This is the hs360 and whats unique about this drone. Is it has a two axis stabilized gimbal on it, which is unique to holy stone? As far as i know, im unaware of holy stone having a gimbal on any of their drones? They usually have either no stabilization or they have eis, which stands for electronic image. Stabilization now, this drone does also advertise that it has eis as well, but again it has a two axis gimbal, which they mentioned right over here, and you can see it right here on the box, which is pretty plain it doesnt have a you know its just A plain kind of cardboard box that they uh put this in, but this is brushless its gps and it has a two axis gimbal. That combination has promise, because so much these drones from amazon, they skimp somewhere and a lot of times, theyre just not worth the money when you can get like a dji mini or sc, or a mini 2 or even original money, like i got back here, are Always going to be better now, this drone is probably not going to be as good as those, but for the price, this one could be a pretty good deal because it looks like the gimbal reminds me of like oh, the sjrc f11, those type gimbals and those Gimbals are really good, so im hoping that this one is really good. Well have to just see how it performs how the gimbal is how the camera is, because this could be a heck of a deal, because i think this is around 250 at a time with some coupons, which they always give me coupons on these, which would make This a really competitive drone in the low end of cost or the low cost market, because theres just not much on the lower end.

They can do aerial photography and video really well and stabilize under 300. So im excited to try this one out and im, hoping that it will meet our expectations, but we wont know until we get out there and test it so lets go ahead and move along to the flight review so stay tuned. For that guys well be right! Back Music: hey guys, welcome back to the channel, well im, pretty excited im going to be able to take the holy stone, hs 360. out for a test flight. Today. This is a 2.5 k. Uh video at 30 frames per second, a two axis: gimbal brushless, gps. Drone and im pretty excited because i think this could be a pretty darn good drone around that 200 price point. In fact, it could be maybe the best option out there at that price point if it performs as im hoping it does, because that gimbal looks nice. It looks a lot like the sjrc f11 pro gimbal and i know from the drc version of that drone. I flew that they had a really good, gimbal, so im hoping that it does perform just like that. One so lets get it up in the air and lets see how this guy flies. I got a 32 gig s. Micro sd card here, itll, take up to 128 gig, so well need to get it connected to the controller and the wi fi, which is 5g to your phone and the app and then, when you do a compass calibration and a gyro calibration.

Now the controller takes your phone down on the bottom and with my phone and most phones having buttons on the side, this is causing some problems so, depending how you mount it, you may start getting buttons popped. I get volume control and wanting to turn off my phone thats really annoying. So i got my phone a little off center, but it seems to be okay here at the moment. So the first thing lets do lets power up the drone and then get connected to the wi fi and the app. So you have this recessed power button. You got to hold down here for a moment and at that point the drones turned on. Then you want to power up the controller by pressing this in and i dont think you need to do anything with the stick and it says, were connected here and you can see its already getting gps satellites because i just had this turned on a moment ago. So that tells us we have at least 10 satellites and we have a gps lock. Now these antennas are a little goofy. This one goes back, but then this one wants to go forward, but thats, okay, it just you cant tilt them in this exact same direction. It only goes that far so all right. What im going to do now is im going to go start a lets actually go in and connect to the wi fi first and then well start a screen recording on this guy, so lets go into our settings.

Actually lets lets start screen. Recording that way you guys can see you do that so go ahead and start that and now we should have a screen recording going now lets go into the settings into the network and the internet, and it should come up here in a moment and show us That holy stone and it is holy stone fpv with some numbers after it now ive done this before so you may have to the first time on android. Tell it youre, okay, that you dont have any internet access so now were connected and lets go into the app and the app for this guy is the hs fly so ill. Put that screenshot up here and lets see it will rotate good and now were going to go into the controls, and now we are into the app and you can see weve got an fpv feed going so before we do the compass calibration. You might need to do like a format of the car which ive already done up here in the gear icon. If i can get my finger to tap it, you want to turn off beginner mode. You got track its been difficult for me to tap these because the way it sits up recess in the controller thats, your like flight logs, you can go to image and do some adjustments. There, 2k youre stuck with your video format. You can do tap image adjustment and do some adjusting the brightness and stuff, and these three dots gives you the ability to switch between meters per second kilometers per hour, an inch from our miles per hour, which is imperial, and you can turn on and off.

