Hs 360.. Now, im not taking a look at this more theres, a sneak peek in the box, so i dont know anything more than you guys at this very point were so this will be more of the unboxing and overview before we get outside for that flight review. So i can already tell theres going to be a case inside here, which of course i did sneak inside since it is cut open here, but not surprisingly theres a case. Um holy stone is pretty much a case with all the you know, decent drones that are above toy grade now and its nice, because you know, as you can, grab it and go so pretty much to be expected from holy stones with the holy stone branding on It you know its a sort of a soft case, its not super hard but itll. You know itll protect the drone and make it easy and portable to carry around so well go ahead and open it up. You got your foam in here as usual to protect everything heres your drone and extra battery and b theres a. I believe this one comes with two batteries, theres also a battery in the drone and your controller, which has a little lcd screen. Here we got our extra accessories and props and instruction manual and stuff in the back, so lets go ahead and take a look at the drone. Of course, it is foldable, so not not surprising that its foldable pretty much almost all of them.

Now they have to be really big if theyre, not foldable, heres our brushless motors and here is that two axis brushless gimbal. So as i mentioned, it looks a lot like the camera that ive seen on the sjrc. A drc also rebrands that and it would, it would make sense because drc are always thrown the same company, so it makes sense that they would be using this on both of their drones, so that doesnt have a gimbal guard. Surprisingly enough on or a gimbal lock. So thats a little odd. I was looking around thinking. Maybe it fell off, but it didnt. So you know its nice to be able to hold this in place, so nothing is damaged but its a pretty low chance, anythings gon na happen to it. So lets go ahead and take a look at the drone by folding out the arm. So you want to fold the rear arms oops. I started to press the power button there. The power button on this is sort of hidden ill. Show you in a minute its kind of cool how they did that so here it is all unlocked and into place again. This is just really feels nice. Now. I would need to weigh this in a moment here, because i think this is going to be over 250 grams, but you know when it gets close to that weight its hard to just tell on your hands. So we need to weigh it to see if its above that all crucial 250 grams, but here is the power butt which i hit with my thumb.

You can see it here, but its just its like below the body like its not actually it doesnt actually move. Youre like pressing in on like a button up underneath the actual body, its kind of cool. I like that, its hidden and its kind of out of the way, and even though i was able to press on it its not something youre going to easily bump and turn the drone on or off and lets see here, sd card slot. Yes, we do and im 99 sure we would have one its right here on the side. It would be horrible if i didnt, because then you have to record everything over wi fi and that pretty much just makes a drone useless at that point, and here is the battery. Well, pull that out in a moment you can see where they may had plans at some point of putting like an optical flow camera down here, but there isnt one its just that you can see where they had a notion where they could and again. This being two axis, you know it is because its got um its got your pitch stabilization and its got your roll stabilization, but it doesnt have any yall. Yall would go this way, so you got your two axis there, and here is that battery. This is a 7.6 volt, so its two cell two thousand milliamp hour, so that probably not gon na may not be easy to read ill.

Try to make sure we focus in there in the video two 7.6 volt means. This is a high voltage. Lipo has a little more power than your standard lipo, and that is good and its going to use a usbc connection here to charge that well take a look at the charging cable in a moment to see how that looks like. So what i think i want to do now is before we get into any of the other stuff. Is lets weigh this, so the easiest way to do that would be to fold these arms back. In that way, it will all fit onto my little scale. Lets get an idea of what this guy weighs. So let me just grab my digital scale. Lets put this guy on here and see what it weighs 277. So we are over the 250 yeah and thats enough that even my scale is off its not going to be off by 27 grams. So, unfortunately, this drone is going to need registration in the united states and its going to fall under a lot more restrictions because it is over 250. You know its difficult its difficult to get these drones down under 250, but uh. You know its unfortunate. They werent able to on this im sure that they tried, but its still pretty lightweight, so lets. Take a look at you know. This is the extra battery. So no reason to look at that. Take a look at the controller and then well take a look at the accessories.

In fact, let me lets do that now to see um, you know what the charging cable and such it may just use a regular uh, usbc, cable and then it just the battery. Probably handles the voltage cut off and stuff, so it doesnt overcharge. So lets see what is inside here. I got it taped up pretty good. You can see. We got our pretty standard phillips screwdriver in here it looks like we just got some cables, so we got some extra props and this looks like this is our usbc cable, so yeah just any usbc. This is nothing special about this, so any usbc cable will work. Then to charge it that means that the battery itself, this battery itself, will handle uh, itll light up and then itll turn off the light or turn to green or something whenever its fully charged. So you dont need a special cable. So if you lose a cable it doesnt matter, you can use a usbc cable, and here is the controller. Now this does take batteries and i dont have any in there right now, so it isnt rechargeable i dont, have to pop it open to see. Maybe lets go ahead and grab the screwdriver and see maybe that way i can just grab a couple batteries off the shelf because of course, like i said i hope, im doing this with you guys, just like youd get it in the mail. So anything i tell you its going by my previous experience, the five plus years of reviewing drones and its going to take four aaa batteries power.

