So you dont miss any of my upcoming videos. I got a good one for you today, guys if youre in the market youre wanting to up your drone game and move into a gps style drone, but you dont want to break the bank doing it or you cant get the wife to agree to it. I got a great drone for you today, holy stones newest drone, its their hs 360 foldable, gps, 2.7 k camera on this thing, hd camera. It sits on a two axis gimbal, the price you really cant, beat it its 229.99 on amazon right now, but i reached out to holy stone and they answered the call. They gave me a 10 discount coupon code to give to you guys. So you need this little dude for right around 200 bucks, how the wife cant even argue with that price point. I say we go unbox. It lets check it all out. Well, set it up, go over the app then well. Take this little dude outside were going to put him up in the air were going to see just what the heck he can do. I see we go, get started. Im really excited Music. Okay, guys lets check it out and see what we get with this dude. It is the holy stone, hs, 360 brushless foldable drone with gps, very cool. I have to say i was really surprised when i opened it and saw this box. I dont know if holy stone has gone green and is using recyclable material now, but usually their boxes are really detailed, with an actual picture of the drone on it and colored, and all that good stuff, but hey if theyre going green good for them all right Here we go.

Yes, i cut the seal already you guys dont want to see me cut the damn seal. Here we go now. I did a little bit of editing here before we took it out of the box. It does come in a plastic wrap. This is wrapped in plastic, but it was a real pain in the ass to try to open it. The way it was sealed, which means its packaged really well, so i took it off ahead of time, so you guys didnt have to listen to all the rustling and all that other good stuff, but this is the case that it actually comes in. I didnt edit that super cool case. It is a soft sided form fitted case gray, charcoal maybe color. I dont know holy stone logo cool handle on the top yeah yeah yeah get to the good stuff paul. I know im working on it and then not one, but two dual zippers here we go ready, got your little handy, dandy, storage, pouch on the top. My manuals going rogue in here on me, were gon na go with the manual first, because you guys know that is the most important part of the drone got your cautionary battery. Your couple other cautions there. You know dont charge in the car the carrying case. All that good stuff, you shouldnt, charge those batteries that way but thats what it all telling you and by law they have to put it in there.

One instruction manual, pretty good manual, looks like its been through the ringer a couple times, but as always holy stones, manuals are really great, theyre well written well illustrated i mean they are detailed. They tell you everything. All your drone information is in the back as well. It does look like this is actually a one language manual. Usually you get them theres, three or four languages in there. This is actually just an english manual, so thats, something different that i havent seen from them yet either, but it is the version 1.0 manual. So if they upgrade it ill put the link in the description where you can go online and upgrade your manual no im kidding, i dont know what the hell that means, but you have your phone numbers. Your contacts, all here holy stone, has great customer service. Call them message them whatever you do, they absolutely will respond back, have a problem with your drone. They will do whatever they can to make you happy. I love their customer service, but the manual read it live it learn it guys. Dont put this drone in the air until youve read through this manual, and you understand what youre doing remember what i always say: dont be a drone dummy all right, get our goodie bag out of here. Where does it open at oh here? It is all right. Oh, i just love the way they package. Everything so well packaged all right, guys, im gon na dump this out, because there seems to be a bunch of stuff in here.

So we got a goodie bag within a goodie bag, and this is actually our spare set of propellers. You get a full set with the screws to go with it cool and then to use those spare propellers. You get one handy, dandy, propeller, removable, controller battery removal tool, phillips head screwdriver, one, yes count it one usb charger, two batteries, one charger its, not a holy stone thing. They all do it and i have still have not been able to wrap my head around why they do it. Why not give us two? So we can charge both batteries at the same time, but they dont you get one, but luckily this is just a usb type c im sure if youre anything like me, you have a ton of them laying around, so you can charge both batteries. At the same time, super cool here we go. This controller is just badass, looking im pulling this out of here now this is cool, its got some weight to it. I have already put the batteries in it because i wanted to turn it on to show you guys that this thing actually has a working lcd screen or strip right in the middle. I have a 720e, it has a bigger screen in the middle, but i love what they did here. Im going to turn this on, so you can see it. This is your power button right here. That is just super cool everything. You know number of satellites, your video transmission feed signal, your drone battery controller battery gps mode on or off your distance in meters are your distance and your height in meters and controller mode, one or two.

