, two beeps theres speed, two theres one short push as the light one long brush puts us into speed two, so we got 13 satellites here we go Music, oh got to bring it back. I forgot to record so im, not im, actually using the app to bring it back there. She is okay record. I should see a timer there. It is up there, five wow. It really turns on a dime. It kind of reminds me of the spark, because its so small and powerful, where the other drones that are lighter and bigger, take a lot longer to turn around Music. Very, very nice wow. This things really good Music, easy to control. My goodness! This is a really really nice drone.

I mean its spot on on the controls. Wow all right. I think the 700 has got some competition. I like this better than the 175. I really do and i id have to fly the 720 like or the 710 right after it, but i mean this thing is just let me let me grab it see how itll itll fight it and itll want to go right back to where it was so. Thats, a gps drone, so you can grab it im gon na walk way over here and its gon na say no thats. Where i want to be at Laughter even the height you pull it down and itll go right back to where it was so that thats, what its using all these satellites for so heres some photos i took with it. It takes really good photos, youre not going to get good video without a three axis gimbal. Also the follow me and the orbit mode worked really really well, so lets go inside and figure out how to get it calibrated and get it in the air. All right lets see what she weighs in at she weighs in at 246 grams, which is about the same as a really good, looking hs710 that just came out so how much is 250 grams, its about the same as an apple and a little huggy, and that Equates to 8.6 ounces all right. Let me start by saying it comes with a really nice carrying case that holy stone does its got a really nice handle that comes on there.

It unzips when you open it up. It has a packet right here, its going to have your instruction booklet, your extra blades and your props, so heres your controller, which is the same as the 710, the 700 and 720. Its got a digital display, its really nice and your bot. Your drone goes in here and inside this box. Youll get the charger for the batteries, it comes with two batteries and they are 1300 milliwatt at batteries, and you get about a 12 minute flight time and you also get a charging cable and on these props it comes with extra props if you flip them over. On the back side, you see the a so make sure and get those lined up so inside the instruction book on page 17 youll see how to get the app. What you do is you put your camera to it, you open it up in the app store its the ophelia go app, and so you open the app. So you turn on the drone and youll see its blinking lights and theyre going to stay blinking yellow. This is real important, so you want to go back to your settings. Go under wi fi, then youll see holy stone, pull up once you see this checked, then you know its connected to the wi fi of your phone im just using my ipad. So you go back to the app, but dont worry about that right now. What you want to do this is so important to make a pre start checklist and do this so push down on the red button and turn the remote on.

If you see now the now the cameras on its got a really good camera up here, it says you need to sell. You need to calibrate it, and also you need to do that because, right here you see this blinking right here with the direction on it. Its telling you to go through a gyro calibration and it doesnt tell you how to do it, so you know have to do it and you have to know what the lights are going to do so right now, theyre, blinking, yellow so see them so youre gon Na hold it horizontal, youre, gon na turn it three times until the color changes green blinking once its blinking green turn it straight up until it turns solid, yellow now it shows so the little symbol is gone, showing you that its calibrated and now it shows you The battery on the drone and the battery on the remote were inside, so this is zero gpss and it shows you the distance and the height that its from and of course, were in mode two and its set on high up here. How you change the speed is a long press and it goes to low a short press turns this light on and off, which is really nice if youre landing, also in low light situations, it helps the optical flow sensor, thats on the bottom of it over. Here. A short press takes a photo. A long press starts the video up here, its your take off button and heres your return to home button in all this is your kill switch.

This also starts the motors, so once its set up – and you push this button – itll unlock the motors – see how this and then theyre spinning you press it again. Applause turns the motors off, so once you press this, you can take off so back to the app heres your waypoints and the follow me works really really good. This is if you want to just use that the app is the joysticks, but you dont want to do that orbit. Flight works really good. This is headless mode. Dont ever use that over here is your camera settings. You can set it 2.7, 2.5 k or 4k at 24 frames per second over here. You can adjust your brightness, your color saturation and different things. Uh you can set these on auto and then up here under settings. You can change your units to metric or imperial. You can set this over to beginner and then it wont it changes the way it flies makes it much easier max distance. You can change how far it goes max altitude, but heres something thats, really important. This return to home altitude is set at 15 meters. Right now, what if youve got higher trees in 15 meters? So you want to bring this up to at least 50 meters that way its not going to hit anything on its return to home, because it does not have obstacle avoidance. And here you want to format your sd card, so when you put your card in there, sometimes if youre flying and it doesnt record to it – itll record to the app in 1080p.

But if you want to go 2.5k or 4k youre gon na have to. For me format your sd card and i would say i would do that every time but its gon na erase whatevers in there and then you got your return to home and your takeoff and right here is a map, so you hope were not outside, so it Doesnt have the gps, but it will tell you where your map is, and it has a nice little line, so you can bring it back home. The more you play with it. The more youll understand that – and this right here when we go outside youll, see that this right now we have a weak gps signal over here. Itll tell us how many satellites we got. I think it needs eight to take off and right heres your album. So you can look at the pictures in the videos that youve taken and on top of the remote you pull this open, and you put your phone in here, but one thing you got to pull it all the way out, so you can get this little clip Right here to pull down so thanks so much for watching my review of the holy stone 510. I think this is holy stones. Funnest drone, even though still my favorite is the 700e which flies really stable and i dont even like it better than the 720. But this things a blast to fly, so if i had the choice between the 510 or the 7 120 75d, which is really a good drone, i would prefer this one because i like to sport fly more.

If you want a longer flight time, then you want to go with the 175 and if you could spend a few more dollars, then you want to go with the 710 theyre all good drones and they all fly very well. I used to have a lot of problems with holy stones a couple years ago, with them all connecting to the app, but theyve really got all those bugs worked out. I never have any problems with this one whatsoever. It it connected the first time, the first.