Now i did a table review of more of an overview of this drone, just in my last video. So if you missed that be sure to check that out, thatll tell you what all comes with this, including the three batteries all the information about this but theres a few things i didnt miss in the table review i did mention. I was going to show you the lights on and i forgot to do that. It has a little white light here by my finger right above the camera in the front and a red light on the bottom power button for your orientation for the rear. Though you know, itd be kind of good to see, as the drone gets up high, you can see now, if youre down low youre, not going to be able to see that rear light so easily. On this little guy – and i also mentioned i thought i had a 720p camera – it actually had the 1080p thats. Why? I put that into the actual title of that video and theyll probably be in this title as well and the little test i did in my base, and it really really did look nice now, its stifling hot today, its been so cold and its really getting warm. So im trying to film in my backyard, where im into shade so well see how it does its, not super windy to say, but again this only weighs 53 grams. Now you hear those chimes behind me.

I apologize if those are annoying with the wind and my wife put those up and theres not much. I can do about them, so i have to just bear with you with those annoying chimes in the background, so well. Take it up here and well fly it around and see how this guy does again. I thought the 1080p video looked pretty good, though i dont really know what the frame rate was on that just testing it in my hand, down in the basement. So the app you guys use with this is the holy stone, fpv app, and i showed you that in the previous video ill, probably put a screenshot up here of that app as well it. Since most people are going to be watching this video, instead of the overview video unless youre getting rich recording over the wi fi feed, so were not recording over um in the sd card. Unfortunately, on this little inexpensive, little drone so lets just see how this guy does. It has a little some gimmicks well show you with the auto yaw and the circle mode and well see how that stuff all works. Now there is a gyro calibration. You can do on this, so im going to do that. The first time i did actually test it in the basement, its a little bit hard to get it to do that. So lets go ahead and thats going to be down to the right and im gon na have to stand off this way to see that white light in the front get down here and if i can get at the flash, you have to really get that into The right spot there it goes, i hope that showed up in the head, cam that you, thankfully do get audio feedback on the controller, to know that youve actually calibrated the gyro Music and lets go ahead.

I have it connected to the wi fi. I need to open up that holy stone, fpv, app youre, going to click on enter device, and we there we have. The video feed going out on my screen were just going to im just going to put the video up thats saved to the gallery on my phone. That way, we wont have any distractions from the actual screen. Recording, though itll be the same video that you guys will see a screen, recording minus all the symbols and stuff, so a long press on this top left button will start taking video and we get a little b and we know the recording video lets see if All of take off actually does anything here by pressing that button. I dont think it does lets try a long press now hope i didnt get into like. I think that was engine kill or motor kill, so lets try both sticks down and then now lets press auto. Take off there we go. This ought to be pretty sporty its a little brushed motor, but boy ought to be. You can just tell so im in the highest and rate a with a bit of a breeze say you want to be in the highest rate and it is getting blown around some, but it does have decent power so its going to go this way on me At times, because of the wind whoa lets try to bring it back, i think this guys got some pretty good power and it sounds.

I didnt pay close attention when i had it in my hand, but it sounds like it may be. Direct props. By that i mean its directly driven just by the sound of this guy. It looks like it is, i think so. I have to confirm whenever i land it, but yeah its its at 53 grams, its going to struggle a bit, so we have to kind of catch. Some breaks in the uh wind – and i also dont – want the land in the pool here lets. I dont think it has flips oddly enough, but lets try that button on the top here, theres im going to press it again. So we stop thats your auto yaw thats, a pretty. It has a pretty good yaw, now theres a low rate which probably will be the yall, be lower, but man its with the wind and this light weight. It may be difficult to show you guys that we dont want this thing to blow away or crash and lets get over here, so i can get off this way. I have time to catch it and lets. Try that longer press theres like the circle mode, if you press it again to cancel it, lets see if the uh just giving it feedback on the sticks, cancels it probably will just a short press again is just your auto yaw and yeah. I just gave it some roll input on the stick and it cancels it.

So you dont have to press the button again and then a long press again does more of that slower circle and again i just gave it some roller pitch input and it stops it. So, im not actually flying by fpv, because im trying to just keep my eye on it here, but the video i like, i said i thought, looked pretty good. Its gon na obviously be shaky theres, no stabilization again. This is a you know. I think its like around a 45 50 drone somewhere in there, its not real expensive way. It flies nice now im going into headwind there and full speed. So obviously it may look like its not super quick. If theres, no wind its going to be a lot quicker, lets turn around ill. Show you what what it looks like with tailwind look at that i got ta let up there and try to give it full. Reverse pitch, so it doesnt get blown away and theres that red light up there – Music, oh its, not super windy. You know its somewhere in that you know 8 to 10 mile per hour, but for this little guy being so lightweight, literally 200 grams. Under the limit. In the us for registration that yeah its gon na still struggle with a slight breeze, so you could certainly fly this guy indoors boy. It flies really really nice. It may seem like you think. What do you mean its struggling well, its fighting wind, but it is very sporty lets see if i could do some sort of funnels here or something see there, we can do a manual funnel thats sort of what that auto rotation was not the auto yaw, but That circle type thing it was doing was sort of like an auto funnel.

