As you can see in the box, this is the hs 420. Now this is often times these are referred to as a whoop, because of a little ducted fan style design on these, these, these little loops often use a three or a four blade prop and, as you can see, these use three blades that ductive fan gives it Forces the air down and gets a really good lift for these little drones. So if i refer to it as a whoop thats, what im talking about now, this does have a little fpv camera built in on the nose of this guy, so that you dont always see that on these on these little whoops. But this one does have that which will be broadcast over the wi fi feed back to the app the app this guy runs is a holy stone, fpv app ill link to a screenshot from the android play store for this one, its also available for ios. For your iphone as well, and that allows you to do some other things and most importantly, just record that video feed, if you want to actually see the video that youre filming as youre flying on this little guy. Now i tried to fly this guy and do a review outside while i go, and even though theres not a lot of wind, these little loops are so lightweight that as soon as i take off its immediately drifting off the left – and i cant fly it outside.

So keep that in mind: youve got to fight on a calm day outside. Otherwise these are really ideal for indoors and i dont have a ton of space down here. But it should be enough that i can at least give you a test flight, but it wont be the best for a video, but i will include the video i do film down here at least indoors. I know i can fly it around and we can see how stable it is with the wind outside its drifting. You cant tell is that the wind or does it need a gyro calibration or that need trimmed. So you keep that in mind when youre flying these guys outside now you get three batteries with this, and these are little 1s lipos ill. Show you the other two in here, and i got the third one installed on the bottom of the drone. They all come in the packaging and you buy them and they are 1s, as i said, and i think they were 300 milliamp hour youre, not probably going to see that my head cam but yeah. These ought to get a decent flight time being considered. How lightweight this little drone is, but again ive only had it up in the air for a moment as i was trying to fight outside, so i havent had a full flight in so i dont know how long this guy flies. It does have a little led light here on the on off button on the back thats.

The only led button that i actually noticed on this guy. So this is this – ought to be a fun little flyer. It comes with two chargers for the three batteries, so it only has two, but you charge all those up youre getting a lot of flight time. I just recommend you a little break between flights, so your motors can cool down and you do have a full set of props a prop removal tool in here and a phillips screwdriver for doing any kind of repairs to the drone. And here is the controller. This controller is kind of unique looking, but you ought to get the job done. This dial on top is fake or its just locked in place. It doesnt do anything on this particular model. You do have a high and a low switch here. This is your auto. Take off and your auto landing button thatll fire up the props. I believe you just give it throttle itll also go you dont have to unlock them, and a long press on this will do emergency motor kill. This is your headless mode and a long press to go into. Was it a headless mode and long press to go in your trimming mode? If you press it in because its trimming, then you can trim whichever direction with the sticks. You need to go to uh. Stop the drone from drifting its a bit odd. I prefer to have the little you know dot.

You know little tabs, you can use on these type of deals and up here is your photo and your video, a quick press, will take a photo with an app a long press will start recording the video to the app again its just over your wi fi Feed theres, no local micro, sd storage on the drone, so youre not going to be able to record anything locally, its all going to be over the wi fi feed, and i dont know if i mentioned this while ago, its a low and high speed switching. But i think i said that already and over here is like the auto yaw. If you do a quick press, the drone should spin in place and it probably be faster spin than if you just yall on your own, sometimes its the same thats. A gimmick ive seen on a few drones, theyve done it more recently, its just a neat little thing. They add and then a long press will go into a circle mode, which is probably like a funnel well test that out and see how that works. And then, if you want to do 360 flips, you have to press in on the right. Stick instruction. Mana doesnt show you that under the diagram for the controls, it actually shows it on a separate page you press in and then it should go into flipping mode. So its probably going to beep and then you press the direction you want to flip and itll flip now it says you need to be 10 feet off the ground, well test that, because that is going to be higher than my ceiling down here.

