So this is what we got. Obviously, your drone clip mount for your cell phone because again there is a camera on this two batteries, which you also get two chargers in here: spare set of propellers and a screwdriver, the controller very game stylish down there, one key takeoff and landing photo video button Up there, you also have high and low speed rates, and your flip button up there. Power button is in the middle let’s, go ahead and take a look at the drone. All right so here’s a front, look at it that blue glare, the double blue glare, is actually a lens over the camera. So this is not just a single pinhole camera, so hopefully that’ll offer decent footage. If you see in here see that metal, canister, that’s shining, bling bling, that goes up to a gear that goes over to the gear on the bottom of the shaft of the propeller, this is geared to gear. You are also going to have a power button right. There, obviously, that is where the battery slides in and if you can see the contacts there so you’re gon na want the female part of the battery facing upwards to meet those contacts underneath it doesn’t look like anything super special that we need to pay attention to. Obviously, the operating voltage is going to be 3.7 volts, as that says, and uh model number hs, 340. let’s just go ahead and take a look at the battery, see what type of milliamp an hour we’re looking at and uh bamzo.

The camera is looking good for super small, so the batteries are labeled pretty. Clearly, you can see voltage 3.7 volts right underneath that you can see 500 milliamp an hour and you can see energy 1.85 watt hours, which uh, i think, that’s. What that stands for i’ve. Actually, never seen energy on one of these batteries. What i was referring to to the female pins on here, so you’re going to want to slide that in upwards, so those are facing up to meet those content, and this is going to be using an app. You have ios and android that you’ll be able to scan there, and these are basic instructions that you’re going to need to connect to the app that’s. The only way you are going to be able to see the drone’s camera, i did not see an sd card on this, and this is basic operating uh instructions. Obviously turn the drone on uh make sure it’s on a flat level. Surface turn your controller on throttle up and down bam typical stuff stuff we’ve been doing for you, we’re, going to show you two more pages here before we end this video i’m, actually pretty impressed by the specifications that they give to you. They give you the exact weight, they give you the motor size, which is awesome if a motor goes out half the time we don’t know what type of motor it is. Uh drone battery, transmitters operating off 2.

4 gigahertz, they are saying it will uh. It will fly 131 feet, which is 40 meters um outdoors and un, unobstructed uh operating temperature between 32 degrees and 104 degrees, fahrenheit and battery type aaa’s for the rc controller. We’Re going to show you one more page and that’s going to be the end of this i’m, really impressed by this i’m. Just here, let’s go ahead and just flip flip, the page here we go here. We go so most. These toy grades never show you any type of specifications on the camera. This one does clearly it’s operating off 2.4 gigahertz because it’s going to be wi fi. The lens is 75 degree. Camera photo resolution 1280 by 720p video resolution 1280 by 720p and again 98 feet. 30 meters is what they’re saying a live view: quality 25 frames per second uh it’s, going to save in jpeg um. As far as the photos go, videos are going to be avi or mp4 operating temperature, again 32 to 104 degrees, fahrenheit and dude. They even got specs on the charging cable. The voltage is going to be 5 volts rated power um, i believe that’s 10 w. I don’t know what that is. I don’t think that would be 10 watts, but all right guys, quick, look at this. If you don’t subscribe, please do check in on the next video we might have codes for this.