That’S been supporting the channel watching the videos. Uh comment on all the videos really appreciate you guys, um, you guys have no idea how much hard work it is to uh balance between working six days a week, also being um dog, breeder, professional dog breeder and also running a youtube channel full time guys so. I’M, juggling three different things at once, and also being a full time, father and it’s hard. You know what i’m saying so within juggling so many things i try to keep enough content. I try to keep the channel exciting for you guys. I try to keep it booming for you guys. I try to keep some affordable things for you guys and some cheap things for you guys and also i might throw in um a spencer drone here and there, but i don’t think anything on my channel has been too expensive guys if you go any more, i Don’T think anything on my channel has been really that expensive um, some of them are higher priced and then i have a lot of cheap things, so i’m, really trying to i’m trying to hit a price point of a lot of people. But mostly this channel is about being more affordable. You know i’m saying i’m trying to have a lot of affordable drones for you people, because you know what, as i said, i work six days a week um. I i also breed dogs, i’ve, been breeding dogs for a long time, so that takes a lot of money.

In my time and like i said, i have four children and that takes a lot of money in my time and they’re growing every day. So um like i said this channel is just a hobby channel uh. This channel was not created to make money or nothing like that. This channel this channel was created just to have fun and enjoy the hobby and hopefully help some of you guys along the way, as i learn to enjoy the hobby now i only been flying for two years, so i’m still learning a lot and i’m still progressing With a lot of you guys, a lot of you guys that come into my channel and have been flying longer than me, some of you may not even know that, but a lot of you guys that i talked to – and that has been flying – has actually been Flying longer than me, i’ve only been flying for two years, guys and um i’m learning every day and what i do know i try to share with the community and try to help you a lot of you guys out along the way. You know what i’m saying, but with that being said, man we’re checking out this guy here man. This is the holy stone. Hs, 5 1: zero bye. You see what it say: 4k, that’s, 3, 804 megapixels by 2160, 4k. Drone full hd resolution guys all right, that’s pretty cool now, but you want to know the cool thing about this guy i’m gon na tell you the cool thing: it’s ultra light weight, guys under 250 grams, so i know that’s important to a lot of people.

You know, because i know a lot of people don’t want to have to get a drone and have to worry about, registering it and all that when it’s over that weight that weight limit and all that stuff, this is one of them. You can just buy it charge it up fly it. You hear me that’s, a nice stuff. I like that. I got a nice ring too. Buy it charge it up, fly it buy it charge it up, fly it that’s, yeah that’s. What that’s? What kind of drone this is? This is a buy it charge. It up, fly it joint. You know what i’m saying uh most most like the um, i want to say this is going to be a budget contender to the mavic mini and the mavic mini 2.. Those are buy it charge, it up, fly it drones and what i mean by that is you buy them? You charge them up. You fly them. You have to worry about registration because they’re under the 250 gram weight limit all right that’s why the mavic mini was so popular when it came out a year ago and that’s why the mavic mini 2 is popular right now, just coming out a few months ago. Now, with that being said, you know i’m saying i’m. This is this. This guy is coming in at a fraction of the price. This is coming in at a less than half the price of a mavic mini.

So with that being said, i’m pretty sure it’s not going to perform as great as a mavic mini but being half the price. It does have a 4k camera. It does come with a remote, and you know what else it does come with this nice case right here, guys check this case out. Let me move this box out the way i already opened, the box there’s really nothing that came in the box anyway. The only thing when you open the box is you just get the case, so let’s get rid of that let’s get rid of the box let’s get to the nitty gritty. You feel what i’m saying this is the case that came with it. Look at that case that’s a dope case guys. This drone is like 160 bucks, like i said, it’s, not no mavic mini or nothing like that. But look at this man for the mavic mini and i love my mini don’t. Give me don’t get it twisted. I love my mini, but it didn’t come with no cool case like this to get the cool case and the extras like that, you had to get the fly more bundle. This guy come with a cool case. Two batteries – 4k camera has optical flow, has a bright, led light. Underneath i mean this: is the budget deal and a half guys if a lot of you guys that couldn’t afford the mavic mini and you really wanted a mavic mini, but you just couldn’t afford it? This might be a affordable option for you, okay, this might be a great option for you guys now.