I believe, if i remember right, it defaults to mode two. They almost always do if you want to change it to mode one. I think its you hold in the speed button and power it on at the same time, and this will switch to mode one. All that does you guys. Is it just switches these joysticks around thats? All it does so if you want the left one to for the drone to go forward and backwards and all left and right thats what itll do and it will make this one. Your ascend descend and your turn left and your turn right, but remember it defaults to mode too and it defaults to gps mode so really cool. I love the screen on this thing. We have two. I can get them off, come on two actual functioning controller antennas. Super cool they both have a wire in it, so they both work, which is really cool over here. This is your camera adjustment wheel. Your picture, video button. You can one click picture, long, press it takes a video. Then you have your speed control here. Its a three speed drone. This one here is your return to home button and your emergency stop button. So tap it once the drone will come home hold it in for like three seconds. The drone will explode out of the air and you wont hit anything im kidding it doesnt explode, but it will fall out of the air.

The emergency stop shuts all four motors off right away and that thing drops like a brick your power button. We saw that already. This is just some fancy. Little design, thats, actually kind of cool your holy stone logo in the middle. This is another cool feature this one here. First, this is your auto. Take off your auto lan when youre in the air hit this. The drone will land hit it when you unlock the motors, it will take off for you or you can take off with the joystick. This button is really cool guys. This is your calibration button and its on the controller, and i just thought that was super cool. If you press it once it puts the drone into gyro calibration and ill show you that when we take it outside to fly it you long press it it puts you into the compass calibration. Super cool calibrations are easy, dont, let the words scare you away! Theyre really easy: they take less than two minutes to do. The controllers or joysticks actually feel really good a little loose for my liking, i think, but not too loose. They feel pretty good im, not a fan of the tip its kind of weird feeling im not too comfortable on the fingers, but you can get little rubber caps to put on there and take care of that which is really really cool. I dont know where you can buy them. I have found them.

I only have a couple. I dont remember where i got them from so im, not even gon na go there. It does take uh four aaa batteries and just take your drone propeller controller battery removal tool. Take the screw out pop your batteries in pop them back in on the bottom, is your cell phone holder and it really clicks out dont. Let that freak you out. It does it every time you do it. I thought i broke it. The first time i pulled it out rather big, so it will hold a really decent sized phone. It does have uh some cushions right here and then its got a couple of bumpers underneath. So your buttons on the side of your phone should not get mashed in when you have it in this holder, which is really cool thats. One of the downfalls i dont, like about bottom cell phone holders, is that it the buttons can get matched. Sometimes i really like them on the top, but this is cool. I think im going to be able to like this one pretty well, that is our controller power. It off oh wrong, button, duh its off all right! Well put it back in here! Lets just move right on down the line here and well go next to our 2000 mah 7.6 volt drone engine. It is a lipo battery. You get two of them. This one does come with two super cool again: one charging, cable, but im sure you have a bunch of these laying around or you should have at least one and if not, they aint a whole lot of money to go, buy one and its better.

To get two, because these batteries take six hours each to charge, so you only have one 12 hours. You got a half a days worth of charging before you can get out there and fly this thing, so its probably really worth going to get one. If you dont have an extra one and again you plug it in here ill show you right there. The light will blink, uh, red and green and then a solid green when it is completely charged and youre good to go your connector for the drones right here. It just slides in it does lock its a pretty good lock on it ill show you when we take the drone out, you get 23 minutes per battery, so with both you get 46 minutes, so youre getting at least a good 42 to 43 minutes of flight Time which is really decent for a gps drone, especially one like this. This is a really good drone. So far, im super impressed already with the controller. I cant wait to get it in the air but thats our batteries, our drone engines. Now you do need a 5 volt, 2 amp charger box. They dont give you the charger box. Again, you probably got a bunch of them laying around just to make sure its a 5 volt, 2 amp, and then i had a viewer. Send me a question asking if he could use the fast charger charging boxes. You absolutely can long as its not more than a 5 volt 2 amp.

You can use it. It wont charge the battery faster, but you can use it to charge your battery. So thats cool here we go star of the show, the holy stone, hs 360 unfoldable drone cool. I like the way the arms lock in they are very solid, lock, so thats really cool theres, not a click or anything, but you can really feel them just kind of slide into place, so super cool there. It actually feels really well made. It does not feel like a cheap plastic, so im liking that you know you can push, but its not bendy. Like some drones are they some drones feel like if you dont treat them like an egg youre going to crack it this one not so much. I, like the feel of it, super cool brushless motors, of course, big difference in your drone, its not hinge propellers, its kind of a dual propeller doesnt have the hinge in between they are separated with just those screws and again you just pop them off with your Handy dandy, propeller removal tool remember there is an a and a b and a and a b arm. So you have to make sure you get the a and b uh spare blades on the right arms or your drones. Not gon na fly pretty if it flies at all your power button right here on the top, the bottom. It actually has a working optical flow sensor, so it has a little camera right here, which is really cool for altitude holder if youre flying it indoors.

