It is out of the box and look at that. Its even has a camera on it right there. You can see it, you tilt it. Its got the manual tilt function, theres the power button there heres, where the batteries go in theres. They give you three three three batteries, not one, not two, but three thats how you slide them on and off. You just push them like that. You get a transmitter right here, it is holds the phone theres. The high and low speed button theres the on and off button take off land, the little spinoramas the photo and video and its got a little dummy button here, for if they had an automatic gimbal, but it dont just mechanical gimbal. You run a gimbal, but a camera, you move it up and down, and you get two chargers which is pretty nice um. The qr code for the app is in the manual and the app is called holy stone, fpv its right there thats what it looks like right there so lets turn it on and bind it up. Real quick, oh push the battery on right. Okay, there you go lets turn that on so thats going to bind up lets, look for the uh wi fi signal holy stone, fpv thats, what its going to say its connected lets go to the app go to enter device; okay, its going to want that. So there it is right there, it sees something so theres the camera.

Whenever you go into the app it looks like it wants you to sign up for the you know, you have to make an account and all that, but you dont just hit that and then hit skip. If you dont, want to you know, im not going to sign up and make an account to fly a toy quadcopter, so thats not going to happen, but you know you dont have to they. They give you the uh the override button on that so lets. Um lets turn the camera around and just take it off in the house here and then well. Uh see how it flies indoors here lets do the level calibration which we just did, which is down and to the right. Let me move the camera over here and tilt it up, so we can see what the heck were doing. Im not going to record any video or anything in here theres, the rate it has this little spinorama feature okay, so the red light is the rear. Okay, Music: it just hit my leg: Music im, getting it okay. I think it has this toss and go feature on here, because um i noticed when i did a little trial run on it. It kept wanting to take off all the time even after i landed it mysteriously by itself. It would just take off so it must have one of those toss and go feature things thats, what im suspecting, but the camera is working.

I can see it moving see you see how that just started all by itself: Music, yeah its a little odd. Yes, that is definitely a little bit on on the odd side: okay, im gon na land, it now Music yeah. So this is what happened the other day when i was just doing a little test on it. I landed it and it just took off on its own when i grabbed it see that okay, so that feature must be in there somewhere that toss and go. But you know its not a feature, i usually use, but i mean its there. If you want to use it, i i did think that was kind of odd the other day when i was messing with it and i uh, i just dropped it and it took off, and i was like what the hecks going on with that thing. But hey, it seems to fly pretty good lets. Take it outside fly. It well check. The video alright guys were out here with the holy stone hs420 and were gon na get a little try out on this video on this camera to see how that shakes out and well check the battery life. While we are at it lets get that app fired up and there we go. I can see some i can see some picture. Yeah seems to be okay. Why dont we take off Music theres a flip. It was a little bit on the delayed side there.

It really is struggling, it seems like its riding in some kind of pattern or something there. There goes that spinorama thing, so you turn that off. Just by hitting the button again, okay, it seems to be a little bit better. Now lets get up in the air. I think its probably more like an indoor type deal. My guess would be because its not taking theres a very slight breeze, as you can see that tree right. There see it moving, but its affecting this thing. I can tell you that there, it just ran into me and its gon na, take off into the wild blue yonder and there it goes, and am i gon na – go down there and get it. No.