You know that right all right, so uh today were going to be taking a look at this holy stone. Hs 450, its a little mini drone with the cages. You know the caged in thing, but it has this little um obstacle avoidance gimmick going on here. So were gon na, take a look at it and fly it around and fly it around some more okay lets get it out of the box all right here. It is out of the box and whats cool about it. Is you get three batteries with it? Three. Three three mabel: you get three and they are three point: seven, three hundreds so youre. Looking at like a couple of minutes flight time, you know like five minutes or something like that, but well see right, theres, the quadcopter itself and theres all the obstacle avoidance stuff on there. You see that little infrared thing in the front got it on the side. Got it on the other side and you got it on the back, so its got you all covered and there is something even on the bottom there so theres the power button theres the little cage for the props. Then you get the transmitter, which is very simple. Its not complicated, you got your headless mode, you take off and land your power, your flips and your high and low speed and the flip button. If you hold it in just the long press on the flip, button will do like a circle mode and then the long press on the speed button will turn on the infrared which im going to try inside the kitchen.

Here so were going to see how that works, by sending it against the wall and see what happens all right so and then you get your bag of stuff here. They actually give you two usb cables, which im not even taking this stuff out of this bag. You get a screwdriver uh, some spare props. You get a whole set of spare props in there. For what reason i dont know, but they put them, they put them in there and you got the proper removal tool and the two usb cords. Like i said, you could charge a couple of these batteries at the same time like you, dont have any like 5 000 of these laying around the house right and then you got your manual which theres nothing to it. You know its just a little indoor mini toy thing flyer, so i mean its really not a whole lot to that. So anyway, i was sitting here chuckling before i before i started uh talking into the video, because i was sitting here drinking my coffee in my ray lugo, mr magoo cup. Okay, so thanks ray one of the best things i ever got. I use it all. The time believe me and the coffees not bad either. So let me uh get this thing started up and im gon na move the tripod over there to against the kitchen wall and um were just gon na. Take it off from the table here and let it uh let it fly around in the in the kitchen, a little bit all righty heres, the on and off button right there, Music, okay, the red light is the back okay.

Just so you know. Let me change that rate. Okay, the flips are pretty lumbering, so lets see if we can uh turn on the optical avoidance. Okay, so that lights, gon na flash with the obstacle avoidance, is on you see that light flashing, so lets take it over there to the wall and see what that does yep. You see it back away: yeah, okay, so that works perfectly Music. Okay, so that works great all right. Okay, that worked out really good, so lets just go fly it Applause all right. We bought the little holy stone up here now. I dont have to try the obstacle avoidance up here, because we already know it works so im. Just going to fly it around a little bit see how it see how it acts i do not there. It is theres the level calibration down into the left and the lights will flash for a little bit lets just uh take off. I do want to try the circle mode up here, though Music, its in the low rate as a default, so theres, the third right there and the third rates really not that fast to be honest, okay, so its kind of slow, even in the third rate, now Theres, the flip, which theyre really lumbering theyre, not tight at all. You see how long it takes to do them. Youll crash it in the house like crazy with this thing anyway, so lets try this circle mode, which is going to be holding the flip button.

In now, this doesnt even have any trim buttons at all on it, so so lets hold that in so there goes that circle mode, okay, so its still doing the circle mode. You have to hold that you have to hold that in to stop it it. Actually, i really performed a flip. While it was doing the circle mode, it flies decent enough. You know its a nice toy. Now i dont, i dont know how much that flight time youre going to get with that little 300 milliamp hour battery, probably not more than five minutes. I would imagine so well set it back out here and do that circle mode again. Now the circle mode, it keeps coming back toward you its like circles, but it on the back end of the circle, its a little short and then itll start working its way back to you. So, if i take it over here and do it, it should take about a minute for it to get back to me and, of course, its not going to do it its only going to do it when i, when i do it over here, its going to Make a liar out of me when it just did it twice now its just going to stay there, so the lights flashing already? Is that the lace motion? Okay, the batterys low, to the point where it wont uh do any more flips. So that means were not going to take it out over there because i dont want to lose the so well just fly it over here for a minute, like i said, even in this third rate, this thing aint that fast, no, it wont flip.

No more sorry guys its done flipping, but it flies good enough right. Im just waiting for the battery to crap out. I dont care if it falls in the pool as long as it dont fall in the pool at the deep end, because thats, where the water is now see now its doing something that i dont like, which is given the battery warning. The low battery warning way too far in advance – i mean its not like this things going to be a mile away and its giving you this five minute warning and youve got to get it back home. You know this thing should give you the battery warning when its going to be like within 10 seconds of landing, not two minutes or three minutes before it lands. You know what i mean ill shut, that off yeah i mean so it didnt do the flips, which means its already into the low battery warning now thats the emergency warning thats, the one where its going to come Music that thing just started up all by itself. I dont even have the controller on oh, that must be the return to home or something the auto return to home, or something like that. I better. I better turn that off yeah these little toy quadcopters that give this long drawn out warning that the batterys getting low is just take it away from your enjoyment, because you got two minutes where you could be doing stuff that youre worrying about whether or not its Gon na land – okay, its not gon na – be that far away to where i need to you know: oh, you know its gon na be way the hell out there and i got ta reel it back in you know: ive got ta drive hook back two miles Back no, its gon na be right within your line of sight right there you know 15 seconds should be all the warning.

You need to bring something like that home 15 seconds tops, so i dont know i dont know why they put that in there like that. I think its a little bit over the top all right guys.