Awesome that has an actual working one, some vintage here to keep it cool. Now the weight has got a pretty good weight to with the battery in it. I do have the battery and it goes right here in the back ill show you real quick and you just push this in pull it out, and it actually is a really solid bit. I dont want to say tight bit. I just leave myself open for too many bad jokes. I said it anyway and it just pops right in there and its locked in and it wont, come out thats all you do so back to this thing, 276 grams. 9.74. Ounces. It weighs so! Yes, you do have to register with the faa, but its not a big deal, guys its really simple to do it cost you a whole whopping. Five bucks ill put the link down in the description. You can click on it. Go get yourself registered before your drone. Even gets to you, you can also do that with the manual. If i can find the link ill put the link to the manual there too. I love to download the manual and then i can read it while im waiting for the drone to get here. So when it does get here, all i do is charge my batteries im already ready to go im, also going to leave a link in the description for this company. I use that makes these labels that has your registration number on it.

You just slap it on the side of your drone. You can have your name on it. Your email address whatever, and it just says. If bound, please call or return to all that good stuff are only like 7.99. You get five of them in a pack and theres a whole bunch of different colors and a whole bunch of different ways. You can customize them. I really like it, theyre not affiliated with the faa, but they are a legitimate company and its its a good product. I dont mind it whatsoever. I will also put a link in the description for uh, where you can go to take your trust test. Remember now, all recreational drone pilots have to take the trust, its not really a test. You guys its kind of like a knowledge based thing impossible to fail, so dont get nervous and freak out. It will literally let you keep taking it until you pass it, so you cannot fail it, but something the faa wants us to do so. We need to do it so the range on this drone 800 to 900 meters or 624 feet to 2 952 feet so just under 3000 feet pretty good range. The fpv range, not quite as far its 500 meters, so 1640 feet. 1. 640 feet still a good range if youre starting out youre, just learning um. You know a beginner at this thats a good range to keep that drone close to you, so not bad at all.

Again, thats unobstructed. You know nothing interfering with it. Your cell phone towers and all that other good stuff – it is a 5g video transmission, so thats really cool the controller by the way is a 2.4 gigahertz controller forgot to mention that figured id mention it now, but the camera 2.5 k full hd on a 5g Transmission super cool. This camera is on a pretty damn good, two two axis tilt and roll gimbal. You have a zero or zero. You have a zero degree to minus 80 degree tilt that you can adjust this camera from the controller, so thats really cool as well. Um your pictures they are stored in jpeg format, now theyre stored to the sd card at 2560 by 1440p theyre stored to your cell phone at 3840 by 2160p kind of weird ive, never seen that before. Usually you get a better quality on the sd card than you do the cell phone unless its a misprint, i dont know i have not checked the video quality out yet so well find that out when we put it in here to fly it ill. Do a record from the drone as well, so we can see how the fpv looks and the recording looks um. The videos are avi and mp4 normal thats. What most of them do anyway and uh? The videos are stored to the sd card at 2560 by 1440 and then, if you store it to your cell phone or the apps, album its only at 1920 by 1080p, so theres, where you lose your quality right there, which is kind of cool its 1080p because Normally, when the video is stored to your phone or the app album its only 720p, so theyve up the game here, a little bit by making that 1080p, which means our fpv view on our cell phone is probably going to be in 1080p as well.

So thats going to be really cool sd card slot. It does have one right here on the side and it says it can hold up to a gigabyte, sd card really cool. I would recommend getting a class 10 u3 or higher um. It can handle the 2k and the ones with 4k uh videos. Its just got the speed to handle that resolution of a video and make sure you guys get it put it in the drone format it through the app. You can format it through the app. If you do it on your computer, make sure you format it in a fat32 format. This is our hs 360 guys im super excited. I want to go, get it in the air. Well, go ahead and im going to show you how to calibrate it and then well put it up in the air and well check out the app and well see how it flies and all that good stuff lets go, get it calibrated. So we can get started. Im ready all right guys lets go ahead and get this little dude set up. The first thing we want to do, of course, is power on the drone. In our controller, remember, it is a self pairing controller, so you dont have to do anything else, but turn it on were going to start by turning the drone on first Music. There we go and then were going to hit the power button on the controller and theyll think for a couple minutes, and then they will connect and you can see there.

