Welcome my friends now in today’s video i’m going to be doing a complete unboxing. Well, a quick unboxing! I should say of this: the holy stone, hs 450 it’s classed as a mini drone there, but it’s actually a i passed it as a micro, drunk it’s, a lot smaller than the likes of well, the mini 2 or or even the rice, tello, drone, etc, etc. So this little micro drone, which is about three inches or nine centimeters that way and that way, uh we’ll, do a quick, unboxing look at some of the specifications and the features it advertises and also do a quick test flight indoors somewhere back there i’m. Putting this here to try and block some of the light for you guys, i hope i’m doing really well. What do you think huh? So yes, so we’re gon na be doing that and at the end of the video i’ll, give my two cents worth which is worth about. Oh two cents really so we’ll do that and i’ll give you my honest opinion and unbiased opinion now. Thank you holy stone for sending me this to test in the hope of a review, and i hope that it is indeed been tested which well it has so yeah get over it. So, yes, in the description down below there is some non affiliation non affiliation. Uh links to amazon to the uk and the us site, i’ve just put them there at your convenience.

You can go there or you can go to any other website or anything like that. If you want to and just look at it, if you want to purchase it that’s entirely up to you uh, i will give some 10 discount cards either in some time in the video or, if i forget, which i probably will uh so my head. That might be down below in the description, and that will be for the uk and the us as well. If they’re 10, i believe uh, so thank you holy stan for providing those discount codes for your customers, uh, so yeah, so, and also as well on the timeline below here, where you press play and pause on that somewhere down below. I have divided it up into chapters for you, so you can have a quick look through and see exactly where you want to skip to and you shouldn’t be skipping at all. You should watch the whole video and support the channel, but if you do want to skip to something uh and maybe saw 10th time watch it because it’s so great uh, then just skip to the chapter that you you want to basically yeah, okay, so yeah. Without further ado, let’s get on to this and test out the holy stone, hs, 450, okay and welcome to the unboxing. This is basically what you get in the box. Apart from the two ninjas and a bit of the laptop. In the background there you get your battery safety card, you get your manual which is actually quite decent, and it tells you quite a lot so it’s definitely worth having a look through that and it covers different languages.

You get two of these micro usb charging cables, which is really handy, and you get one two and one in the battery one. In the drone batteries. Okay, there are 300 milliamp hour batteries. I think it says they’re at 3.7 volts they last around realistically around the six minute mark and they take around 40 minutes to charge and you what you do then, is you just put the micro usb cable in to this connector on the battery just there and Plug it into whichever device you’re going to charge it with and like i said they take around 40 minutes from empty. You get this foam feed which i’ve already popped out. I didn’t realize what they were for until today, and then you basically put them on the feet here. Okay, a bit more of a softer landing. Okay, you get a screwdriver which you can use on the bottom of the drawer and there’s some screws here. If you, i suppose, if you wanted to take it apart for some reason and also for the battery compartment here, where you will put three triple a batteries? Okay, so thank you for the screwdriver okay, you get a prying tool here to take off the propellers, which i’ll give you uh, well an auditory description of how to do that. Rather than doing it, you get four spare propellers uh, you get two a’s and two b’s. I think you can just see that’s a b there and you get another b and you get two a’s now on the drown itself.

Here. You’Ve got this like cage that protects the propellers and there’s two slightly bigger holes. Where you can kind of just replace your hands, you can turn it pop it off and then you’ve got your propeller here and you should say on the propeller, if it’s an a or a b, if you can see it and i don’t think it’s going to Get in focus, i think it might just do so if it’s an a and you do need to replace the propeller, then make sure you replace it with the appropriate propeller with the a or the b on. So these two are a and these two are b and then you use your prying tool just to get just underneath here and pry it off and then to put it back on. You just use these kind of segments here with these notches here and line them up on the top and the bottom and then once they’re all lined up and they’re. Both in you just basically put your fingers in these two bigger holes and give it a little turn clockwise, and then it should be okay. Now this drone is around 23 25 pounds uh. You do get a power button here, which you just press once to turn. It on the front of the drone is blue and the rear is red. Now it does flash initially until you manage to pair it so and to turn it off. You just press and hold it for a couple of seconds and it will turn off now.