This up – and i think ive got ive – got some aaa batteries around here, but i have to go grab some. So you got your screen here, and this is going to be like your auto takeoff and landing and well take a look at the instruction manual here in just a moment. So i dont tell you anything wrong, but this is, it should mean you should show us. This just got some basic telemetry information on this digital screen, and i think this is going to have a wire in it and it does this antenna here is legitimate. This is real its holding up this wire, so its going to help you know you know, extend your range and distance, but this one right here has nothing in it. So the left antenna is phony, its just for looks, but this one is you make sure you have your right. One up is what im getting at you can see. Weve got our rates here, hi lo our photo video button and this one right here clicks so to see it may be your gimbal tilt, but it doesnt actually turn which is bizarre, so lets take a look at the manual that way. We can also see what app this uses so itll be, of course, instructions in here on how to calibrate the compass because thats something you got to do usually every flight. But you got to do it at least once unless you travel over 100 miles, or so most of these uh cheaper drones force you to do it every single time.

So there is the package contents lets make sure we got this focused in here, and here are those controls. So your power button is right here and it says, of course, a long press to turn it off short press to turn it on and down here. This is your gyro calibration, so when its sitting on level, you can press this that will tell the gyros to calibrate themselves that they, whatever position the drone, is sitting at that time. It thinks thats level so make sure you are really level when you do that. It sets it so like set its like calibrating it out to zero so that it knows thats how thats what level should be for the drone so that doesnt tilt in the air, if it gets the gyros messed up, the drone can actually tilt in the air Thats a short press now, a long press on that same button will go. Take us into the compass calibration, which is the most important calibration again. The gyro is still important, especially the drone tends to tilt or sag on the side and while its flying, you want to make sure you do that. But a long press will take you to the compass calibration and what thatll be is youll. Do something where youll spin the drone level and then nose up or nose down, usually doesnt matter and, of course the arms will be folded out when you do that, some of them have you spin your body in circles, but sometimes it doesnt matter.

You can do it either way, sometimes in the apps ill tell you one and then the instructions will tell you the other and it still works, and over here youve got your short press for your, like, i said your auto takeoff and all landing a long presses. Your emoj emergency stop or your motor kill itll shut off the motors if youre going to crash into something you want to press long press that – and this is your gps switch right here. This will let you switch between long press, gps and short press. As you return to home, okay, so thats interesting short press brings at home long press will, let you go between altitude hold mode and gps mode. So most people will fly this in gps, but if you want to just fly a little sportier and usually are sportier, when you turn off gps, then you can just long press that itll, probably beep and switch you into altitude hold only mode. But your main feature. This is going to be pressing this a short press and its going to return home now short press. If you bump the squeezy youd start sending your drone home so its a little odd thats, a short press, but usually you can cancel that out by just pressing it again and itll. Stop and youll still have some control over the drone with the sticks. Usually at least the yaw control, while its returning home and lets look at the top your tilt trigger right tilt up left tilt down.

So, like i said, even this dial doesnt actually turn you can hear it click that will do your gimbal movement. Its a little odd out of work, okay, but im used most people used to the dial actually moving here and then that lets you actually tilt the gimbal up and down so thats a little unusual see how well that works. Being this is a nice brushless gimbal, but that means that the motors that power, the gimbal, are also brushless powered. Those are more exact, more precise, hopefully, youll have a nice smooth tilt, not one little jerk jerk. Now sometimes you can get a bit of jerkiness, because the wi fi youre using can be a bit um laggy. I guess you could say and it looks like its jerking whenever its just the wi fi feed. So i have to see how that looks, and over here youve got your short press for photo and your long press for video, like i mentioned while ago short press, does your photo so in case you just bump it, it takes a photo and you hold it Down first moment and itll start recording video the app youll connect to will also let you know, youve started, recording it usually starts a red dot and itll start timing, and then this front bumper or a little button if your speed switch is between it looks like It says low and high, so its got two rates, so you can go.