We are connected already. That was absolutely really really quick ill put these up. I guess just for show, i really dont need them up now. The controller and the drone are paired, theyre ready to go so. The next thing you want to do is you need to hook up connect your device to the drones wi fi. So this little dude is actually emitting a wi fi signal right now and you need to connect to it so dont get confused. You dont need internet uh subscription or anything like that to fly the drone or connect to its wi fi, its just a wi fi signal. You can use a phone that has no subscriber on it. You may have laying in the drawer tucked away somewhere. Take it out, use it as your drone phone as long as it has wi fi capability, and it can connect to a wi fi signal. You can absolutely use that as your drone phone so go to wherever your wi fi settings are on your phone or your tablet and youll give it a few minutes its gon na refresh, but it will pop up and youll see it right here. You can see it already popped up holy stone, fpv dash, blah blah blah blah youre going to tap on it and its going to connect now the first time you do this, with whatever device youre using. You may get a pop up saying: youre, connected to the wi fi with uh out internet again, thats, fine, we dont need internet to fly the drone.

It may even pop up and ask you if you want to keep the cellular data or if you want to change the cellular data or keep the wi fi connection, keep the wi fi connection and again the wi fi is what the drone uses to send the Fpv to the app and to do all the features and and all that good stuff on the app so now were connected, our wi fi is connected were good to go there. So the next thing we want to do is were going to go ahead and were going to open the app its the hs fly. Holy stone, hs fly app right there on the screen and its free, of course, on google play in the apple store. So lets go ahead and open our app well there. It is so when the first time you open this, you may get a pop up here. You should get a pop up on the front of your screen here, thats going to ask you if you want to extend the warranty for 90 days, absolutely hit. Yes on that you guys its a great deal. Itll extend your warranty on the drone for 90. More days so its great its free so take advantage of it and do it. Ive already opened the app so mine, didnt pop up the first time you open it. It will pop up so were going to go ahead and go here at the bottom.

You have your media. These are some videos, uh kind of instructional videos on the drone and then your learn to fly one here. If you open that up the first one here, if you open it, its actually tells you everything about the app what everything stands for, what it means, all that good stuff so well hit out of here. Your quick learning here is actually like a mini manual and its actually really cool move this over a little bit, and it tells you the controller, how to pair it, how to calibrate it. All that other good stuff and well get out of here and then you have your gameplay uh tutorial there again thats just videos kind of explaining how to do certain things, blah blah blah but theyre. Nowhere near as good as my videos are im kidding, they are pretty good videos anyway. Lets get into the controller, so youre going to hit controls and youll see there. It popped up it. You have to give your phone or your device the permissions. The app permissions on there so well allow it theres another one, hsy to record audio and then access to the devices location thats for your gps, and you can see there. We are connected and we have video, so we are good to go so now that were connected. The app is open. All that good stuff were going to calibrate the drone, its very easy to do you guys, and i recommend calibrating it every time you land it and switch the battery out if youre flying it and you hit return to home.

You want to check it out, see what it does or practice landing. You can land, it shoot it back up in the air and all that good stuff and you you dont, have to necessarily recalibrate it every time you land it. I just do it out of a good practice. Every time i switch the batteries, it doesnt hurt anything and it just makes sure your gps readings and everything are accurate. So, as i said in the unboxing on this little dude, its really cool because you actually have your calibration buttons right here on your controller. So if you tap it once im, not sure if youre going to see it im going to turn them a little bit. So maybe you can see these green lights, but when you tap it once thats your gyro or gyroscope calibration and thats, going to do your gyros thats, what helps it with the altitude hold and the optical flow sensor and all that good stuff tap it once youll See there, those lights, blinked, really really quick. Now theyre done theyre back to blank and normal next we have to calibrate the compass youre going to take that same button and youre going to long press. It now were in compass calibration and, as you can see here now on the app its actually telling you what to do with the drone. First thing you need to do is the horizontal part of the calibration flat level, surface and youre going to take this drone and youre going to turn it left or right.

I believe the controller will beep when that phase is done, and this picture on your app will change to the vertical calibration doesnt matter, which way you go so were going to turn it and i believe its its just about two turns theres another one and okay. So about two and a quarter turns and im gon na finish the turn. I always finish the turn. If it does in the middle of a turn. Now you can see. My drone is actually facing vertically on the app and the controller did beep. So now, youre gon na take the drone camera up. Camera down does not matter and youre gon na turn it and again it doesnt matter which way you go and youre going to turn it this way, and it will beep again and your little instruction thing on your app will go away and itll tell you its Calibrated now we are good to go so we dont have what do we have here? Yeah, okay, so im indoors, so i dont have any satellite readings yet its not picking up any. It may pick up some in here, but this little dude. I i want to say its like six to seven satellites you have to pick up before it will will launch in gps mode. Now you can take it out of gps mode. If you do that, remember your fail. Safe features: arent gon na work, your low battery, your return to home.

