Welcome my friends i’m going to get a bit closer to this camera. Now, today, we’re going to do a review on the holy stone hs340. You see that yeah, oh yeah, baby, look at his bum stop looking at his bum you so today, we’re going to be looking at a review on this little bad boy. Now this is by holy stone, it’s a hs340 that’s. The model number they make no difference on the model numbers do they, but it is an indoor drone. Primarily it weighs about 50 grams. So i wouldn’t fly outdoors except on a particularly calm day like in the eye of a tornado. But apart from that, yes, an indoor drone, now we’re going to look at what’s in the box, see what you get your bang for your book and also the specs and also the features of this particular drone and also a test flight at the end and a Review as well my final thoughts for whatever that’s worth. Okay, there is a link in the description below so go and check that out. It says an affiliation link. It is an affiliation link. It is an affiliation link. Okay, uh i’d make a few pennies to go and feed the poor kitten willow because she damages all the curtains. So i might need to buy some more curtains uh for uh well for the house, if that’s, okay with you guys. So if you do go and buy something you click on the link, then i get a really small kind of a bit of commission i’ll fit like a few pennies and that and that’s literally what it is.

So it all goes in a big pot to help build the channel, buy new curtains and probably get a new cat at this rate. Okay, so yeah so go and check that out there will be a discount code in below as well. I think it’s like 10 or so go and check it out and see what benefits you, okay and, if not don’t worry about it. I appreciate your support anyway by just watching this video. So if you are new to the video, please subscribe if he’s there or it’s there, wherever it is subscribe and like and comment down below and let’s get on with the review, as you might have seen there going in that kind of direction was a new addition To the family, willow she’s a little female kitten and she’s a bit of a beggar at times, so yeah, okay. So this is the holy stone hs340, as it says here, and this is the drone. So let me just show you here nice little drone with a camera on the front. Okay, we’ll have a look at the camera specs in a little while let’s put that there. So what do you get in the box so to go on the drone to make it safe? We get these little propeller guards here, okay and they push on which i’ll show you just now actually and get that done so we’re going to show you. So these go on just like this.

They just literally just pop onto these little kind of two holes here, as you can probably see, and they will go on all the way around all four so i’m, just going to speed this up and show you, okay, as you might might have, saw there another Appearance by willow, so thank you for that uh yeah, so those are the pillars are relatively quite easy to put on, but not when you’re filming it seems. Okay, you also get a little screwdriver, oh yeah, and with this screwdriver you can put on any one of these four propeller spare propellers. Here you get two a’s and two bees, so these would be the a’s and these would be the bees and you use your screwdriver to take them off they’re i’m, just losing stuff here because of the cats uh. You take them off little screw here and then pop the new one on i’ll pick that up in a little while in fact, i’ll do it right now, Music. So what else do we get in the box? We get some spare screws, just in case you uh. I think you get four spare screws for your propellers. You get two usb to micro. Usb charging cables separate cables there, so you can charge both batteries up. At the same time, and yes, you guessed it, you get two batteries as well, and these are lipo batteries. They are 3.7 volts. I think you can probably just see on the light there and they are 500 milliamps per hour now they do take around 60 minutes to charge and they have a flight time of around 11 minutes, ideally but you’re – probably going to get around the 10 minute mark.

So not bad at all and to put those in you just literally turn it so that the knob jewels on the top and the sticker put it in the rear of the drone and then push it in and until it clicks. Okay so put that there. So what else do you get? You get your phone holder, because there is an app that you can download with this, which i’ll speak about a bit more in a moment, and that goes on to here and just clicks in there. And then you can put your phone in and adjust the angle. Should you wish to as well, and you do get a little dust cover for when you take that off. However, it is quite difficult to get on and off and that just pops into where that would go, but i found that a little bit difficult enough to get a screwdriver for mine. Okay, and here we have some kind of soft landing pads. However, i didn’t feel the need to use these, as this comes with these, which are actually pretty decent as well and they’re, actually quite soft, so i don’t really see the point of having those on there. Okay and then finally, you’ve got your transmitter. Now the transmitter comes in mode two, which means this is your throttle, so up down, spin left and right or your left and right – and this is your pitch forward – back roll to the left and roll to the right.

If you do want to put it in mode one, if you’re left handed or just difficult, you can press and hold the top left button here and then turn on the controller, and it will go into mode one where these two will basically be be swapped over. Okay, you have your power button here, you press it to turn it on and it will flash until you pair and then you can press it again to turn off. You have your start up and take off now. It looks like if you look on the button here. It looks like you can take off as well, but when you press it it will spin up and start up and when you press it, you can land in a safe area. If you so wish. Okay, you also have your top left button here now. This is for your speed and also for spin feature, so you got three speeds, one two and three one being the lowest and three being the highest. If you press it once you’ll get one two or three beeps which will indicate to what level of speed you’re on. If you press it again, you’ll go up a speed or, if you’re already at speed, free you’ll go down to speed one okay, uh speed, one to two would probably be more than adequate for indoors and maybe speed three on a non windy day outdoors. If you press and hold the same button, you will do a kind of high velocity spin, where it just spins around really really really quick, which is really really fun, and you can control that by going up and down i’ll show you in a moment as well On a video when i try it out uh, you can go up and down with that, but you can’t go left or right.