Here we have the controller now the controller it has different features on it. So here you have headless mode, you just press it once for headless mode and press and hold it again to calibrate, which i’ll show you in a moment. You then have takeoff and land uh, which you need to press that to take off every time. Here’S your power button, you press it once to turn it on, but just like that it will beep and then press and hold it for a couple of seconds to turn it off. It comes as mode two. I think there is a way of changing to mode one, and it will tell you about that in the manual okay uh. The top left here is your speed button. So when you turn it on here, we just calibrate it really quickly, we’ll pair it really quickly and what you do. Then it comes at speed, one as default when you turn on the controller and that’s the slowest speed, and if you press it once you get two beats for speed, two which is a bit faster and then three beeps, which is the fastest it’s. Actually, quite a nippy little drone and back there now, if you do also want to put on obstacle avoidance, yes, it has obstacle avoidance, you can press and hold the speed button. You get a long beep and then on the back of here, it does have like an intermittent flash to indicate that you are indeed in obstacle avoidance mode and press and hold it again, and it will turn it off now.

It does actually work quite well like when you do get close to something it will kind of bounce back. I can just bounce back, but you can actually control it and make sure you do fly into something if you so wish to so on the top right. Here we have a flip inside a circle, and that indicates that you can do flips and also a circle. So if you press and hold it, you get a beep and it will go in a continuous circle. Normally clockwise until you press and hold this button again and turn it off and then to do flips all you do. Is you press it once it will do these beeps and then you can use the right stick to flip forward backwards, left or right. So all together, this weighs around 35 grams. It does have altitude hold on and it does it quite well. You have to make sure that you do keep an eye on it because it sometimes it has a well. It has the tendency to kind of go up. A little bit sometimes towards the ceiling, so just be very careful of that. It does have gesture controls as well, which i implore you to have a go at and play with. You can take off by throwing it uh once it’s calibrated by tossing it in the air. It does have a range of around 50 meters, which is a bit ridiculous, because you definitely don’t need it to go that far as it’s, so small, okay.

So, to fully turn this on properly from start to finish and calibrate it and also set it up, all you do first of all is press the power button here and you will get the blue light at the front and you will get the flashing light at The back uh, then you press this on and then both lights will flash as you can see and then to pair it up. All you do is the right, the left, stick, you go up and then down and then it is paired and then every time you crash or every time you turn on your controller. Then please do or even change the battery. Please do a full gyro calibration just by pressing and holding the header smart button. Here you get a long beep that will flash for a few seconds and then stop and then you are calibrated and guess what you are now ready to go. Okay, so welcome to the test flight. Now it is going to be hopefully a shortage test flight, but i will try and show you some of the features that it has so here’s the controller i’m not going to keep on showing the controller, but to connect it. You just press up and down, it should be connected and then we’re going to press and hold the headless mount button there. And then that will give a gyro calibration. So we’re all ready to go and then i’m going to press this button and it should take off let’s just get it into the air and get it a bit of kind of a bit of air underneath it and i’m going to leave it alone.

Now – and you can see it does have altitude hold to some degree. It does kind of work. It does tend to drift upwards. Sometimes so you do have to be very careful, so let’s just bring that down. It’S almost like, like a magnet okay let’s, bring that back over to here. Okay, this is how loud it is so, first of all up and down Music. This is in speed. One i’m gon na put it into speed two now so it’ll be a bit quicker for us, so up and down it’s, always slower going down, okay forwards and backwards. Okay and then we’re going to go to the left and to the right, not bad at all and then we’re going to spin around to the left or you’re to the left and you’re to the right as well. There is headless mode on this, as i said, and also there is altitude hold, as you can see, he’s doing a pretty decent job of it. Okay, now you do have obstacle avoidance by pressing and holding this button here and now you get a little red flashing light on the back. If you can see there, so what i’m going to do is i’m going to bring it up a little bit i’m. Just going to bring it up a little bit i’m going to bring it back to me and it will and put it towards my hand. Okay, so there we go and it and it kind of goes away i’m going to show you against the wall.

Actually, it’s great from all sides, so let’s just get it towards that wall over there and it kind of bounces back okay. You can actually override it by carrying on, but it kind of just does it itself? Okay, so what i’m going to do is i’m going to aim it at that door over there and this it does just bounce back as well, with a little bit of a collision. So let’s just get it back to us. Okay, so it does work. Okay can be annoying if you’re trying to go through doors sometimes, and it kind of just pushes away just like that so i’m, going to turn that off for now and just have a little kind of a play. Now, if i put it in the center of the room i’m going to turn the circle on by pressing hold in the top right button, well, it isn’t this. It does tend to go down. Sometimes you can use the altitude on the left, stick to kind of get it up and also, if you just start drifting off, you can also kind of steer it away back to the center leave the controls alone, and it will continue, then, to kind of do It as as well let’s get it back in the middle of the room and leave it so that’s, not too bad press and hold the button again to turn that off. Now we have lower battery here so i’m going to change the battery and then on the next battery i’m, going to show you the 3d flips as well.

