This will be our next giveaway right here uh. What is this? The hs 450 obstacle avoidance uh its got these blades. I think i have one opened up somewhere. Let me grab it real fast, all right. So this is the one i have. I dont have the battery and you dont want to leave the battery in this uh. Sometimes you leave them in the battery. Will somehow make one of the motors not the motor, the esc will burn, and then one of these motors wont work that thats not entirely true guys but ive. I have had that happen to me. So just dont leave them in there. You know you wouldnt, leave your lipo in your rc car. You know and thats whats in here the lipo battery, so pretty cool. These things do come off right here, see that they just simply slide and come off and thats when it starts really looking cool. It looks really good, and i love this one, because youre able to fly it uh just about anywhere almost because of that obstacle avoidance, not to mention it has uh, it flies really good. It has altitude hold. What else do we got on this thing? This thing its a really decent drone. These things are a little tough, sometimes to pull back on, but they do go back on its a little dusty. So this this ones mine – and this is the one that will be in the giveaway so make sure that you are subscribed to the channel and that you have your uh subscriptions on public so that i can check to see if you are subscribed um.

I dont want the same thing that happened last time happen again, so make sure youre subbed and this one im not sure if were going to stop it on friday or were going to stop it on monday. What do you guys think? I hope that you guys do respond to that question uh, should it be over on monday, or should it be over this friday we pick a winner on friday, so the other ones mailed out already so classic modern gaming. He should be getting his drone soon. Maybe within the weekend hopefully – and this little guy right here will be up for grabs guys and hopefully someone else can get this and itll be shipped off on its way by either tuesday or wednesday. So if you, you just have to leave a comment in the video doesnt matter. What comment? It is, what what you want to say just leave a comment and you will automatically be entered in the raffle, so thats pretty much it guys thats. All i wanted to say yeah, i do have a video on this and uh other channels. Do too they have better reviews. But if you guys are interested just leave a comment, its all you got to do be subscribe to the channel and leave a comment thats.