A few other things so lets go ahead and go back out of that over here, youve got your uh like intelligent flight features, which will try to test some of that. If we have enough battery power, so lets go ahead and do the compass calibration thats going to be a long press on this button right here and that should enter us in and now it brings it up on the app which is nice. So the first thing were going to do is a horizontal and hopefully itll beep at us, or the lights will change there. We go and now well just go well, go nose up, usually doesnt matter, and that means were done. These drones have gotten really good at these compass calibrations years ago. They used to be a real pain in the butt to do and then a short press will do a gyro calibration. Let me make sure i stand back here enough. I want to reposition the drone, so were going to fly off this way, its very gloomy today and wet so i cant fly in the backyard like normal because of mud. A short press should do a gyro calibration its not telling us anything, but i should be setting the drone for level another thing you can see inside the app here. If you press this little icon here, you can actually do a gimbal calibration and you can adjust the roll and pitch or reset the factory settings for the gimbal, and you can also tilt it here.

You see thats pretty smooth, so we may. If we need to do any adjustments in the future. We can do some manual adjustments, but i already did a gimbal calibration inside on my basement floor and the concrete, so it should be calibrated correctly but again its possible. There could be a bit of a tilt that you might need to manually, adjust all right. So what were going to do now is just start, recording some video to the sd card and then well take it up in the air now and see how it flies. So, a long press on the photo video button here in the back well start recording video. Then you want to unlock the props, and then we can do an auto uh take off so lets go ahead and i think its both sticks down and in and then our auto takeoffs right here lets just see how it flies we get any toilet bowling. It sort of looks like it might be doing that so lets see yeah. What that means. Is we didnt get a good compass calibration yeah, so lets go ahead and just do a lets just go ahead and land it that can happen were in the grass here. Thats going to be a problem because i didnt do obviously a return to home, so lets go ahead and do another compass calibration and maybe stand away. It could have been some metal or something here that was interfering with it.

So lets go ahead and stop recording the video there we go now. It stopped all right lets, go ahead and try that again. So that was a long press and that enters us in and lets just go stand over here and away and try it again and see if we get a better one did have one person comment on unboxing lets go ahead and try well try nose down that Theirs was all over the place, and so i hope thats not the case with this drone because it really looked like it was toilet bowling in there, which would be very unfortunate. So i did post an unboxing of this. If you guys, i want to see everything that came with it. I didnt mention that yet and you want to see you know the packaging and all the accessories and check back to the previous video. Probably the most recent video before this on my channel so lets go ahead and start recording video again now recording and lets go ahead and unlock the props and lets try the auto take off again: Music Applause. Okay, that going to be premature. That seems much better see how its not doing the big circles. Let me hop a little bit, but some of that just has to do with the ground and the barometer thats much much better. All right lets just see how this guy flies. We are on the lowest rate, lets see how that gimbal looks just doing thats a pretty quick yaw im going to try to slow it down, because i am in the lowest rate lets see.

Do we have a level horizon too again? The nice thing is even if we would have a bit of a tilt if its, if its, if it would be a consistent tilt, always the same direction or something we can manually, adjust that, and that looks pretty good. There might be a slight, but then again we dont know how much of that could be natural tilt about to see as we fly this guy so thats, the lowest rate. Now you can go up in the highest rate here and itll. Show you on the controller as well, when you press that and thats going to be sportier sportier. If i could spit it out, the yaw looks to be pretty quick, no matter what, but you can also slow it down its proportional to how hard you press the yaw. But there is a little wind today, so im just going to put in the highest rate to be safe, im going to slide out here over the field yeah. It looks pretty darn good to me again at this price point you, you were not expecting to get mavic mini quality, consider its about half the price and lets just go ahead and take it out here again now i am but beginner mode and all thats turned Off and im still well with the minus that i can see him right out. There lets tilt the gimbal. Now it has a kind of a weird click wheel, but you can see it its pretty smooth lets.

Just take it out here a little im going to tilt the gimbal up a little bit more, so we are out about. Hopefully my switch is imperial, so that should be 700 and some feet starting to get some some intermittent freezing in the video being. This is wi fi based thats, not entirely unexpected. I can see a little tilt to the gimbal in the background, but its not there. You can see it right there and hopefully thatll level out these gimbals thats. You know thats not completely unexpected as long as it quickly fixes itself, so i can still see a bit, and sometimes you move these. You know you know, itll adjust itself lets go ahead and do a return to home. I believe that was this button here. We can do it in the app if thats, not it – i mean you know that might have been the gps. The gps button on it. Um lets go ahead and just do it here in the uh in the app and slide it over and now. Well, do return to home. I got the instruction manual in my in my pocket, so just trying to remember what the gps returned to home was on the controller, but you can do it in the app there, just press that icon and then slide that little lever. Little slider over, i think i got it set to like 40. I think it was meters, 40 meters or something like that.