So hopefully, i dont think its going to run necessarily know theyre, probably just telling you that so you have enough clearance well test it out if, for some reason, itll flip it down here its because of that requirement well just test it out, ive always been able To in the past on these little mini drones, so that should be the controls on this guy. It says the gyro calibration is both sticks down to the right, but i had trouble getting that to work. The red light in the back will flash. I got to do it one time so, hopefully, when you start these drones up, they usually do a gyro calibration when you fire them up, so you shouldnt have to really do that unless you crash a bad crash can sometimes knock these gyros out of whack and Then you want to do that gyro calibration on this guy again, that app is a holy stone, fpv app youre, going to use for this guy. So what im going to do now is im going to stop the video get connected to the drones, wi fi feed to the uh, to the app and to the controller, and one thing youd be mindful of that app when you first open the holy stone, fpv App its probably going to ask you to register if you dont or if you have already, if you already have an account to sign in a bit annoying didnt. Take me long to get in to use the app and the features you have to be registered with holy stone, which i dont like that at all.

But again, what are you going to do? You got you got to do it and on my pixel phone that im using here, it asks me to access the storage for permissions to be able to save the video so at least on stock android youre going to have to go in and give it permission. So that it knows that it can save video to your phone, otherwise app will just refuse and tell you. It tells you to go to to that spot in your phone and what you do is you just go to the photo, the media section and give it permissions to be able to access your photo and video in there. So i already did that. So we should be good to go so im gon na go ahead and pause the video now and then well get its all connected and get this guy up in the air. So you guys can see so be right back, okay guys, so i got the app connected to the wi fi feed and the controller connected as well as you can see. Theyre moving around well see the video feed on this guy. Now i did get a little a little bit of a test flight in here a moment ago inside now, because, obviously i said i couldnt get this guy to fly outside because its too windy today. So when i did test it, it does say you need to be 10 feet up to do 360.

Flips and my ceiling is not that high, so i cant get it to do 360. Flips inside so were not going to be able to test that inside. So i apologize about that theres, nothing i can do about that. So lets go ahead and back up here, you can see that rear led that red one and lets do the gyro calibration that both sticks down to the right and kind of move. The sticks a little until you find the spot its kind of finicky im having trouble now get in there. There we go, you got ta, get it just in the right spot for it to do that, gyro calibration, so you may have to move the sticks. A little bit and lets go ahead and start recording video, a long press on the upper left button and we got the blue and our red flashing light and we should be recording lets do that auto takeoff. I know this controller is going to be hard to see in the shadows back here. It shouldnt drift too much. It tends to drift a little left, so it does need a little bit of trimming. That is the highest rate. You can see the yaw im doing a manual funnel there and go to low rate. You can see the yaw is slower, so the high rate is faster im going to keep it the highest rate ill show you guys that 360 flip doesnt want to work in here it tries to go, and then it just wont.

Let you thats that pressing in on the right stick and then see it. Just doesnt do anything else. Oh i crashed into the ceiling. That was my fault. One thing im noticing with this guy is some control lag, and that is not good because it is um when youre giving it inputs on the sticks. Here it just doesnt respond. Super quick and ive seen that at times caused by um the wi fi interfering with the controls of the controller, its rare, but i have seen it before lets try to do that gyro calibration again. If i could find the spot there, we go after a bad crash, its always a good idea to reset the gyro on this guy lets go ahead and get it back up in air now see. If i can try to do that, 360 flip again lets go and do another all to take off you press in on that right. Stick and oh there. It did do it. Oh, my goodness, ive been trying to do those flips with this drone. While i go when its testing, it never did it now. I was able to do it well check that out. I got ta say this. Drone is flaky. I tried to do that flip over and over and over, and it would beep, and then i tried to flip, and it just would do nothing and thats. Why i said here at the beginning of this, that it wouldnt do a 360 flip.

I tried over and over and over lets, try to do it for and now its working see it says you need to be 10 feet and i thought, how is it going to know that thats, just a safety precaution – and i was right but as i give It these these inputs it times not all the time, its its theres a lag and thats. One reason why i crashed into the ceiling: is it didnt go with my sticks, command to go up and then it all of a sudden did i mean it flies? Nice lets try that uh, auto yaw and then look how fast that is, press it again to stop and see. If i try to do that myself, i cant spend that quick, so thats a faster yaw. You do have that white leds here in the front that i didnt mention so thats, your orientation, your white front and your red in the rear. Lets. Do that again lets see if i give it stick inputs, will that cancel the yall yeah, so you dont have to press the button again. You can just press the any of the sticks and itll cancel. It now lets. Try that funnel. I think thats whats going to be just a funnel, which is going to go more in a big circle. Thats a long process get that down a little bit, yeah its a fun thats. What i thought you dont know how to do funnels.