It was doing. Lets try that again thats. That was the long press, i believe on the top right button. You can see it. Oh i dont want to crash. It see thats sort of what that is its not quite as tight as what doing it manually there. This guy, this guy flies awesome. This is one of the best little flyers ive flown in a while one of the better ones. I think it was a little sand to something i cant remember the name, but when i reviewed uh before christmas last year, it was really good, though i had a lot of issues when connected to the wi fi or the camera was really terrible on that drone. This one isnt but heres the last little one i can think of like this style that flow really good. This is meant to be like a mini mavic or you know the mavic mini its supposed to be that style of a very small lightweight drone cost a lot a lot less lightweight than that at 250. This is 200 grams less, but that style has that look and very, very small, but you have no stabilization, theres, no gimbal, of course, at this price point and a gimbal is they dont put gimbals on brushed motor drones, theres already brushed motors, add more vibration than Brushless and its just if youre gon na get a gimbal youre gon na, spend the money to put a brushless motors on the drone too theres, no image stabilization, i mean they could do that on the app on a v since youre, according to wi fi feed.

Whoa, oh almost crashed the wind blew it in. Oh, yes, weve recovered, but yeah you, the uh. You could put eis or image stabilization when your phone would do it. It depends on how good the software works and your phone, and that can cause more lag and phones working hard in the background to try to stabilize the video end of the day. This is just a toy: its not going to be able to produce results. Its worth the effort of doing that, because some persons phone may be top of the line, it can do it well and someone elses is a cheap budget phone and it cant do it well, and then you end up with really mixed results as well. So an sd card you would like to have a micro sd card names, but theres a lot of of uh fees have to be paid to actually use the sd card uh slot in a drone. I guess theyre kind of cracking down on that so thats. Why? You see less and less drones in the budget class use them because of the cost that has to be paid to implement that and then, if they do, that its going to raise the cost of the drone as well and make it less more less appealing because Lets face it, you know a dji mini s. Is 299 bucks now thats considerably higher than this. But if you start raising the cost of these toy little drones very much, it makes no sense to buy one at this price point.

If you want a little backyard flyer like this, and you might want to get a little video or you might not care now, this looks like our app may have crashed, ive been flying it here. The whole time lets go back into it and it doesnt say that its recording so im going to go ahead and press the record button on the app just to make sure, because i would hate to lose that the app didnt crash, the app was still open. But it had gone back to the main menu. So hopefully we got some video in the gallery to show you guys. We dont need video the whole time thats why you always want to make sure that you press the stop button before you stop uh recording. Otherwise, you could lose that video feed yeah. It flies great, really quick, sporty yall and i said the lower speed is going to be less pitched less sporty. The yaw is probably going to decrease, but i want to. Let me try to do it real, quick there. We go theres, no, the yall looks pretty fast. It may be slightly less, but its hard to say this. Wind is making it difficult to test that and we dont want to fly away or end up having this thing land in the pool well, and that could ruin it Music. Okay, what im gon na do guys is im gon na stop. Recording some video here just to try to assure that in case we didnt get video there earlier that i have some saved.

I didnt do it early. I know it does save to the gallery because when it leaves the app you dont know, if it actually saved it, because i go back, you would think: oh hey! Well, let you stop recording no. The app doesnt know whats going on so hopefully that started up video there. It is possible that you actually stopped it and when it looked like i was recording video and i was actually not doing anything. So we will see, but again 1080p video and a little drone like that. You dont see 1080p even over a wi fi on a drone, this small just the optics – and you know the processing that to do that is a little bit higher end. Its certainly not anything super advanced in 2022, but Music, its a little less common, so thats. The main appeal of this drone is you get a 1080p camera um again for me, thats not like a huge deal um, but maybe for you. It is but to me its just a sporty little flyer, so i know im not doing a whole lot of fl sporty fine, its just because of this wind, but im trying to do it there for you guys its certainly not difficult to fly. If you have experience like myself, you can see, we didnt have any crashes yet a couple close calls. Okay lets lets see if we can bring it over here and land it and ill try to land it on the concrete here, but i want to make sure we dont land it in the pool.

Now there were getting a little battery warning so lets just uh. Thatll give us sort of an idea on the flight time. I want to keep it over here, so it doesnt, auto land in the pool lets just go ahead and land. This will give us an idea were not completely dead, but i hit the auto landing and there we come down nice landing ease this way down there and look at that nice spun the motors down and were going to have a lot of beeping here. As i said, hey the batterys low yeah, we know the batterys low, but uh lets go ahead and turn off the drone. We know we hopefully got some video saved, go ahead and turn off the power here, see that flew really really nice. Despite battling a decent breeze, today, drone looks cool, it flies great and i thought that the video looked pretty good for toy grade drone. If you want to you know, this could be a better option if you really want, if you really have a limited budget, youve got to just be able to get some video. You just love the idea of capturing some video on a drone. This may be a good option just because youre getting a high resolution. You know a lot of these drones at this size and this price are going to only be 720p. I thought i thought from my test. It looked pretty good all right guys that wraps up the flight review for the holy stone, hs 30.