It is the holy stone, hs 340 drone, which is kind of that like right. At the top edge of toy drone and right at the beginning of of a beginner drone like for adults and stuff, so i think in this video what well do is well take it out. Well fly it first, so you can see what that looks like then. I will give you my doug score from one to five and let you know if i like it or if its a piece of junk, oh and also you need to know that this was provided for me to do this review. But with absolutely no rules. And i have said things and pieces of junk before and ive said things are awesome, so um i will give you my honest review. My opinion is my own and then i will come back. I will unbox it. I will show you everything in detail. Well, talk about the features and attributes of it so that you know what youre looking at, if youre thinking about getting this all right lets, take it out and fly so: Music, Music, Music, Music. I actually ended up putting the blade guards on it because i didnt want to break it, and i felt like i didnt have enough control of it for shooting in like the garage here anyway, anyway crash it lots of times nothing ever bothered it just clicked. It went right back up, it was awesome.

Okay, so here we have, you can see in camera a little bit. I am shooting this both on my gopro as well as on the drone, and this drone is super cool. I have to give this thing a full five out of five on the doug score, almost knocked it down to a four out of five, because i had very hard time like centering it in the wind, but when i took it inside it was super easy to Get it centered and get it to and get it to hover smoothly, so a little bit of a message there, not that somebody would think this would be not that did a bug just fly my mouth, not that somebody would think this is a great drone to Use outside on a windy day, but i will confirm it is not, but inside or on a calm day, this thing is a ton of fun. I have to recommend it. The software work great. The drone work great super easy to work with. I think its exactly what its supposed to be like an advanced for a kid or a beginner, first drone to kind of play with a little bit and get used to it. Awesome very cool. All right you saw it fly. We talked about what i thought about it now lets open it up and talk about the details of what the features of this are. So a couple things you should know that are basic important things.

It is. It is a 2.4 gigahertz drone which should give you really nice communication for the fpv between it and the cell phone so always inside it comes with the owners manual instructions. Please read these theyre always a little subtly different, and it makes a big difference if youre struggling with something or just plain old, having a good time right out of the box, seems to want us to start with the controller so lets start there. Okay, it is a very basic controller. You can see this here has the normal functions it has so you could toggle between video and photographs. It is a 720p hd camera. It has the stabilization there. It has the flip button. How fun is that for me this? I think is about the largest drone that ive seen that does a flip and i think thats super cool. It has your choice between high and low speeds lets see what we need to power it just so. You know this. One takes three triple a batteries which holy stone should include with the kit just cheap set, so you could just put it all together and throw it up in the air and go. I think that would be fun lets see whats in the parts bag. So in the parts bag we have two wires for the two batteries which again, i think this should be the plug in part also but thats, just my own little pet peeve.

There we have some teeny little screws in case you have to replace the blades and there is a full set of blades. There is also a screwdriver to facilitate that, because you need a very small screwdriver to do that, which i think thats all really nice. You basically have everything you need here to enjoy the drone and even have a couple little problems with it and still enjoy the drone. Okay, so lets go real quick. We have two batteries fully enclosed, which is nice. All you do. Is you plug them into the usb to charge them here? Is an adapter for the fpv for your phone, which goes on the radio, and here is the drone itself? Oh man is that cool? I love that. I think this is a cool looking drone. I think the features are amazing with it lets just go over some of those again. It has voice control, you could say, take off or landing and ill do that has throw in the air and itll take off and fly it. Obviously, just flips as we discussed it, does 360s all kinds of follow me mode. All kinds of cool, big drone features in this little drone. I think thats so cool, and the last thing i want to tell you is: you: do have the option of putting blade guards on it so that if you want to fly it inside, so, if you want to fly inside and things dont go perfect, you wont Chew up the wall and get in trouble with mom um.

In any case, i think this things really cool.