Im james and welcome to my channel today were taking a look at a brand new holy stone drum the hs420 holy stones always made the best beginner mini drones, but now theyve made one with a camera. So if you watch my other videos, you always hear me say that the hs210 is the best beginner mini drone on the market, because it really teaches the orientation of the controls. So what do i mean by that? All drones sit on four axis, so they pitch forward and back they all left and right. They roll left and right and they go up and down so the first time you put the controllers in your hand, the orientations of these joysticks can be a little bit confusing. So so many people they go out. They buy an expensive drone and they come home with something and it looks like this and they think you stupid drone, but they just didnt learn the orientation of the controls thats, why its so important to start with the mini drone and this ones fun, because it Has a camera and this ones this price point on amazon right now, which is compared very closely to the 210, which is this price right now and you might say james well, the 340 is just about that same price yeah, but this ones a little bit too Big and quirky to fly inside once you put the prop guards on it where this one flies really good inside and its got a camera if youre looking for a camera, so this would make a really good christmas present so before we go put it up in The air lets go over the app and the features of the drone all right well lets see what she weighs in at she weighs in with the battery at 31, 32 grams thats quite a bit more than the hs210 that weighs in at 30 at 25 grams.

So how much is 31 grams? Well, 31 grams is about the same weight as seven pieces of saltwater taffy from the state fair of texas. Oh wait, not not not seven pieces. Actually, i actually looked away. Oh six creatures, so inside the box, youll get the controller. The drone youll get three batteries that take about an hour to charge and you only get about five or six minutes of flight time, where you get seven or eight, maybe on the 210, but it does have a camera on it. You get a couple chargers and the light will be red. They dont turn green once its through charging up. You get a prop removal tool, be sure and use this if you try to just if you do damage one of these props, which would be kind of hard to do since theyre so covered, be sure and use a proper removal tool. If you pull on it, youre going to end up pulling out one of these little bitty wires that goes to the motor and the drone will be ruined now, even though it does come with four props, and you think that you just replace it with a different Color thats not true, because if you look theyre theyre labeled, a and b so theres an a and a b red and a and b black and the angle of attack is different on them. So make sure you get the right one. So it did come with the handy dandy screwdriver to take these covers off, because if you look real, close theres a little bitty screw in here to take these off where the h s 450, they just turn and come off, which is a lot easier.

So i really do like the modular batteries. That is one thing with the with the 210, its really hard to get this pushed in there every time with these modular batteries they just pop right on they just pop on and off very easily. So, even though it has a shorter flight time, it is easier to change out the batteries. There is a gimbal on the camera where you can move it up and down, and it did, and it did come with a nice little bag to keep everything in so on the remote. This is where you turn it on. I love this. This is your high low speed. You just flip. This switch over right here. A short press here takes a picture. A long press takes a video this button, a short press, puts it into headless modes, which takes the orientation of the drone away. Dont use that the whole point of flying this drone is so you know which way its going and it takes the orientation of it away a long press of it sets the trim. So if you put it up in the air – and it seems to be drifting a little bit to the left or the right push down on this button and turn one of these controls – the opposite way its going, it takes a little bit of practice, but youll Get the hang of it up here is really cool button. You push it once and itll spin really fast.

Youll see that in the video and a long press makes it do an orbit, and this is your take off button and your lan button, but a long press of it kills the motor. So it starts to the wind starts to catch it and youre flying outside or if it goes into a tree, and you want to kill the motors just press on this one long and then the flip button is actually you push down on this here, hear that Click you press down on it in whichever direction you go its gon na flip, but make sure youve got it three or four feet away from you, because if you flip it towards you and its two feet away its gon na hit you in the head. Of course, this is where your phone goes, but im gon na use my ipad to show you how the app works, so it does come with a really nice instruction, booklet in many languages, and you turn to page 13, and you see the ios. You open up. Your camera and you put it there and then you open up the app you download the app its the holy stone fpv. So you turn the drone on by a long press back here and youll see it blinking. You turn on the remote with the long press and to make it bind you go up and down so up down and see they both quit. Blinking, you put it back on a flat surface to set the gyros, and then you pull down into the right and itll blink again, but make sure its on a flat surface.

When you do that, if youre holding it in your hands or something youre going to set the dry real crooked, its going to take off enough fly right. So now we open up the app, but before you even do that, you need to go to your settings. This is the most important part and go to your wi fi. You see holy stone fpv. It wont connect to the app for the camera to work. If you dont, connect your wi fi and its using the wi fi of your phone or your ipad, not the wi fi from your home, reopen the app inner device, and you see how good the camera is. Working. Its a 1080p camera works really well as youre flying around so without a three axis. Gimbal youre not going to get really good video, but you will get some really good pictures and remember you can move the gimbal up and down. I would say: dont use the app when youre flying use the controller just use the app, so you can see where youre going so to start the motors you just push on this button here and itll, take off and jump about three foot in the air to Get it to land just press it again, so theres, no wind out here today guys you cant, fly this drone. If its windy, thats true there, we go thats a lot better. So if you see the pond, you can tell theres really no wind.

I dont you cant fly a mini drone in the wind. It still even be affected by the theres. A little bit of wind all right lets turn this thats cool thats a fun little feature when it does that all right lets do a long press, thats, pretty cool. Oh here comes the sun all right, and then we press down on this one then push all right. Well its supposed to be pushed down there. It goes Music. I love that. I dont know why and heres a couple pictures i took with the mini drone. The pictures are really good, very good quality for something so small. All right. All right lets test the range on it, yeah its not real, fast make sure im in i am in speed two yeah there. It goes see. I think it went back to speed one yeah thats a little bit quicker, so if it seems to be slower, maybe it just automatic somehow goes back and oh, i know im fighting the wind when i come this way, thats what it is see whats going into The wind there i turn it around, come back with the wind, its a lot faster start, getting the beeping, it probably just lands itself, Music. Okay, the spin feature wont work once its beeping yeah. It wont spin Music there. It goes all right, just landing on its own im, pushing up nope. So thanks so much for watching my review of the holy stone, hs420 best beginning mini with the camera, if youre just wanting a mini drone, because you want to learn how to fly.

I still like the hs210, even though it doesnt have the modular batteries and its hard to get in it, but it still flies really good. This one flies really good that hand has a camera, but its a little bit more expensive, which puts it really close to the hs 340.. So if you want something to fly outdoors, thats really inexpensive with the camera, this would be the one. But if you want to fly indoors and you want a mini drone and to have a camera, this is a really good choice. So, like always, if you got something out of this, please like and subscribe, subscribers mean everything to me on this channel and ill see.