This live stream today, um the day majority of the the products that youre going to see in the carousel are holy stone products so lets get into it. I was, they were generous enough to send over the older stone hs 360 drone. I really had the time with this thing and im like uh im, pretty much like a a beginner when it comes to drawing flying but uh. You know this thing it. It kind of turned me into a pearl, so uh im gon na unbox it real, quick and uh, show you a few things inside and actually show you um on the parts that comes with it. So let me let me stop rambling. Let me open this up for you, so as soon as it opened up out of the box this hard case – and i mean its like its a logo, always download, though let me open it up for you real, quick and there you go on this side of The zipper you have the manual the parts as far as the propellers screwdrivers and um some more parts as well, then you have the transmitter, which is the remote to the drone and heres the drone itself and then the actual extra battery. Alright. So here is the hs 360 drone its folded up, as you can see, theres a little some dings or whatever. Let me say i i was trying to fly this thing. I crashed it a few times, but it was able to make it through so ill.

Show you what it looks like opened up all right. This is what it looks like opened up, like i say, its really durable um after flying and testing it. The past two days of crash tested this thing, and it is it just held up to and everything that i put in front of it its the power button right here. You press down a long press hold this, and it should come on. Youll hear a little ding sound and then on the bottom lets see right here. It has a memory card slot where you can actually put memory. You can put your memory cards in to actually record and take pictures while aerial pictures, where youre flying it and save it to your device, whether its your phone, your tablet or even um. You can save save it to your desktop. If you take this out and put in your computer drive – and here is the camera right here – its actually a stabilizer gimbal – and it has a 2.5 k resolution on it – its actually pretty good. I wouldnt say its a professional grade, but as far as amateur and just wanting to show off certain uh lets, say uh landscapes or just you doing, actions acro actions around your home or whatnot. I think this is a good something good to have so here it is right here and then on the back side, theres battery. It comes out just like that, and so the battery life on this thing is.

It holds up to about 24 minutes, but just pulling out the box and turning on and actually trying to fly it i was able to get at least two days worth of juice out of it and each time i think it was over yesterday. I think i flew this thing for about an hour, and so i mean its, it comes off a wheel, it. It flies longer than the 24 minutes that it says so. Yep thats the holy stone and then let me show you some more stuff that he comes with inside Music. So it comes with these parts and the cable cord for the actual battery or whatnot. It comes with some some extra screws, so heres the small little screwdriver its to replace the propellers with and oh, the usb cable charger. So instead of uh, you can actually plug this inside of the battery. Just like that. So its pretty cool ill, see a few people popping in you dont mind introducing yourself and let me know what youre shopping for on amazon right now and just hit me and follow just in case. You do decide to pick up the uh holy stone, hs360 and uh next time i jump on live. You can tell me your experience, so yeah just go ahead, hit the follow button. Let me know lets see whos in the chat we have brian whats up man holy stone, whats up all right. So this is the battery and im gon na show you guys the transmitter, all the transmitter, but you know majority people just say this is the remote.

So this is the transmitter uh its the power button, the calibrating button, and then this button right here um once you press it, it actually takes off, so itll float up into the air and then, if you long press it while youre in air lets, say you Just dont know what to do and you just need to exit plan right then, right now you got if you long press this button right here. It just shuts it down and it just drops ive had to use this button several times and so um. You got the antennas right here, its a five gigahertz, so it actually uh transmit pretty far into there im, not sure how far it goes. But i know it goes a little over 100 feet, but this thing it it can reach and so over here its controls. The the camera, you just click it up and click it down to move the camera up and down, and then on this side you have the speed where you control the speed to where you can to a low speed, or you can put it on mode too, Where its like advanced level, speeds like up to ill, say 40 miles per hour, then this button um. This is for your camera. I believe, if you press it, youll be able to take a picture and if its long press youll be able to actually record a video on it with your phone attached right here.

So your phone actually fits at the bottom of one of my old phones. Right here so im gon na slap it right here and thats what it looks like, and so once you sync it up to the to your drone youll be able to see the actual picture right here on your phone and if you want, you can actually fly Through and see the different sites once i when i flew it up in the air, i was able to see like my next door. Neighbors houses, people on the highway driving by it was pretty cool yep, so is how that works, and so what i want to do when i, rather we dont, want to tell you guys, is that um once you actually fly ill say the main thing you want To do is make sure you calibrate it correctly because it took me a while to actually figure it out. So you really need to read the manual to actually fly this thing and let it fly correctly because or not its going to be bearing off to the left and to the right – and you know you wont, be able to control it because you didnt calibrate it Correctly so im going to show you exactly what i did to actually calibrate it correctly and it, and it has instructions in the manual that actually shows you how to do that as well. So what you will do is hit this calibrating button right here.