I don’t know because i haven’t flown it yet, but i will be putting this guy to his test. You know i: will the boy draws the dogs, if you haven’t punched, that subscribe button yet i’m, giving you a real reason to, because i will be putting the guy to the test. You know what i’m saying. Yes, i will be putting it to the test, but this this case feels really nice. You guys it’s, really nice. It feels really quality. I mean look at this. That is really nice. I am digging that to the fullest let’s go ahead and just unzip this guy and see what we got underneath all right, let’s see what we got underneath you see. I got my toys. I got some more stuff for you, hey if you ain’t subscribe. Look at that in the back that’s all new joints, that’s coming to the channel. We’Ll worry about that later. We’Ll worry about that later, but anyways um check it out. So look let’s see what we got in this zipper up top here. Let’S see we got see. We got zipper up top here, um let’s see, so we got instruction booklet cautions of batteries holy stone. I always give you that caution. The battery warning they’re, pretty good holly stone is a pretty good known company too. They are pretty good, pretty popular through the years, especially on amazon. You know, they’re, pretty awesome, pretty decent drones, here’s an instruction booklet for this guy.

If you are beginner, please go over this with this being a gps drone. You want to make sure you go over everything, um yeah we’ll, get to that later. Caution of battery warning, okay, um and a phillips screwdriver that’s, pretty much it in this little baggie. So there check that out check that out open that back up there. Anything else in there, oh yeah packaging thing so let’s, take this off whoa check that out check it out now check it out. Note, look how they package this joint. This thing is: oh, my goodness look how they package this joint, so got the controller right here. We got a goodie box right here and a drone right here. All nice packaged whale nice holy stone, so let’s see what we got in this box here. We got this box here, let’s check it on out let’s check it on now. Let’S check it on that. So it looks like we might have a usb charger hooking you up. What do you dig? They put two bags on this boy: yeah usb charger, that’s uh standard usb to micro, usb that’s, probably gon na, be to charge your batteries and maybe charge the remote. I don’t know if the remote is rechargeable or not. I hope it is. I don’t know what is this so we got some extra propellers i’m, not gon na take those out, but these are extra props uh full set. I think nice extra propellers foldable.

I will open this up. I will open this up. This is a battery to show you guys what this is so check it out. This is the battery and this will just sit on top inside the drone once we get the drone out, but it is a. Let me see: 7.6 volt, 7.6 volt 1500 milliamp hour battery, all right all right. I think they boast about 15 to 16 minutes of flight time with this guy now i think we do think we get. Two of these guys have some little push tabs that you just push when you want to take it out of the drone, so yeah here’s. Another battery bang, two batteries – everything is double bagged. They package this guy really. Well, they want nothing to happen. This guy would have came on the way from the china boat. You know what i’m saying i feel you. I feel you check it out. Another battery. Two batteries they hooked us up. What else is in this box got something else down there. We got something else down there come on out, say hello to me. Little friends come on now come on now come on now, don’t be shy. Come on yeah don’t. Be shy. Come on come on out, highlight draw the dog. If people want to see you what you are like, this might be a dual charging dock. I believe yeah battery charging hub dual charging dock bang that’s another thing that you didn’t get with the mini.

You had to get it with the five more bundle you get: a dual charging dock there’s, a micro usb connection just plug that guy in there in the back plug this in the back plug this into a wall adapter, and you got to do a charging dock For both of your batteries, boy yeah look like the battery just gon na sit in there, like that bang sitting there like that bang and they hooked this boy up, look at that. They hooked this boy up on him for real for real. You know what i’m saying they hooked this boy up: do a charging dock dang that’s dope. You know what i’m saying that is dope, oh my goodness! Oh, my goodness, oh my goodness so yeah check it out with the extra set of props right here, like i said i’m, not going to open these and leave these in here and phillips screwdriver. I got so many baggies over here. It’S ridiculous, it’s, ridiculous um i’ll! Be giving you guys an exciting unboxing though i know i do check this out, so you got some warning tips here, warning you about the remote and all that remove scratch, screen remote cover and all that warning about the camera and all that stuff check that out. Nice gimbal protectors take those off um here antennas right there i do believe there’s a wire running yeah. I can see it there’s a wire running through this antenna right here.

If you look really closely and this one is fake, but i can see the wire right here running through that one that’s pretty cool, so you do have active antenna most of the time these antennas are fake. They tell you to remove this little screen cover here. Everything is labeled, you do have some arms to help you hold out and make sure you can really hold this guy. You have some label buttons up top light button, high low speed button. You know what i’m saying automatic takeoff land button photo. Video button unlock the motor button on and off switch, and then you have a full lcd screen with you know what i’m saying we’ll see what that boy is popping like let’s get it popping and take that off there. It is nice lcd screen and another thing that many didn’t have is that, let me show you the mavic mini controller here’s, the mini’s controller here’s, the holy stone controller. You see something different: it doesn’t have this this lcd screen. This tells you telemetry and everything. So you don’t even have to fly with your phone and you can still get telemetry. If you fly without your phone with the meaning, you don’t get any telemetry back. You just got ta fly line of sight and just hope. You know where you at you know what i’m saying and this cost almost three times the price. It is almost. You know what i’m saying come on man.