Up first return to home height, so right now were seeing the neighbor playing basketball there. I tilt the gimbal down and it should be popping in right now. There i am outside of my house, and here is the drone, so well just watch it to make sure that we dont obviously try to come down on my roof or anything. But hopefully that wont be the case now i dont want to step too far back here, ill be into the neighbors yard and some mud, but well see how it does. It looks to me like its gon na you know its it overshot it a little bit, but that can be a bit of an illusion. We move over here its hard to gauge that when youre looking straight up here, it comes down the controller. Beep is a bit annoying, but a lot of these drones do that so that they, you know, you know you know youre in gps or im gon na put the gimbal. It goes down about 80 degrees. As you can see, it doesnt go straight all the way. 90 degrees down it only goes 80., so its gon na be off a little bit but again without any kind of precision landing. Im gon na put the camera back up, thats, not too bad. I mean thats sort of within the acceptable range on these. If youre expecting the drone to come back and land on the on the your launch pad every time on this particular drone, then thats unrealistic.

Now it may do it sometimes, but you need a drone. Thats got sort of some sort of precision landing where its got either a downward facing camera, or it tells you to point your gimbal straight down and it recognizes, like the femis, may recognize the circular helipad, and then it tries to find it as you look down. Other drones, like the djis and all tells use their downward facing optical camera with the optical flow camera to spot uh to recognize the patterns, and it recognizes where it took off and its able to analyze that and use that for accuracy. So just keep that in mind so were still recording. Video lets just go ahead and take it up now and uh try to test out some more im just going to manually take off so this drone does not have optical flow, but you know that doesnt usually do a whole lot on these drones. The higher end drones, maybe that assists the gps, but on these lower cost drones they tend to only work on optical flow. When the gps is either turned off or it would happen if some reason loses gps lock. So overall the gimbal is pretty good, like i do think i see a bit of tilt but keep in mind that if that tilt is consistent, i can i can adjust that manually back here again. If you happen to skip through the video, you can adjust it there, but it looks like that needs to be done while its on the ground, you cant, do it in mid flight so and that doesnt see that now it looks like lets.

Look back this way and see see that looks pretty good now, so be careful with that. Adjusting if its something that the gimbal fixes on its own then keep that in mind, because if you adjust it permanently and it doesnt always do that youre just going to end up with a permanent tilt to whatever degree you adjusted it. But it seems to work pretty darn good. I dont recall having any tilts in the the drcd22 and this one. I do see it at times, but i dont see i didnt notice any severe tilt like you even sometimes get on the phoenix all right lets see. If we can do just a little bit of other testing here, im gon na bring it down. I dont know how much battery we have um. It shows three out of four bars. Still on the controller, i was trying to look on the app so lets see here. If we can do, i dont have a whole lot of room and i got a lot of people around and i dont want to get in anybodys way. Oh, it is a little bit skittish at times you guys notice that there it. I almost thought i was going to hit the house, but it didnt do it so just test it here, a little bit more and see if it how it does yeah. I just its just a little bit like it drifts for a moment until it finds this position so its not like the most rock steady drone, but were not getting any toilet bowling.

And maybe again i forget who that was. You mentioned that on my channel um gosh with the tampa drone live. I cant remember um. That said that they had this issue a little bit, and maybe this is what theyre talking about. If you float, if you fly dji drones or something then youre going to be um, youre, not youre, going to not youll be used to that, because theyre so rock steady. But then again even your cheapest, dji drone still probably 100 more than this lets just see. If we can do, i want to do a manual droning, but first lets just try to do. One of the smart features lets go im not going to mess with that that image tracking, because ive seen it in other apps, you got ta stay really close and it sort of just it just yawls and follows you its sort of not really very good. All right, this is the gps tracking lets see if it works here i may be a little bit too close. Will it back up its going to follow the gps in my phone, so it is yeah its yawling and then, as i get a little waze, it should start to move so right now its working exactly as you want make sure no cars are coming again. I cant really do this. What i normally do because of the mud so lets see, does it move with me and it looks like it is its doing a little bit of rocking because im not walking fast thats, not uncommon, but its not severe, and i dont the gimbal as a gimbal Works well like this one.

Is i tilt it down some that can over you know, thatll make the rocking not really noticeable all right that works, so lets go ahead and just click that again and click on it and well stop that lets. Try um lets, take it a little higher lets see if we can do us. A circle me somewhere right out in here lets go back across the street overall. This is working pretty solid, um dont have any like gigantic complaints. So far, just the fact that the drone is a little bit, you know not super stable, as you can see there, it moves around a little bit, especially when you first let off the sticks and then it settles down, and sometimes i sit like i said i Saw a little bit of tilt in the gimbal lets go in here and try the circle and lets see the radius you can set lets set it up a little higher its set at five meters. Thats, pretty small lets go to like around 15 and slide it and lets see what it does here. What the heck is it doing there? It goes that made me nervous for a moment. It really shot off and took off its doing it and there it goes im going to go up in altitude. I dont want to bump into you know, bang into someones house, so that must be 15 meter radius, not diameter, because thats way more than 15 meters.