They only work in gps mode attitude mode, which is what you use to fly indoors because you cant fly this indoors with the optical flow sensor and all that and its not a bad size. I wouldnt recommend flying it like in your bedroom or something, but if youre indoors somewhere like a gym or something you can fly it inside um without the gps, which is recommended. So what were going to do to take it out of gps mode youre, going to take your return to home button youre going to press it in and youre just going to hold it in and can hear there. I dont know if you heard her, but she said attitude mode yep. She talks to you absolutely cool and on your controller, it now says: gps is off with that being off. We can now unlock the motors because we are calibrated and everything else so were going to unlock the motors and ill. Let you guys hear what this little dude sounds like. So here we go. Super powerful sounding motors im just impressed so far with this drone, and you can see the app now says attitude mode and were gon na shut it off. That is so cool so again to unlock the motors you guys both joysticks down and in just like that, and you can do it again and that will shut them off thats pretty much it. You guys thats all calibrated and set up youre technically good to go and fly so lets go ahead and go through the app here, real quick on the top here that yellow shaded bar thats your status bar.

That will tell you like, if we put it back in gps mode. Shell, tell you all right. Well, she didnt say it because i dont have any satellites picked up yet, but as soon as i do, shell tell you youre in gps mode anyway, this will change and say youre in gps mode. You can see now its looking for a gps signal. Hasnt found any again im inside, but this will change. Itll tell you when youre in the follow me mode or the waypoints or point of interest whatever youre in itll. Tell you now this green line all the way across the top thats your drones battery level, its really cool, because what this will do is it will fade to the left and change colors as your battery gets lower and lower. Now remember: in gps mode, its got fail state. So when your battery gets, i want to say its right around 30, the drones gon na want to return home and youll get a pop up on here. Asking you to confirm it cancel it. You know override it. Whatever that good stuff is, if youre pretty far away with it and that pops up, i would hit the okay to return to home, because its telling you that the battery level is pretty much just enough for it to get home from where it is so. Dont override it and keep it out there, because you may not make it home, and if you do that, when the battery gets too low, the drone is just going to land wherever it is.

It wont fall out of the sky, but it will automatically just start to land wherever it is. So if you dont want to walk the cornfields or wherever to go, find it make sure you get it home in time when that warning pops up just be mindful of where how far away you are with the drone anyway, the next one here this is your Auto takeoff and auto land button, if you tap, this youll get a little confirmation thing that wants to slide the bar and ill show you that outside telling you, if you want to take off, then that will be your auto land as well. Now, when you hit this its not returned home, this will just land the drone, wherever it is the one under it. Thats your return to home when you tap that youll get a pop up right here. It says please slide to confirm, were going to cancel it because were indoors and the drone will raise up to the altitude you have set, which ill show you in a minute and it will return home good habit to get into put the drone in the air. Look through the camera and lift that drone up until you can clearly see across everything in the area where youre flying no obstacle avoidance. So you want to make sure you have your return home height set high enough. It will lift up over everything and make it home to you without running into anything the bottom one here, these four little boxes.

Those are your bonus features. You have the track mode. What this does is you can lock the drone onto a certain object. Uh, your car um, a dog, your wife whatever, and it will lock onto that target and it will stay locked onto it and kind of like a follow me, which is the next button on there. The dude, with a little drone in front of his head thats, follow me when you tap that the drone will go into follow me mode. It will turn and face your cell phone. What its doing is locking onto the gps signal in your cell phone and you can run walk ride your bike, skateboard whatever, and this little dude will actually follow you and record you the whole time. Just remember no obstacle avoidance, so you want to make sure youre in an open area and theres nothing hes going to run into or is going to really screw. Your video up next is vr. Well tap this and ill show you it splits the screen. So you can put vr goggles on you, dont need a special pair um just a pair. You know you slap your phone in the front of it and it will split the screen and it actually looks like youre in the drone flying its a super cool feature. Were gon na get out of there? You tap it itll close it then over here is your circle fly or point of interest whats cool on this drone? Is you go to where you need to go whatever you want to circle and take video? It just makes for a great video uh effect hit it.

