I will tell you in advance this drone was supplied to me to play with and give you my review, but i have absolutely no rules. I can tell you it sucks, as i have in the past, or i will tell you its amazing, either way. What were going to do in this video is first im going to show you the play. Then im going to come back im going to give you my doug score from one to five, so you know how much i like or maybe didnt like it as much as i thought, and then we will unbox it go through all the features attributes of it. Details that you might want to know, and then you can make a decision what you want to do all right lets, take it outside and play Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, okay, theres only one score: this thing can get, and that is a full five out of Five on the doug score: it is easy to use, it is a ball to fly and it isnt even records. This video, as a first party view, it is so cool youll, enjoy this one. Okay, weve played youve, seen the review, but now lets unbox. It talk about the features and attributes so that you know what youre looking at, if youre interested in it. So this is a mini drone. It has four fully ducted fans so that you dont have to worry about uh, messing up the walls and having your wife or mom yell at you that youve messed up the walls.

If youre gon na fly it inside its also safe for hands and that kind of stuff, as a result, it is a fpv drone, which means first party view. If you have it hooked up to your phone, you will get an image straight out of the camera, which is an hd 720p quality image, its not stabilized, or anything like that, but um thats, pretty nice high quality image for a mini drone like this comes with Instructions always read the instructions im telling you theyre a little bit different on every little drone, and it makes a huge difference on how much fun you have when youre playing the less struggling. You have to do the more fun you have so just take a little time to read that lets see what comes in the kit. Oh, my gosh, is this thing adorable check out this little drone. Oh a second, i wont put my fingers on the camera mar it up. Look at that that is so cool. I am so excited to play with this. It comes with three fully enclosed batteries. I pop one out here, so i can show you what they look like these. Are the batteries theyre good for about a 10 to 15 minute fly time, something like that um we have a remote control ill show you that here is the remote control. This is where your phone would go for the fpv three double a batteries which im sounding like a broken record, but i think they should give you at least three junkie batteries, so you can instantly throw it up in the air.

The control is pretty simple. It has on off, you can toggle between photography and a video, it does stunt, so it does uh 360 flips. It does fast 360s. It does a circle around stunt, so you can control that with that button it has a altitude hold built into it, and it also has a higher low speed depending upon your comfort level, with the drone. Finally comes with a couple spare parts as well as chargers. Let me just check something because i may have a little beef here also see what we got: okay, doug world just like the batteries dont, give me two chargers for three batteries. I mean i understand. The concept is theyre, assuming youre flying one. The other two are charging, but i just think how much can this cost the company ten cents like give us three of them anyway? Not a big deal at all comes with one complete set of replacement blades in case you have an issue, a screwdriver and tools. So you can repair it if that is a problem.