I think lets see there. It goes so its working, especially once it gets going, and i think it did say radius when we started that in the app so thats actually going yeah. But look at that. It looks like its not as far as it first started, but once it gets settled in thats, pretty good just being mindful when it first takes off boy, it zipped over there and and got itself set up, but once it settled in lets tilt it down at Me i dont know if i saw a little gimbal shake there or not. If i did thatd be the first time that ive seen any so thats the neighbors drive what were seeing right there because im, i got. I kind of set it right over here. All right lets go ahead and stop that that actually seemed to work pretty good. I dont know what else is in here. On these modes some hand filming looks like, and some route planning are waypoints. I dont usually mess with that. Excuse me, especially here, where im having to fly today its just not not ideal, not enough room. Well, hes still got half a battery, so i got ta say pretty decent flight time. Ive had some of these, where im flying these, and i just cant even complete the test on one battery because they run out, especially the really big drones, lets just kind of rock that, so how marcus does it in his? Where you kind of you know you rock the drone some and see how that gimbal works, ive got lets, put the gimbal up a little bit because im sort of cut off lets, just rock that and we are still in highest rate again.

I know i wasnt. Looking the whole time, so i have to see how that works and lets just try to do like a manual. Dronie were just going to do. Both sticks, um, backing up and see how it works. Im, not the greatest. At this. You know some of the drones have a droney mode which just work awesome lets just go ahead and do it kind of going off at a at an angle. There, okay were getting some beep in there and that probably is telling us we got some low battering. Yeah its wanting to come back now, its maybe wanting to land. Now the battery meter says i dont know they were not over the helipad right where i took off so anyway that worked pretty decent, so lets go ahead and bring it down. It may be just giving us a warning that its within the you know under 40 percent or 30., and what that does is it may be, limiting us on how far we can fly and thats why it brought it back, but it didnt actually land. So but man, i tell you what, when youre filming a video, that beacon is very annoying. Overall i mean i, you know youre going to have some lag in the wi fi. So whenever you adjust yall, you may over yaw a bit, but the the lag is not like bad. Like you see in some of the toys its about what you expect uh, you have to go with some better technology like dj and ill.

Tell you use if youre gon na get less latency than that so yeah overall, for this price, i mean, unless i see something goofy in the video that im not seeing here id say this probably is a pretty darn good deal. As far as i know, this is the only gimbal drone that holy stone makes, and maybe one of the very very few at this price point eachine ex 4 theres a few of this price range. But i think this one looks better than the eachine ex4, the ex4 camera i dont had some blue hue to it and it only shot at 25 frames per second. This is a higher resolution at 30. and i think the gimbal had a little shake. I didnt notice much shake in this, so this might be about the best gimbal drone you can get at this price point now. If you want to go up 100 bucks to a mavic mini sd, youre, obviously going to get a better drone, better range and a better gimbal. But if youre just like at 200 bucks and you thats, all you can afford – or you just want to see. If you like a drone, i think this ones, probably a pretty solid choice, not perfect lets just go ahead and bring it over here. Im gon na its always good. When you see it it kind of when youre yelling, it sends a sort of like drift and a lot of them do that when youre starting out, if youre a beginner, its always good, to put the butt of the drone facing you.

That way, your orientation is correct and you wont accidentally get your controls reversed. He ease it down, well see if we can just land this manually in a helipad, because with it being so uh its not raised off the ground much it hits the grass pretty easy there. We go thats exactly what we want and it fired the motors down. Lets do a long press and stop recording and the controllers still going to be about us, even though its good, even though weve landed, which is annoying, but they almost all do that all right guys. I think i got the gist of it in and most of the important features tested there for the holy stone, hs 360. im going to go ahead and power this off as i wrap it up, because the beeping controller is just gon na drive us mad thats. Just super annoying again, so many of them do that and i dont know why they dont stop it beeping, once youve landed alright, guys that wraps up the review of the holy stone. Hs 360.. I believe i have a coupon to that. Its like a five percent off or something ill include that in the video description, along with a link to amazon, if you choose to buy this drone or anything from my channel, keep in mind youre, not im, not making a bunch of money, it does help support The channel very tiny commission, but youre not paying any more youre, usually paying less, because i usually get coupons from the manufacturer that you wont be able to find if you go anywhere else and aside from the clippable coupons on amazons website.

So usually i have both you clip the coupon, and then you have another code that sometimes can be substantial that you wont find anywhere else. So if youre interested in this checked video description, i also try to include a pinned comment with the link too, to make it easier to find if youre new to the channel consider subscribing. I really appreciate you know what 12 000 subscribers now i cant. I never imagined i could get to that um, while youre at it click that bell. That way.