Look, you can’t beat it and, like i said, i’m, not hating on the mini. I love the mini, but there’s. Sometimes you can get something on a good budget deal. This guy has telemetry inside the remote guys, so that is a bonus. That is a bonus and it falls all the way up. Nice, just like a nice style controller. Should now the only thing that’s downfall that this doesn’t have like the mini is it’s, not rechargeable, so you’re gon na have to use batteries. You know what i’m saying, but couple batteries cheap batteries are not so i’m saying you got to save some money somewhere and they save some money right there, and this is going to be your fpv phone mount on top on top of your phone mount. Okay, there’s! Your phone on top so not a bad controller at all, guys, not a bad controller at all. For this price point 160 bucks now. Are you guys ready for the gusto? Are you ready let’s? Do this let’s get this drone up out of here? Man i’m excited to check this guy out. This is the holy stone: hs. 5. 1. 0. You guys all right and it’s all carefully packaged in this nice bag, all right, 4k camera and it does record in 4k and 2.7 k all right. That is pretty nice for the price point brushless motors and i’m already telling it’s got some nice um build quality to this guy already, just just from the first little touch of it.

It feels nice and hefty without the battery, even in it. So here it is man, this is what you get. What you see is what you get sd card on the side. It says please use a memory card class above 10 and i think this go goes up to a 32 gigabyte, all right, here’s, our 4k camera, and you can adjust the angle but it’s manually so that’s another downfall. This doesn’t have a gimbal like the mini and it doesn’t have a motorized where you can server, where you can do it upside down. So you’re going to have like i said, different price points have different things. You know what i’m saying you guys just got to keep price point in mind: does have 4k camera, though nice foldable, arms, foldable props. We have a bright led underneath the mini doesn’t have any leds, underneath this has a bright led underneath an optical flow sensor underneath all right. Okay, so look at this boy now i want to go ahead and just i want to drop a battery in here. So i want to see what the full scale looks of it with the battery now with the battery and and everything this guy is supposed to be around it’s 240. Some people say 244, i heard others say 245 so give or take a gram is 244 245. Give or take a gram or so all right, all right, okay, so it’s, underneath that weight restriction.

I want to just drop this battery in here or do i have to open arms he’ll be able to drop the battery yeah? We can drop it in there. All right it’s dropped in there and check it out so that’s what it looks like go ahead fold this case up for a second and i’m gon na set this guy here. That is the holy stone folded up and really quickly right beside it. There is the dji mavic mini one folded up all right. I have my velcro patch on it shout out to my boy, uh dan, the man. You know i’m saying shout out to my man, dan, the man or whatever hooking me up with one of these. Your lines, these strobe lights from the top of that joint. You know what i’m saying but anyways back to the uh situation at hand. You know, but this has led light up front. The mavic mini 2 has a light up front this one doesn’t. This is the mini one: two x’s, no three: x’s gimbal, i’m. Sorry, three x’s gimbal on the mini and this doesn’t have any gimbal. 2.7 k, camera. Okay, 4k and 2.7 k camera; okay, the mini 2 does have 4k camera all right, but the mini 2 cost. Three times as much as this, and this now cost over almost three times as much – you know i’m saying this is about this is less than half than the price.

It is now all right. 160. This one is like 400 still so price point in mind, but both of these are good drones. They look like pretty good draw. I know the mini is definitely a good drone we’re going to find out what this guy is about. This is just a little comparison. You know what i’m saying just still wanted to show you guys so we’ll get the mini one back to his little safe destination. My baby but check this guy out here it is so what i want to do is go ahead and fold these up these arms out. I don’t think it matters which way you fold them per se. I don’t think anyways so we’re just going to fold these guys out. How do i fold these guys out all right, nice, okay, just pull out nice clickable pull out, pull out and you just get a nice solid click, and if this guy feels pretty good. Ah, nice, solid click and um nice, solid click all right. So here it is fold it out battery in nice, holy stone, hs510 guys. Looking pretty good everywhere, got some ventilation hose on the side guys. So this should be a nice quiet once we get it in the air. Here is the tx right here. Next to it, can’t wait to fly this guy, the holy stone, hs 510, quick unboxing, guys all right came with two batteries: i’m: your boy, drones and dogs.

I hope you guys enjoyed this unboxing and i cannot wait to fly this guy get this guy charged up um. Hopefully we have enough time to fly today, but do punch that subscribe button. Do click that notification bell? If you do want to see the flight review of this guy because i’m sure it’ll be something you do not want to miss, so i appreciate you guys for joining me today.