You can actually adjust the radius. You want the drone to go away from it and the radius of the circle do it. The drone will circle around and i believe you can change the directions of it. As well with the controller but itll circle, the object you can raise the drone lower the drone adjust the camera super cool video feature next area, the next two one down here with the uh p sign and the high five. Those are your video gestures, um, the peace sign. If you tap that one and you give the drone a p sign, it will take your picture high five itll start. Recording next is your waypoint and on this one lets see. If itll do it today, im not going to have any satellite signals yet so i dont know if its going to work, but you can switch it to the satellite view and what you want to do on this. Is you really want to zoom it in as far as you can go and im inside so its really not going to work for me right now, but its like a google maps and zoom it all the way in and then what you can do is you Can tap on it and you can put your points that you want to go with the drone lets see. What am i doing here? All right lets see, so we got what dont want that. So, oh, you know what i think i did duh im not in it.

I actually hit my map instead of it so lets open it again and well see what happens. But again i dont think ill get my satellite because im not inside and it wont. Let me do my points either because you can see invalid coordinates so its not doing it im. I dont have a satellite signal. Yet when you do what you can do on here is you can put a bunch of different points on it wherever you want to go and when you tap go, the drone will actually go to each point in order point one point two point: three and itll Follow it all around just a really cool little thing to do so back out of here. Whoops didnt want to do that. All right! Next are your filters. You can actually do a little filters on the the camera you can do like a. Let me see what i can point out, how about my patch wall so well point it over here and you can see here, you can do a black and white, a sketch mode or like cartoon cartoon is actually pretty cool and then back to your normal, and You can see were still waiting for gps signal im, not sure well find one in the house, but anyway thats. Your bonus feature so really cool this little circle down here on the bottom left that actually shows you, which way your drone is spacing. You can see its turning that arrow.

It shows you which way the head of the drone is facing. Then you have your distance and your height all the way over here to the right. You have your mic now. If you tap this mic its not going to record from the drone theres no mic on the drone, what it actually does is it records from the mic on your cell phone? So, if youre flying around and youre way, far away its just going to record what youre saying and thats pretty much it next, is your album im not sure why they put this on the app its not really wise, to open your album up and watch your Videos or look at your pictures, while your drones in the air its possible to do because remember, hes, gps, so hes just going to hover there and hes going to let you do whatever you want to do until the battery goes so low hes like no screw. It im coming home, but you have your videos and your photos come back out of here this one here, the circle white circle thats your camera. You can see there, it took a picture come on there. It goes now above that a feature im, not a big fan of, because you have to tap it to change it. I like when it has an actual photo and video button on it, but you have to tap on this and it will switch it to video mode and then you can hit it and you can start recording, stop and then well.

Go back here to the album and ill show you theres our photo. We took theres our video we took and you can open them up. You can download them whatever you need to do, and these will go in your phones, uh album as well. So whenever you record um im pretty sure the pictures do the same thing theyll be in your phones. Album under hs fly itll make its own little album and you can go to your photos on your phone and itll. Be there for you already granted. Remember the 2.7 k videos are only on the sd card, so you do need to download them from the drone to your phone to have the 2.7 k easy to do ill. Show you real, quick, you just open up your album. You go to it here and then you can hit the share button and you can share it wherever you want to send it to like your drive, your google drive or whatever, and it will download it in the 2.7 k or you can take the sd card Out pop it in your computer, which is really the quickest way to do it and boom, you have your 2.7 k videos this one here is your gimbal fine tuning. You can adjust the pitch the roll, the tilt all that stuff on your gimbal. This one here is a zoom, its, not technically a digital zoom, its i dont, know what the hell they call this, but its more like your pinch and zoom on your phone.

So when you do zoom it in youre going to lose a lot of quality in your picture in your video, so just keep that in mind all the way to the top right. Here you have your satellite signal strength and then your drones battery level is here as well. Then this little settings wheel is where you open your parameters. Now, as you can see the first time you do this youre going to be in beginner mode guys. So if you, i would suggest staying in beginner mode for the first battery cycle, get it up in the air, get a feel for how everything works, and this just allows the drone not to go too far away from you and too far up. And it keeps your return home height, pretty low um, just something to practice in, but when youre ready to get out of it, you just simply turn it off. Itll, ask you yes or if you want to you, say yeah, then you can take these parameters and you can slide them all the way up. So your distance is 900 meters and i believe thats like 3700 feet. No, that would be wrong. Its like 2700 feet. Yeah somewhere right in there 2700 feet. Whatever i said in the unboxing, i dont remember too many damn drones to remember all their ranges, your flight altitude. Now this one maxes at 120 meters, which is because you cannot legally fly over 400 feet high.