The higher rate should be uh faster, be able to fight wind, usually the yaw speed increases as well, though not always on these, so your lowest rates usually going to be the rate you want to be in when youre filming, just because its going to be a Bit slower and not as jerky – and this is what the screen would look like here, if we had it powered up your gps signal um, if its, if youre in gps mode, i imagine if you go into altitude, hold mode that will disappear, couldnt, say a or Something it probably just would disappear your satellite count. They show this when you hit 18, so it probably has glow and ass russian and us satellites. If you can get that many, your transmission signal meter here, the drone battery and the transmitter battery the so the battery levels for both both oh heres, your gps on and off. So this is just showing your like your signal. I dont know why it says that, but this is showing you here, whether youre on or off so youre in gps or altitude hold mode. I should have looked down and i would have saw that so thats kind of odd that they have both of those and then heres, some telemetry, your distance in meters from home and your altitude or height that you are up in the air. So using these drones and meters is probably going to be set, at least on the controller.

The app will probably tell us as well, and sometimes you can go in if youre united states, many people here want to use imperial so sometimes apps will let you change that, but im certain its going to probably stay the same on your controller, probably in the App too, but it may not what uh throttle mode youre in um for the controller, i believe which most people can be flying mode too, so you dont want to mess with that and your speed, low or high. So you know pretty basic telemetry information here on the controller, how to install the battery and the props in your phone holder, i didnt show you guys that it pulls out in the bottom and thats where your phone goes sideways in there and lets see. If we can find the information on the app before we move on out to the flight review, which of course, ive not reviewed uh – actually done that yet they mentioned charging here, do they give any kind of estimated time i dont right here. Charging time is about six hours. These can take a long time whenever theyre fully depleted these, hopefully storage voltage, which will be more like fifty percent, so it may not take as long the first time. But if you run this all the way down, yeah its going to take a while, unfortunately, so thats thats unfortunate so make sure youre using like a 2.1 amp or a good uh higher amp usb source.

And here is the app download for ios and android, and its called the hs for holy stone. Hs fly so ill. Get that app here on my phone and ill put a screenshot over here on the side of the video. Let you guys see what that app looks like. Let me tell you how to connect to the wi fi on your phone and then open it to the app and then pairing everything and, of course, youll get. The feed of the video from the camera tells you how to calibrate the compass with that long press, and then you do these spins level and spin upright and that the light combinations will change ill. Show you all that guys when we actually do the actual flight review here, that compass cal excuse me gyro calibration how to start and stop the motors manually both sticks down and in and that auto takeoff and usually you have to start the props and then press That button, though some drones, you just press it and they will fire up the props as well. Speed switch all the stuff we pretty much already talked about, so it does have a low voltage return to home and it, of course have if you lose signal its going to return to home. So if you lose the controller, its going to automatically fly back, the battery is low, its going to automatically fly back and if you press return, the home button, its going to automatically fly back and land itself and then some app features.

You know youre going to have your um, your tracking, you know, following the person well have to see, does it have yeah its got locked follow me and its got. Follow me mode, so locked follow me is always oriented towards a falling target. The position the drone remains unchanged, so its just going to be like sitting on a tripod and just going to yaw and follow you thats all locked means following mode is where its going to use the gps in your phone to actually follow you as you walk When youre connected to it so locked is a is more like a dynamic tracking but its pretty basic, because the drone doesnt actually move and fly, because it requires a lot of processing power and its a lot harder to do. On these. Cheaper drones, some hand, gestures and stuff. You can use a waypoint looks like you have some gimbal control within the app and all that good stuff and some zoom theres beginner mode. We always want to make sure you turn it off when you start flying, because, if youre, not, if youre, not youre new to the hobby, you want to turn that off youre going to be capped on your distance in your altitude, while youre flying thats going to Make it a lot less fun and again follow me waypoints. It gets really in depth with all the stuff point of instrument interest. Is your circle me mode youre, gon na circle around an object? If you want to film lets see, does it mention like the frames per second im, hoping this will do 30.

? It mentions in here you do um. Your photos are 2560 by 1440 on the on your sd card, but on your mobile phone theyre upscaled to 4k thats odd, so your phone is doing the upscaling from the 1440 quality, which is still fine. Video resolution on your sd card is that same 2.5, k or 1440p to your phone itll, save it as 1080p. So its not upscaling the video on your with to your phone, but the video and photos you want to save is to the tf card and the 1440p uh video ought to be pretty decent and im, hoping that itll be 30 frames. A second. It says the live view is 30 thats going to be the frames per second inside the app, but that doesnt necessarily mean its going to be that way on the sd card, but my guess is: it will be 25 to 30.. You really want 30 25. You can live with anything on 25 forget about it, its going to be garbage Applause. All right guys. I think we covered everything. Weve really rambled on here were over 20 minutes now on this table review, i apologize but theres quite a bit to cover when you get to these gps drones.