If you do move the right stick to go forward backwards, left or right, it will cancel the spin feature on the top right button. Here you can see you got flipping circle, which is exactly what it does. If you press it once it does these 3d flips it’ll beep a few times, and you can move it forwards, backwards, left or right, and it will do a flip in that particular direction. If you press and hold this button here, you get this kind of orbital or circular mode, which is around a 10 foot, radius, i’d, say or diameter rather give or take it just kind of drift. So you have to make sure you’ve got a big enough room. So maybe outdoors or in a big room for that one, my favorites, though, are the spinny mode and also the 3d flips a nice bit of fun. You also do have a trim feature. Should you need it? You have to bear in mind with these that, if you’re flying low to the ground you’re going to get some kind of down draft anyway and it’s going to drift uh, if you do want to trim it for whatever reason, then, if you, when you’ve got it Powered on and you’re paired up, if you just press and hold this button here, they take off landing in the startup button. And then you move your right. Stick forwards backwards, left or right, it will beep and you will adjust it one bit at a time.

You can probably hear my little kitten here, meowing and so do that until you’re happy and then just release the button. Okay, i think she might make an appearance in a moment. So just say hello: she does there. We go little pause. Okay, he does also have a photo mode as well, which obviously you need to download the app which is in the manual via a qr code, and you can take photos and videos. We via that app which you’ve kept it to the wi fi. And you can press it once to take a photo and you can press and hold it to hello. You can press and hold it to take video. The video is actually in 720p and some of the photos in hd and the quality is actually not too bad. For the price point, and finally, you have a headless mode where normally this button would be headless mode uh, but it’s not um. This button here. Well, this this kind of gimbal here, actually, if you press it, you get it’s a button as well a bit like one of the xbox controllers. Okay, you finished their cat. Thank you. Stick your bum in my face. Thank you. If you basically press and hold that you’ll get like a beep or a flash on the drone and you’ll enter headless mode, which, for your noobs out, there will help you with orientation. So if you put the camera and the front of the drum where the h is away from you and you’re in flight or before you fly and you press that you will go into headless mode and no matter how much you turn the drone, then forward will Always be forward, regardless of whatever way, you’re doing it uh rather than facing you not being the headless mode, and then you press forward and it flies towards you as well all the cat okay.

So that is what you get in the box. A few. A quick look at some of the features that you get as well. Let me just get my little notes here. You do get altitude hold which actually does well it does it pretty well actually i’m pretty impressed with that. You don’t get a free cat in the box as well. Just in case you are checking for that. So you do get your free speed settings like i said you do, get your photo and video uh via the app um, so that’s, absolutely great. You do also have an emergency stop button, which i will show you where, if you press and hold these two buttons together, it will stop them out as well and it will fall out of the sky or the room uh. It has got the trimming function which i’ve said and that’s. Basically it really as regards to specs. It does weigh about 50 grams, all in all with the battery and, like i said, you’re gon na get about 11 minutes per battery, but more realistically, around 10.. Now, when he starts getting a low battery the little red light here, which is at the rear of the drone, it will flash red and you will get a bit of an audible beep on your controller and you’ve got roughly around 60 seconds to uh to play Around if you want to, and then it will just nice and gently land, so that is perfect.

It’S around 17 to 18 centimeters either way and about nearly four centimeters tall in height. The transmitter is 2.4 gigahertz to the drone, and the drone to the marble device is hello there. Can you get the way? Thank you uh, and the drone to the camera. Uh frequency is 2.4 gigahertz as well. Now the drone can apparently fly up to about 40 minutes, 40 minutes 40 meters, uh distance in ideal conditions, which won’t happen, probably probably 20 meters or so uh. With with these two and the camera, feed itself is around 30 maximum distance, which probably get 20 to 25 maximum as well. The video itself, if i stop knocking things off the cat’s making me nervous here, so please bear with me um the camera itself, films in 25 frames per minute and the photos are in jpeg format and the video is in avi mp4. So that is what it is, so let’s have a look at setting this up. You do pop on the propellers here, uh the guards by popping them onto the ends here make sure they’re on properly before you do it uh. This is the front of the drone. As i said, you put that away from you, you press the button here on the top and you will get a flush on the back. Okay and then you press the button on the controller and both well there now to pair up without the cap being in the way you move your left, stick up and then down and then both lights remain stable.

I do apologize about the cat get out of the way cat, okay, um and then the these two are paired need to calibrate it via joyro calibration put it on a nice level surface and then what you do. Is you hold these two and pull them down to the bottom left corner? Sometimes you have to do it two or three times for it to do it, but it does do it in the end. So one now there we go. You get a beep that will flash and then stop, and then you are calibrated and all nice and level and then you’re ready to fly to start up, and this will probably get rid of the cat. Is you press this button and it will start as you can see here and if you press it again, it will stop okay, and then you press that and then to take off it. Will there you go so now: let’s have a look and then to land. It we press the button again and we’re down there. There we go. We blew it out the way so now let’s have a look at some of the features in flight and see how that goes. Okay, so let’s have a quick look so i’m just going to set this up now and pair it and i’m going to do a calibration that’s all done now, we’re going to start up the motors and take off okay should all be leveled.

