This is the hs 30. lets briefly take a look at the box and then well take a look at the drone. Now this is just going to be the table review and overview of this drone, its been extremely windy outside 20 to 30 mile per hour winds. Last few days, even though the weathers starting to improve and finally starting to get warm, i cant fly a little drone like this with brushed motors and any kind of wind like that. So lets get the table review out of the way then well follow up with the flight review. So if youre only interested in the flight review, then you can skip this video stay tuned to the chat to the channel, because in a few days i will certainly get this up in the air. I think around wednesday says monday, its supposed to be five to eight mile per hour wind or something we should be manageable, hopefully for this little drum. So again, this is the hs430 you can see down here. It says its a mini drone again. This is from holy stone, ages, 14 and up they put a few of the specifics on here on the box. I think it was on this side where they mentioned that it has its foldable hd. Camera has a circle fly in a high speed. Rotation mode circle fly is going to do a circle motion and this high speed rotation is going to be just like an auto yaw.

Its a little gimmick that some of these manufacturers have added to some of these little drones like this. So, as we can see, this is extremely small, no gimmicks, theres, no optical flow, of course, theres, no gps, again its just brushed motors. It has a little hd camera and you have to adjust it to the angle you want to film it. You cannot change that remotely. This should just be a little fun flyer, hopefully again, no through no frills, no gimmicks. It just has altitude holes about the only uh, smart sort of feature. Yes, you could call it that this drone has so you fold out the arms like this, and you can see its in that mavic mini mini style of a mavic, a drone that theyre looking for with this guy. It looks like its going to have led strip light here in the front, and it probably has something in the back and your on and off buttons here. Well, try to put a battery in maybe in a moment and just power it up. Even though the batteries are not charged – and this is extremely lightweight super lightweight – i really like – i think, thats cool that big on and off button it has on the bottom lets just weigh this real quick, because this is going to weigh absolutely nothing so heres. My scale and lets go ahead and lets fold the arms back in so we get the whole drone on there, but this is going to be well below 250, so you should be no problems.

Uh flying this anywhere in the world with any you shouldnt worry about any regulations, so it is 53 grams, literally 200 grams under the limit. So this is just absolutely weighs nothing and it certainly falls under the mini drone category. They give you three of these lipo batteries and these are and its going to probably hard to read on the camera, but these are 3.85 volts. It says – and these are 730 milliamp on this – so youre not going to see that in the camera so thats going to be. You know the three thats more, the storage voltage rated, but this is a 1s lipo thats. What this is, you wouldnt see a 2s on something like this, except for maybe some little brushless whoop. So you get three of these batteries, so you get a lot of flight time im sure this is going to fly pretty long on that and then you get three of them. You do only get one charger and that charger uses a micro, usb cable. So on the battery somewhere on here, theres going to be a a port for that to uh plug in its actually right there, its kind of hard to easy to miss its right below three prong that actually powers. The drone up. You have a little micro usb right there, so youre gon na plug that in let me show you youre going to plug it in it should be like this, then plug it into your usb.

Well see, i obviously charge it yet theres going to be some sort of lights in here im sure unless the battery, sometimes the batteries will light up and let you know, but i dont see any place for that most likely itll be inside of here and itll. Let you know that the battery is charging and the light will change to. Let you know when its finished. The instruction manual will state that as well, so you get three of those batteries. You get prop guards if you want to use those. If you fly this indoors, which is certainly you know, probably meant to be more of an indoor flyer, you probably want to put those on so you dont hit the wall scuff the props up or bust them, but if you fly it outside, i would avoid these Because this is easy to get it caught up in a tree, its sort of like an ornament hanger, you end up getting the drone caught in a tree and you may have no chance of getting it back if its up very high. So this is more meant for indoors. They only give you two spare of these fold out props, so you have a clockwise and a counterclockwise, so im going to be good, for you know either one of the top left bottom right. You know its going to be opposite diagonally for one of these for the props so thats how that works on drones.

They dont give you a full set, unfortunately, but most likely youre not going to need to replace you know all your props on the drone be a pretty bad crash. I need to give you your phillips screwdriver, to remove the props. You get one of these of anything rc that you buy nowadays from china. Now lets take a look at the controller. The controller is, you know, meant for your phone. It has a phone clip holder, so you this is wi fi based youre, going to be able to record that hd video, so hd would imply. This is probably a 720p camera on here and youre, going to record that over the wi fi to your phone theres. No sd card slot i just want to get in there – theres, no micro, sd, so youre going to be recording just over the wi fi connection between the drone and the phone that you want to put in the phone clip holder. Now the app that youre going to use for this drone is the holy stone, fpv, so ill put a screen shot of the holy stone fpv app up here you can scan that qr code from the instruction manual itll. Take you straight to the play store or to the ios app store for apple to get to that app. So you just open that up and ill show you that when we get out to actually do the flight ill, probably screen record that possibly sometimes i dont it depends but its going to be the same feed you see in the app its the same feed its Going to save to the gallery and your phone, except for you wont, have the icons from the app in it thats, because the only difference so holy stone fpv is that now i did look over the controls before i started this, but im going to pull out The manual again just to make sure i dont tell you guys anything incorrect about the the controls of this drone so up here on the top left.