So this maxes you right at about ‘6 ‘7, which is really cool because it keeps you from going over that that legal limit, then bottom one is your return to home height and you can switch this all the way up again to the legal height. I usually keep mine right at about right about 40 meters, so thats right about 120, some odd feet, um, where i fly theres power lines and some trees in the houses – and i just make sure it goes up that high to come home to me and it Misses everything then, over here you have your track. This is really cool feature. So if you go to all flight record right here once you fly it youre going to have all your flight records are going to be here and whats. Really cool is, if you tap on them, it will open up. Another screen and itll have a map of where you flew the drone and you can hit play and it will actually show you your flight route where you went. It has the speed, the height the distance, all that in real time that it recorded from each flight its super cool feature. I love it ill show you maybe later after i get a flight or two in here and how it works, but its really cool you can see here. It keeps your most recent. Your footprint, this is the number of max mileage youve gone on it, your max altitude, you went and the max speed the drone uh went.

Runner thats find your drone. This is a really cool feature too. What this does is you can see here. It opens up a google maps and you can turn it onto satellite view like this. What this will do is this will get you within im, going to be modest and say about three to five meters of where youre. If you lose your drone, you crash it. It hits something on the way home you dont know where it is. You can open the find my drone part of this app and it will show you the last location of the recorded, the last recorded location of your drone, not going to be 100 precise, but it will definitely get you narrowed down to a small search area and More than likely youll be able to find the drone if its in a tree youre going to have to look up, because it wont tell you that, but its a really cool feature on this app. I like that most of them have it anyway. Next is your image control? It tells you youre. In 2k, your video size, your video format, is mp4. Now these little buttons are still here. These three little dots you want to tap on these. This is really cool. So on this one show the route. If you turn that off that thing, i was telling you about on your flight records. It wont, show you where youve flown and all that stuff you have your display prompt messages, thats, the one that tells you youre in gps mode, returning home all that stuff.

She talks you cannot her anyway. I just messed that all up didnt, i thats your, prompts that are on your your app screen. The next one is the voice prompt. This is the one you can turn off. If you dont want to hear her talk to you, you can turn her off these ones up here at the top right, those ones these ones i dont know. However the hell you say it anyway, you can go imperial and this will change. You know imperial metric theres, two different metric ones. You can do there, but im gon na hit imperial and then well go back here and ill show you now down on the lower left here. My distance and my height is actually in feet instead of meters. I love that, because its so hard to convert the meters into feet exactly its like 3.28 times. The meter is feet, but anyway, thats pretty much. The app you guys were set up were good to go. I said that enough with this lets, go get this little dude in the air and check him out and see what he can do were gon na get him up in the air and see what the hs360 can do ill. Just put him up. Show you how he handles go through the speeds and well do a couple of the bonus features. Uh that he does you know whatever they call them. I call them bonus features. I dont know what theyre called but ill show you, the camera and all that good stuff and well check out the return to home and the one key take off so im gon na unlock the motors and ill hit the one key take off on the controller Here we go one key take off.

Oh, that was cool. You could hear the motors winding up for it. That was cool and thats it. He goes up about that high and hell just sit there and now hell wait for you to do whatever youre gon na. Do next, which is really cool all right, so ill, take him out here and well. Do some fly bys of the camera and ill show you the different speeds. Remember it is a two speed, Music Applause. I really like the way he flies. He turns really quick too, which is cool, all right, make sure im in speed one. I am all right, so he does default to speed one which is cool, get him up a little higher and lets see what he does speed. One wow thats a really comfortable speed. You can even see it on the video down there in the lower right hand corner how its nice and smooth it is lets go over here and take a look at the prairie dog and see if we can get him up there. He goes hes running, come down a little bit, whered, he go there. He is and down the hole we went. So you can see just how clear the video is. Look at that little dude down there hes like what the hell is, that all right well bring him over enough playing for that. That was cool, though all right ill set him up again. Let off the joystick hell stay right.

There guys im telling you that personally, a gps drone are the easiest to fly in my opinion than a non gps, drone theyre just so controllable, and they really give you a lot of confidence. Im gon na put them in speed. Two two beeps, and here we go speed two Music and speed. Two is not actually bad either. Look at that video is really smooth. Im gon na turn him this little dude really turns quick too. That is cool and i like the way he levels out. He doesnt stay completely tilted theres a little tilt, but you can see when i take off he tilts down quite a bit, but then he kind of right. There levels himself out that is really cool. All right ill. Take him out here a little bit and were gon na try the return to home make sure it works, which it better or it should im just kidding. It should work all right, so im going to hit the return to home here on the controller lets. Do the controller, so here we go, the controller should continue. There goes it, it will beep now and hell shoot up to the height you have it set, for you can go on the options there. I showed you in the uh when we calibrated it where some of these settings were that the instructions or the manual dont tell you about. I have mine set for 150 feet only because out west there i have some power lines.