It does like to drift sometimes to the left so i’m, just gon na trim it a little bit to the right. Okay, let’s have a quick, closer look at this, not bad at all nice to call drone actually don’t. You think so. Let’S just have a little fly around now it is in speed one at the moment it is Music. I, like the sound of it. It’S got a nice little sound to it. I think it’s not too high pitched like some of those are Music. Okay. So, while we’re here let’s, have it i’m going to show you now the spin feature so i’m going to press and hold the top left Music quite funny and you can go up and you can come down, but you can’t go left or right so to cancel It we’re going to go to the left or the right and just cancel that let’s just bring that back around here. Okay uh, you do have a circle feature which i’m going to try. So don’t laugh if it all goes wrong i’m going to try and get about here. Doesn’T hold the right. You can control the height let’s, just get back a bit. Okay. I’M doing well, i think i’m going to quit while i’m ahead. Okay, let’s bring that back down spin it around okay, then we have our 3d flip so i’m, going to press the top right button once let’s get it back over here, bring it down a bit more.

There we go. Okay, let’s do another flip okay, i’m gon na sit back a bit, so you can get a bit more okay, so absolutely fantastic. Does that never spin Music? I think it’s just a made. I think it’s really fun, especially for kids as well and let’s. Just cancel that spin it around now it does have an app feature which you can download by the qr code as well in the manual it’s the same app, although named differently to the drc. D50. I will put a link to that above. If you watch my part, two of that particular review, which is the flight test, you’ll see that i’m trying to fly some talk and look at the video. At the same time, uh you’ll see that the app itself looks exactly the same. There’S lots of great features on there, such as gesture control, where you can do the peace sign or like that or you can wave to take photos or record the video automatically you can also uh do draw to fly where it’s a bit like an eta sketch. If you remember those uh, you drop your doodle on a little gray box. It’S supposed to kind of follow, like you know, follow a bit like that and go around whatever you’ve drawn you’ll, also as well. Um there’s other features on there, such as what was there on there now oh yeah voice controls. Well, you can land take off, go up down et cetera, but lots of different features on there.

Even on screen controls like the roy’s tele drone as well, where you can control it for your mobile device. Unfortunately, they don’t work, they didn’t work in the drc, 50 and unfortunately, they don’t work here. The only thing that does work on that app is one you can see the live feed, which is actually quite a good quality, so it’s worth it just for that, you can access your photos and videos that you take, and you can also record your videos and Your uh photos as well, and that will save them to your mobile device in 720p hd. So the app itself is not great. Apart from taking your photos, so i wouldn’t bother using it only for that part. It has got a camera on, so you might as well use it. You know you can take some decent little photos with this as well. There we go so yeah. Do you make use of it and and try it, but just be aware that a lot of the features, at least for me don’t, seem to work so this good speed, Music, too? Oh and we’ve crashed okay, so i crashed there, but i pressed the two top buttons in the top corner and it killed the motors. So let’s just have a look at this. Oh dear, i do apologize. Young man let’s just get that out of these fake plants. Okay, so you’ve seen the review we’ve seen what’s in the box, we’ve looked at the specs we’ve blah blah blah blah so what’s.

The overall thought of this. You know i like it. The sound quality is decent it’s, not too much of a high pitch, so it doesn’t get on my nerves, the kitten doesn’t like it. However, i have fluid with my other cats and they weren’t too bothered by it. You know so not too bad. You do have to be careful because it still hasn’t got open kind of propellers, although it’s not going to cause too much damage you don’t want to risk it do you. You know i mean so just be careful of that overall it’s, a decent quality drone, the camera’s not too bad. I can’t really show you the camera on this video uh. Maybe i might make another video as well about it, but the app itself just wasn’t great the the photos and the video parts they are all the other stuff is just not great. I personally don’t need to use the camera, but, but you know some of you guys and some of the kids may want to as well, because it is a bit of a novelty yeah overall. I’D rate, this as an indoor mini drone, a good kind of like seven out of ten i’ll, probably give it a good eight out of ten if it had um the app worked and probably a little bit higher as well, if it had those little obstacle, avoidance, Sensors on much like the hs450 or the hs330 uh overall, a decent decent drone, well worth a look at to put into your arsenal to have a bit of fun.

These make it look at that little bit, bigger uh! Oh hello! I just caught the camera there. These make it look a little bit bigger uh, so you can see it a bit more better indoors. It is quite dark that’s. The only point you may benefit from maybe getting a little bit of paint or tip x or something of all that nature. On the back end as well on its bum just so, you can kind of tell a bit better uh at a bit more of a distance which might help you or it might not, okay. So yes, so if you’re interested in this or anything else, uh go to the link in the description below and have a look as well at the discount code, go and check out the specifications and go from there. If you are new to the channel, then please consider subscribing. So you too, my friend can be part of the exclusive intellusive community that is to cat media.