But its got a lot of really nice features and were going to go over. All the features of a drone and put it in the air a little bit but lets go over some things about this drone. First of all, i wish theyd called it the whole stone mini, because it looks like a little miniature version of the very popular 720 e by uh holy stone, its a and its about one third of the price. Its kind of like the dji mini is one third of the price. The mini two is one third of the price of the maverick 2 pro you might say. Why did holy stone come out with another budget drone when they just came out with the 175d and the 175e? Well, this ones half the price of the 175, and it honestly i like this one way better. Let me explain why this is the first drone ive ever had of any drone that as soon as i put the battery in within seconds im up in the air um, because with all other drones, even inspired behind me and all dji products to calibrate the gyro. The first time you got to do when you get it connected to the app and the wi fi except the gyro, you got to spin it three times this way, spin it three times this way it doesnt want to calibrate and as a beginner, you get frustrated Thinking youre doing something wrong and all of a sudden, you think drones arent for you.

After a while, when you get a pre start checklist, and you start learning how to do everything, you still got to do that every time well, somehow holy stones, taking it out of this one to set the gyro once you bind the controller by going up and Down you just pull both joysticks down into the right, and you take off very, very simple, so ive always said holy stone makes the best beginner drone, which is the hs210, which flies amazing and its the best drone to learn the orientation of the joysticks. So you kind of feel have a good feel of what the drone is doing in the air, but this thing used to be in the low 20s and now its in the high 30s because of the shortage of raw materials and ships in china. So this one being under 90, now with the 10 discount code to me, this is now the biggest best beginner drone, because you got a great camera so before we go put this up in the air lets go over the features of the drone, the app and The controller then well fly and come back for a final review. So first off lets see what she weighs in at she weighs in at 173 grams. So its still way under the 250 limit for the faa, so it doesnt have to be registered. So 173 grams is about the same weight as a small banana. All right, no boring unpacking.

It comes with a fantastic case, good handle. I love the feel of it good zipper when you open it up. The drone goes in one side and the batteries in the front control on the other has a really nice zipper case. It comes with extra props, it comes with two controllers, and two batteries takes about an hour and a half to charge and, like i said you get a full 20 minute flight time, uh the light when you plug it in will be red. Then it turns green um. The drone is very simple, its very easy to just to change the props you just push in and out, but make sure when youre changing them out that some of them are labeled a and some are labeled b youve got to replace the right ones like i Said its a 720p camera, the sd card fits in underneath uh the battery pops in and out real easy on the bottom. It even looks like the 720d battery all right so on the controller. One thing thats funny right here on the transmitter details. It says this is a photo holder, its not a photo holder, its a phone holder, its funny that that didnt make it through edit editing. So you turn you: have your power switch right here. You turn it on. You got a speed, switch right here, which i really like, because its high and low its very easy to do. The other.

Is you push down on this, but no its right there in plain to see right here is your photo button. You press up to take the photo longer press to take a video headless mode. Dont use that, but long press is how you set your trim. So if the drone seems to be sliding to the left or the right or forward or backwards, you press down on this long press on this button in the opposite direction of whatever direction its fading to so again. If the drone is facing away from you – and it seems to be sliding a little bit to the left, push down on this and then bump it to the right a few times until it seems to get altitude level hold it. Doesnt have an optical flow sensor, but it seemed to hold position really well if its windy outside youre, going to have a little bit of trouble. But thatll make you a better pilot because you got to fight the wind a little bit. Your take off and landing button is here, and then here is your short press makes it spin really fast. A longer press makes it do a circle, really fun. Very simple, remote, oh right here is the uh. You turn the gimbal up and down right here. That works really well, so you can point the camera straight down to do an overhead shot. You have to fold the top ones in first and it fits in the palm of your hand.

So it also comes with a really nice instruction manual. So you go to page 13 turn on your camera in ios, itll, open up to the app and you open the app hit enter device and on the app. The only thing that i really like to use is to start the camera in the video. The rest of it i like to use the controller, go back very important step. Go back to your settings, go to your wi fi! You see holy stone press that wait for it to check mark to come on then youre connected then go back to the app and open it up and there we are really good camera i mean for under 100. It really works amazing. It takes great photos its not going to take really good videos uh, because it doesnt have a three axis gimbal. So when im filming youll see the props in it. So if you dont want to see the props to drop your camera down a little bit so itll go all the way down. If you want to get some great footage of it, so lets go put her up in the air down and in on both of them power up the motors all right guys, the video on the left. It shows the camera footage theres a little bit of jello to it, but for a budget drone it does really really well uh, theres, no latency in the controls. What i mean by that is, when you push it left or right its going to go there if its windy outside dont fly it until youre really experienced with it, but itll make you a better pilot and the higher you go, the more the winds going to Affect it, one thing that really surprised me with this: usually when they say you get 20 minutes, you dont, you get 15 to 12.

. This thing really did last 20 minutes when it gets down to the end. The control will start beeping at you. Youve still got about two minutes after that heres some photos. I took, i mean theres a little bit of tilt in the horizon, but for a budget drone the saturation was really good. Look at this color saturation. I was really impressed a lot of fun to fly. I mean its theres a lot to be said of getting so much out of so little and thats kind of what this drone is all about. I mean its not perfect, but for under 100 youre going to have a lot of fun and its a great way to learn how to fly. It is hard to see which is the front which is the back to get used to it. Maybe you want to take some of your moms nail polish and put it on the back. There is two white stripes in the front, but its a lot of fun cameras good flight times. Good latency is good on the controllers. I mean i give this thing for the price. I give it an a so looking forward to doing some more videos with this thing. I think this things got a real important place in the drone industry right now, because theres, not many drones out there. That can do this for under a hundred dollars and have such a short pre checklist. So thanks so much for watching my review of the holy stone hs 440 – a really important drone in the marketplace today, because i think this now is the best beginner mini drone uh for the price, everything that it can do.

The very short pre start checklist that we talked about, but if youve only got 30 or 40 dollars to spend as your first throne. The hs210 is a good one, probably 60 dollars youre looking at the hs 340. But if you could just save up and get a few more dollars – and have this be your first drone youre gon na – be really really happy um. I think this one is very comparable to the drc d10 and d50, but i actually like this one better because of the very short pre start checklist, which is important to beginners the long flight time, the great camera very, the no latency of controls. So because i think this is going to be really hard now for the the 720s and the 300 drones in the world because of the release of the dgi se being under 300 thats, going to change the industry a lot so so. The place that these have in the marketplace is very important and another thing this one will sit on a shelf just as good as a 1800 drone, and what i mean by that is, people want to get in shape and they go spend thousands of dollars on A very expensive treadmill thinking, theyre going to use it and they dont or if they had about a 300 treadmill, they both will hang clothes on it just as good. Well, this one will sit on the shelf just as good as a 1800 drone to see.

If you like drones, this is a great choice: um, if youre like me and you buy it and you love it and you want to move up great, but its. This is a very good drone to start with, because its inexpensive, but its a great drone, also to learn the orientation of the controls uh. You dont want to spend two thousand dollars on a drone and get out there and you dont know which way is up and down, because this this thing sits on four axis, so it yaws left and right. It goes up and down it pitches forward and back, and it goes up and down and thats how these controls work, and so the controls on this work, just as the same as a very expensive drone. So this is a very good drone to fly for the first time because you learn the orientations of the drone. So if you got something out of this, please like and subscribe, subscribers mean everything to this channel. Ive got a lot of really good uh content coming out really soon and itll be very exciting.