This is ethanol and welcome back to another video today in this video i’m going to be reviewing the holy stone. Hs 510 drone let’s get started, so the hs510 is a more intermediate level. Drone it’s not quite a beginner but it’s, not an expert drone, either it’s right in the middle. For that sweet spot, the age is 14 plus it films in 4k resolution and on the back is just a gallery of pictures of the drone, and all of the features includes popping open. The box is another box and inside that box is the drone controller battery paperwork and extra parts. The battery charger is also included to assemble the drone. You must pop out all four of the propeller posts and insert the battery doing an external overview of the drone up at the front, there is an adjustable 4k camera. This camera is very important as it allows you to shoot all footage on the drone. There is some venting on both sides of the drone. There is an sd or tf card slot down here at the bottom down. Here there is a light and a sensor both of these help for the drones stabilization, the arms on the drone collapse for storage. However, obviously the drone cannot fly in this state. The motors are all brushless and have nice long blades. That fold powering up the drone is simple. The drone will begin trying to connect to the transmitter, install two batteries and your transmitter is good to go.

Okay. We’Re here at the park, let’s get ready to fly the it out that drone. So hopefully that footage lets you get a sense for what the drone’s camera is capable of. You can see here the drone streams all footage to my phone. You can control the pictures and videos from the controller, as well as the device there’s an auto launch button, as well as all of your regular face buttons that you’d expect on a drone, because the hs 510 is a more high end drone. It has lots of features you come to expect from something in its price range features like this include headless mode which changes the controls, follow me mode and built in gps. There’S, point of interest, which makes the drone circle around something you wanted to see. The camera is 4k when an sd card is inserted and 1080p when streamed to a smart device, alright guys so now. For my final opinion, i highly recommend this drone for most people. It is very great it’s easy for beginners but satisfactory for professionals. The battery life is around 15 minutes on full charge, which is great battery life, and it is just a blast to use and guys with that being said, thank you so much for watching feel free to comment like and subscribe.