Then you can do this, you just give it a stick input and it stops lets. Do that one more time, long, press and its going to go into a funnel and it will tend to drift a little bit as its going in a funnel. But if you want to just do a funnel yourself, youre just going to do this raw uh youre going to go like that, you give it yaw and then you just give it a full pitch and youre spinning very simple to do once. You learn how. But if youre a new flyer, you might not know how to do that and you might need to do the uh auto funnel, but yeah right there i had some control lag. I gave it full pitch forward and it just you could see. There was just a fraction of a second before it actually went. Overall i mean the drone flies good, but im not happy with it. Um the control lag is a bit of an issue, especially for indoor flying like this, where youre gon na have to watch out for objects and walls and the fact that the 360 flip didnt want to work, then they did work um. The gyro calibration is a bit sensitive. Doesnt always want to work right, um connecting to the wi fi. It will sometimes fail multiple times and now were getting a low battery. I both of these the first battery i flew with, was fully charged and i flew it for a second outside brought.

It in here tried a few tests, as i was trying to film originally and then with the low battery i thought. Well, maybe i grabbed the wrong battery. This is already dead and weve barely even flown. This is a fresh battery fully charged yesterday. This is a pitiful flight time. I dont have a theres, no timer on the app but thats pathetic, thats, a terrible flight time im going to stop recording the video so that we get it saved. If you dont do that youll lose your video um on all these wi fi fpv uh feeds theyll, corrupt and youll, lose it so make sure before you power the drone off. You record the video yeah. This is bad. Now it may fly away a while here lets keep in the air, but ive not even done any aggressive flying, but a combination of a crappy flight time, 360 flips not always wanting to work. Wi fi the lag on the controls and now its going to go down and land um and the wi fi, not always uh wanting to connect on the first flight. I got to give a hard pass. I cannot recommend this little whoop im disappointed lets, go ahead and power it off because its beeping its going to drive you nuts, so make sure your video is saved. If you want to save it before you do that the combination of just this pitiful flight, i dont know what that flight time was that wasnt good at all.

These whoops dont usually get great flight time. That seemed really pathetic. Well, have to see what that is. When i actually get into the actual video but bad flight time, a laggy controls uh, sometimes the wi fi doesnt, always connect on the first few tries in the app um and 360 flips. I mean i tried over and over, and here i pushed in the right. Stick, i give it input, it was go bbb and then it would go up and then it just did nothing. Now i say oh its not going to work, i take it up and then it does work. It makes me look ridiculous on top of it, but you know what thats why we test these things to, let you guys know if youre, honest or viewer like i try to be youre gon na. Let people know whether this drone is something you should invest in or not. Thankfully, these are not very expensive and if you did buy this, you certainly could return it uh with no hassles to amazon, where holy stone sells the majority of their drones, but i got ta say pass if youre looking at this deciding whether you want to buy This little loop, maybe as a as something for yourself to fly inside or a gift for your son or daughter uh just to you know, do something indoors. During the upcoming winter months here in north america, i got to say pass theres many other little whoops out there.

I dont remember the model number but theres another little holy son. I reviewed about two years ago – thats really really good and is a really popular um. If i remember ill link to that, i just dont remember what that is, but so long ago, but that would be a drone i would recommend, but i cant recommend this one. I just im really disappointed because holy stone usually makes good drones. This is maybe the second drone ive ever had from them that i couldnt recommend the other was the hs720e, the big gps drone that gets the phantom controls and takes off, but this one here i really thought this would be a winner. I mean i am absolutely shocked, because these little drones almost always fly good, but a combination of other things i just mentioned – i got ta say i just cant – recommend this little guy all right, guys that wraps up the review of the holy stone, hs 420 mini Drone whoop, if you like this video and appreciate the honesty, then click and give me a thumbs up. If you didnt, then give me a thumbs down, be sure to leave any comments. You have any questions about this drone ill, try to answer them. The best that i can, if youre new to the channel click that subscribe button and while youre at it, also click the bell so youre notified every time.