This is going to be your short press for your photo and a long press will do your video recording and itll just the app will start probably flashing, let you know youre recording. You could also start that by just pressing that button within the app you dont have to use the button on here. I find that on the wi fi base its safer to use the app because ive seen more years ago, not so much recently times where the button wouldnt want to work with the app which totally defeats even having the button on here but to be safe. I would use the app now down here: youve got a headless mode, is your short press and that pedals mode lets you fly with, so you dont have to know orientation. I dont personally test that because thats a complete beginners method, but you dont ever learn orientation. How to fly so i never advise using that now long press will enter you into trimming mode and what trimming mode does is youll long press it itll, probably beep, and then you can trim, let you know like your roll and your pitch. Usually you dont have to you could probably do yall some drones. They give you that option some dont, so its going to be allows you to trim it. Doesnt have the actual trimmer buttons, which i prefer on this controller on that and then on the top right. Youve got these those circle and auto yaw mode, so a short press will be the high speed rotation and then a long press will be.

The circle fly on those two different modes which we will test when we do the flight review and the bottom here. Youve got your one key takeoff and your one key landing right here and a long press would do emergency. Stop on that number. Motor kill is what that is in case youre, going to crash. You can kill the motors, but a short press will. Let you take off in a long and a short press again will land the drone, while its in the air now well have to see whether that start, the props? Sometimes you have to do like both sticks in or something like that to start the motors, and then you press it to take off. So we have to see when we get out and fly which way that mess that method actually is for this little guy. So that pretty much covers the controller, there is a dial up on top, but its fixed. So this is obviously that they use this with some other models. This would be something that would be like for rotating the camera, which would be on a much higher end. Drone than that – and i dont know if they tell us in here if theres gyro calibration on this thats one thing i didnt uh, see when i was flipping through it, but they usually will tell you when youre going to first fly. The drone up and down is, of course, going to be your bind sequence up down it.

Usually blinks or flashes. Calibrating in gyro is right here, both sticks down and to the right. So its going to be like this to do a gyro calibration thats the standard old fashioned way. I like that most drones used to use so down both sticks to the right will calibrate the gyro you might do. You should do the first time you fly it. First time out of the box and then if you have a bad crash, because the drone may lean or drift really bad on you if the gyro gets messed up inside, so make sure that you do calibrate after a crash and especially the first time that you Do fly it and it is both sticks down and in to actually unlock the props and manually. Take off and probably to do. Auto takeoff too, usually well have to unlock it, but not always well see when we get outside youve got a low and high rate here. I just noticed in the middle which i just about overlooked, so you can go between low and high, so its got two rates. If youre going to fly this outside its windy, you definitely want to go. Am i windy? I mean five to eight ten mile per hour wind above 10. It doesnt matter youre not going to be able to fly this its going to get pushed away at 53 grams, but in a little bit of breeze you want a high rate.

If youre indoors, you can go low and of course there is your power button in the middle. So now we have covered all the buttons i just about meant missed those in the middle of the controller. That should be everything on this guy looks pretty basic, but i kind of like that we dont need all these fancy features, because sometimes they dont work that great on these toy grade stuff and, of course that adds extra cost to it. Lets keep something low cost. Like this, its fun to go out and fly honestly id, be just fine if they didnt have a camera with this, because this camera is not going to be great, even if it looks decent its over wi fi. So youre going to be prone to drop frames and just probably are not the greatest frame rate, so i would prefer not even have a camera, but they give you that option, but its just a basic drone. This should be a whole lot of fun to fly and just be realistic about your expectations. This is not going to be a drone thats going to go out and do a dji mini 2 mini 3 mini original any of those type of flight capabilities and video. Most of all, this is not going to happen. Theres no gimbal, so its going to be very, very shaky, probably have a jello in it, its just for a little bit of fun at a very low cost.

So if youre interested in this drone ill put a purchase link down in the video description, but i would consider holding off until i get the flight review to make sure it works right and make sure that i think the drone is worth the money. And then you might want to consider buying this drone, because the holy sewn stuff is very popular on amazon, which is the primary place, its sold and its just. They have good customer service and theyre very easy to work with theres any problems and, of course amazon is as well. So you have to worry about any problems. If the drone has a problem, youll have no problem getting one back and itll be available with two day. Prime shipping. Alright guys that wraps up the unboxing overview for the hs 430 and mini drone from holy stone. If youre new to the channel, please consider subscribing all you have to click that bell, so youre notified every time. I do upload a new video and stay tuned for that flight review guys.