Okay. So now i have put in the next last battery i’ve got two on charge, so let’s just have a little play. So what i want to do is show you, the 3d flip so i’m, going to press press once the top right button. It will beep and do a flip like that now it does use quite a bit of battery doing these so i’m, going to press it again and then press it in different direction. It does drop quite a lot. It does go up quite a lot, so you have to be very, very careful, let’s! Try it one more time. I hope you got that so. Let’S just have a little play around with the drone and just to see what it can do. Music i’m gon na put it into speed two. I will crash it. So if i do don’t laugh, you do have to keep an eye on the altitude as well as it can kind of go up towards the ceiling quite often that’s. What i notice on my own Music, i think this is a great little drown to fly. Oh and i crashed it on the back of the server okay. I’Ve got the drum back now, i’m, going to turn it on and i’m going to, let it calibrate on my hand and i’m going to show you a little bit of the gesture control where you can take off. So hopefully this works and don’t. Look like a complete fall there we go so let’s, just carry on playing i’ve paired up the controller and we’re back to normal.

This is a great little drone. You know just to just to kind of get used to the the flying about headless mode. You know i mean i’m flying it backwards. These are a great starter drone for kids for beginners, and you know what just for fun indoors as well hi guys and welcome to the final part of the video, where i’m going to be doing a my honest, two cents worth of this. The holy stone, hs, 450 mini or micro drone. Now a quick little bit about this drone. Okay, it’s got comes with three batteries, which is okay, five to six minutes each, depending on how you use them. It’S got full protection of the propellers, which is great for beginners, and even for myself really for me to be honest: okay it’s got altitude hold, which does a pretty good job. It does kind of drift up off its own kind of backwash of air uh, but apart from that, not too bad, it has obstacle avoidance. I mean come on obstacle: avoidance 23, 25 pounds on amazon at the moment and it’s got obstacle avoidance, even my other drones. Haven’T got that so that’s, absolutely great. Yes, it does bounce off the walls like a magnet. Does like a line’s being chased. You just do that it’s a bit bouncy uh, but you know what it’s still a bit of fun and the kids can seem to enjoy it as well. You’Ve got your 3d flips, which is kind of cool.

I enjoy doing that, but you do need quite a lot of height as it does go up quite high and it does come down as well at the bottom part of the flip. It does do the circle. Rotation orbital things as well, which is quite cool overall. Not bad at all it’s great for traveling. In fact, i think you could fly this mostly in some amazing little places that you wouldn’t normally think of flying a slightly bigger drone. Overall, if i had to rate this, i would give it a good, solid, nine out of ten. I don’t really know what would give it a 10 a 10 apart from maybe a longer battery uh, but you can’t really gripe with you know five or six minutes of fun and it is absolutely fun. It says, 14 plus on the box, i’m sure that’s. Just for legal reasons, but my younger kids of around 10 11 have been playing with this and they absolutely love it. You know it’s going to be my go to drone to for traveling most, certainly you know 23 25 pounds if you did lose it or if you did break it on the off chance, then it’s not exactly a lot to uh to replace. Is it really? Okay? Now there is links in the description below for amazon they’re, not affiliation links at the time of recording this video uh. However, if i do go into the amazon affiliation process, then i will put a little header across the top in the description above the links just to say to that they are now affiliation links.

Okay, uh. I have spoken to holy stone and they have very kindly given me a 10 discount code for both the us, which is going to be up here and the uk, which i’ll put above here uh and if they don’t show up very well. When i’m editing, the video i’ll just put them in the description for you guys as well: okay, uh but yeah overall, definitely for beginners for kids! For whatever you know your status is or how long you’ve been flying. You will have a nice bit of fun indoors and maybe on a really calm day, outdoors you’re gon na absolutely love this drone. I can’t recommend this drone enough. In fact, i like it that much that i think i’m definitely gon na keep this drone and i’m gon na think about getting another one or two little micro drones as well, that holy stone or other providers do uh and go from there. So if you’ve got any recommendations as regards any other micro drones be from holy stone, drc uh wherever then put them in the comments below and tell me your experiences. And if you have flew this, if it is anything that i’ve missed out on this video, which i’m probably i’m sure there’s going to be something, you know i’m, not rain man. Yet then please put them in in the comments below. If you have enjoyed this video, then give it a little micro drone thumbs up man yeah, give me a little micro drone thumbs up and also, as i said, comment in the section below and if you are new, if you are new, then please press subscribe press.

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