Youll long press it hold it and youll hear a beep, and then it lets. You know that its ready to be calibrated so youll hold it horizontally and youll spin it around three times just like this and then youll hear another beat and then youll hold it up vertically and spin it around three times and then itll beep twice and then Once you hear that sound, you lay it down flat on the flat surface and then youll hit the calibrate button again to exit that mode, and so once youve done that youre good to fly, because if you dont do, if you skip that step, i promise you Its going its going to be all over the place so um, i did have some some cosmetic damages coming along with it when i, when i flew it around so im, actually take out some of the tools and actually change out some of these propellers live with You guys today and show you how easy it is to actually do that lets see. Let me move over, so youll see right there at the bottom. You have the um tools and parts spare parts and theyll probably stay 17.99. If you want to get some extra spare parts now, i forgot to mention the price of the actual drone itself and its actually priced at 269.99. But if you purchase today, i think there is a coupon on the product page and its a 14 off the purchase and its added to the cart.

So when you check out youll get additional 14 off so its only for today, if you click it, click through this live and actually purchase it. Youll get that 14 and 14 off uh coupon, so lets see. Where is it all right? So we got these propellers right here. It comes with a few extra ones. I think its about another. I like 1, 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7, probably another eight for colors in there, but i am going to show you oh holy stone, appreciate the follow. I hope you liking this uh. This is live, and i appreciate you sending this over guys all right, so im gon na change this out for you change out the propeller and show you how easy it is so were gon na be changing this one up. So just take this little small screw right here and change some of these propellers out that i actually got bent up during during my testing, so thats one thats off and set the screw over here. So im gon na get lost im gon na take the other one off lets set this one over there. You have any questions about uh the drone, if youre in the, if youre watching this right now, you have any questions, go ahead and shoot me a question down below in the chat and im gon na talk about some of the cool features thats, actually, that this Drawn actually has so one of the cool features is the auto following mode, and so, if you set this up once you um sync, your phone up to the drone theres a auto, follow me mode on here to where no matter where you go, the the drone.

Actually follows you and it and its cool for just like in action type of thing lets say if youre riding your bike and you want to catch those moments, you can put your put your uh, your transmitter on you and allow it to follow you while youre You know doing your bike ride or doing a run or, if youre, a filmmaker and youre trying to get us a cinematic shot of of movement. Thatll be something to do with your the people that youre actually filming for so so its a lot of cool features on here uh another one is, it has voice command and you can actually use voice command to get it to take pictures on the spot. On the fly or whatever or um, get it to actually record, and it actually has a basic face, recognition to where it itll make you the focal point and follow you as well so im putting this last propeller on lets see so i do have a lab Designer, like a and b lets, see just set it down right there, its almost in there hey shirley, hows it going today sure i know youre far far out there hows the weather over there all right. So there you go two propellers on there just easy. So, like i said, i flew this thing and you can see it some of the like these propellers right here. I think i hit a couple branches or whatnot, but i mean afterwards it still was able to fly and get it and get it to where i needed to go.

You know, and so no matter the damage it actually it can take a beating. I can say that i see some more people in the chat, some more people coming in make sure you hit the follow button and if you decide to get the drone, the holy stone hs360 go ahead, and let me know what your experience is next time. I pop in on the live all right, so lets see what else we have here. So let me talk about the battery, so i did mention earlier about the battery life. The battery life says its about 24 minutes but, like i say after i test test fluid or whatnot over the course of two days, i was actually getting more than that, so more than 24 minutes of flight time. So this is what the battery looks like and if you decide to actually get um, an extra spare battery and cable is priced at 59.99, which isnt bad, and i think it takes about four hours or more to charge to fully charge these batteries and um. If youre, if im, if youre like advocate drone flyer or you or you just you know every drone, fire and youre going to fly this thing a lot majority of the days or whatever you do for work, whether youre youre doing it for films or just for A hobby or not, you definitely want to pick up an extra battery all right, im, gon na put this back in there, and so i have the duracell batteries highlighted because, even though the drone comes with a spare battery comes with the drone comes with the battery And comes with the spare battery, the transmitter itself does not come with the battery thats.