I brought another drone out and went to the very top with my camera and then checked the height and theyre about 120 feet. So i made sure i was at least well clear of those when it comes home. So, if im out that way, he doesnt rise up and hit those power lines or run into him on his way back, and here he comes im going to lower the camera and see how close he gets to the landing pad here and from what i can See on my camera here it looks like hes going to be pretty much pretty damn close to it. I dont see it in the screen yet but thats your birds eye view right there of the camera thats. How far down it will tilt and again return to home hes doing it all by himself? He gets as close as he can to the point he took off from and you can see hes going to be pretty far off, but he came back close enough to us that we dont lose the drone and he lands close enough to you where youre getting Your drone back and all that other good stuff, all right so ill, take him off from right there and ill just do the joystick this time and unlock the motor and just push up on your left. Joystick thats it. I really like the sound of the motors. They sound, really powerful im gon na get a little closer, so you can hear them and you can see there im not holding it hes just staying there, not doing anything and youll see ill move him and hes gon na go right back to where he was Really cool Music all right lets lets open up these bonus features and well go through a couple of them: real, quick im going to pace them away from me and im going to do.

Follow me when i do this, he should turn and face me or my cell phone thats. What he actually locks onto is your cell phone all right. So here we go. Oh here he comes hes. Turning, oh, let me get that camera up a little bit. More Applause, all right here we go im going to move and well see him follow me and you can see there im gon na walk the other way. So my cameraman can see me too, but im not doing anything and hes just following right. Along lets. Go back the other way and freak him out, so he did lose me, but you can see hes hes correcting himself and he finds me again very cool. All right well turn that off all right im going to put him up high a little bit higher and were going to go ahead and were going to try this cir point of interest. Its kind of the circle fly and ill back him up a little bit. Bring that camera down just a tad all right here we go now on this circle. I really like it because you can actually adjust your radius, so well put it up just a little bit and im going to confirm it. Oh here he goes, he goes out and hes actually locked onto my camera man, so hes circling him, which is really cool right now and you can adjust your camera up and down while hes doing it, which is real cool too, and i think the radius.

If i saw that right, it goes up to 15 meters, so thats what thats over 30 foot radius, so thats really cool. You could really get some good shots of some big buildings or you know mountains, whatever you wanted to do, but thats really cool its a nice smooth, smooth circle. I like it that is really cool im going to shut him off gps. All right now remember: if your battery gets too low and it starts letting you know its low voltage, he wont do these bonus features so dont think theyre, not working youve got to have pretty much 50 or more of a battery for him to do these so Lets get in here and well: try the waypoints real, quick and see how they work well, open them up. Now you should be able to get satellite on here and for some reason, im not getting it. But im going to zoom in the triangle. Is your drone and im just going to hit a couple points and hope to god he does it. Let me turn him real, quick, make sure i know which way hes facing all right, so hes facing all right. So let me bring this up here, so ill. Bring him out and well go left and right or whatever and well see how he does so well go. One here put one there put one there and then well put one here and then well kind of try to bring him back to close to where we are and were going to hit, go were going to confirm it were going to confirm it and he should Go there he goes and hell go to each point that you have set in order, as you can see hes going to that one Music thats cool.

I should have made him a little bit further apart, but i didnt i couldnt, see the map, so i didnt want him to go run into something, not theres a whole hell of a lot out here he could run into, but there he goes now. Hes gon na come back toward us and its gon na say flight complete and you can get out of there just hit back it closed the app i didnt want to do that, but were back hello there. We are so im going to bring him over here. I havent im not a fan of these gesture things, but were going to try and see if we can get it to work. I dont have record or anything on right now, so well see what he does ill bring him toward me and ill go ahead and do lets. Do the peace sign and see if he takes our picture all right here we go so im going to do a peace sign on him, Music and ill, get a little closer and see if he does it take my picture, damn it all right so that didnt Work so lets see if youll record turn that off now were gon na do record now this one, you should be able to do a high five and it should start recording video. Let me turn him here. A little bit get my cameraman out from behind me and see if that helps i dont know, but see.

If i get closer all right, so i cant get the gestures to work. They do work then the next thing over here we have. I guess we can show you the filters these are. We can just change like cartoon mode, sketch mode, black and white, all that stuff, so really cool, none, Music and thats. What it looks like when you take a picture im actually taking this myself right now. I want to put it up and show you the quality of the picture. Then im going to hit this button here and switch it to video and now hes, going to record and im going to take him up a little bit here and ill show you the quality of the video, so lets just bring him up in the air Music Applause, Music Applause, wow really quiet when he gets up that high there we go and ill show you around. That really is a smooth transition up and down with the camera.