The only downside i wish it came with another. You know rechargeable battery, but it doesnt, but what i do recommend is getting some batteries ahead of time before you actually purchase the holy stone draw. So what you can do is when you purchase it, make sure you pick up a pack of duracell batteries. What i can say they are long lasting. They say it is up to 10 years or better. I dont think 10 years of battery life, but they they back it by 10 year guarantee. So if it dies only early, you can actually pick up another one throughout through the duracell site. But, like i say, if you do decide to purchase the holy stone hs360, you can go ahead and pick you up some duracell batteries to actually power up your transmitter. Let me show you what it looks like powered up, and so it has different modes on it. You can see it see there, you got low and high and those are the speeds you got gps mode in the middle and you have the satellite numbers or your satellite actually track, and in the middle there it has the battery life of the drone and the Battery life of the transmitter, which is actually pretty cool and another cool feature, this thing has is that if the battery actually dies on the transmitter or the battery gets a little low on the drone um, it has um and you have gps uh on a gps Mode on and actually find you itll come back and fly to you before it actually just crash lands in the middle of nowhere.

It hasnt happened to me, but thats, a good feature to have, because i know you dont feel like playing uh wheres waldo in the woods somewhere flying the drone. Oh im gon na screw this back in there real quick. Let me know if you have any questions about the uh holy stone drone in the chat. I see a few more people popping in. I have about five people in here right now, so go ahead and uh introduce yourself. Let me know who you are where you from. If you want go ahead and hit me up a follow, i see my grade actually follow appreciate it appreciate the follow mike mike. Would you uh what youre, actually here, uh shopping on amazon for right now? Are you looking for a drone? I got one for you, so this is the holy stone drone. Let me show you what it looks like fold it up and fold it back up for you, so its real. Its really compact durable. Like i said earlier, it folds up easily and nicely just like that. I just calm down the propellers, so i dont get in the way and it fits in the palm of my hand just like that real small. They do have other models that are a lot smaller than this, but um as far as the the age range. For this i remember i recommend um, maybe someone thats like a teenager or a little older than that.

I mean if you do want to get this for, like a younger kid under like a preteen or just someone younger, i do recommend having an adult assist them with the instructions as far as like getting this thing off the ground, because it is kind of ill Say its quite difficult, but it it provides some detail to actually get this thing off the ground, so yeah thats what it looks like i love a little bit. You can actually use the camera while youre in flight and, like i said again, it has a 2.5 k camera and i know if you take pictures with this thing, they actually come out in 4k. So i know the video quality probably isnt as quite up there on the professional level, but if you want to get those those cool landscaping, shots of different sceneries and areas in your in your town or whatever. This thing will get the job done as far as photos: yeah, hs. 360.. Let me fold it back up again, for you show you what the manual looks like get that out real quick. So this is the manual it has a lot. It actually goes through in detail about you, know the different modes and whatnot how to calibrate it, how to actually install the battery and stuff correctly um. If you had a download that you can use these codes to actually download the um the app or not just sync it to sync your uh, your mobile phone to the drone, so where you can actually pick up the video and um, i think it actually has Audio too its pretty cool, so yeah, i think lets see what else we have.

So we went over the holy stone drone and show it to you one more time guys and like i said i had the time with this thing, after actually figuring out how to calibrate it. It took me a minute and i enjoyed it. I actually got to fly it a few times yesterday. I flew it for around about an hour i crash tested. It crashed into some trees, some limbs and its its still here, and it was still able to fly pretty good um. I would say if you, if you make sure you like, i keep repeating myself, make sure you calibrate this thing correctly, sometimes when it flies straight up, itll start to veer off to the right or to the left. I have heard for me from my experience. It gears up to the right and for others that ive talked to they actually have this drone theres veer off. You know other ways as well so make sure you calibrate this thing if youre looking, if youre, if youre getting this for someone over the holidays for as a gift, i do recommend this thing and um make sure you go ahead and add this to the cart Right now, because theres, a 14 off coupon thats on there and its only available right now on this stream. So you go to the product page and just click; click the drone at the bottom and go to the product page and click that little check, mark and youll be able to itll.

Add that 14 coupon to your your cart and now, if youre new to the stream im jay, make sure you hit the follow button um we have ray mike and holy stone in here, as well as brian from uh video zeus. I appreciate you guys for watching and uh thats gon na, be it and uh.