This is the hs 260. im gon na go ahead and get the unboxing overview out of the way so that we can go on and do a separate video on the flight review. So if youre here just to see how the drone flies, which is what we all really mostly care about, then you just want to skip this video. I just want to get this out of the way. So then, i dont need to include it with the flight review and uh just to get something on my channel ive been very busy with work, so ive not been able, with my mean work, ive, been very busy with my regular day job. So i havent had time to get anything out and fly it so lets get this out of the way and see all that comes with this drone and, like i said as soon as i can ill get this this bird up in the air and well fly It so if you just want to see how it flies obviously stay tuned to the channel and uh you skip this video, but anyway, this again this is the hs 260.. This is a brushed quadcopter theres, nothing, fancy, no frills, theres, no gps! This is gon na, be just a basic sort of manual flyer im sure its got it doesnt say it, but i would imagine its got altitude hold. Most of these drones nowadays do, as you can see here, its got a hd camera that would imply 720p um video headless mode, which you know everythings got headless mode now, so that you see theres a lot theres, not a lot of features.

With this drone hand, gestures from the app you can tell to record video or take photos using your fingers kind of a gimmick, but usually it works pretty good and then voice control. So you can see theyre really stretching here for some extra things. It can do so, its not a real feature, rich drone, but it comes in a nice carrying case that holy stone is more and more of these amazon drones are coming with these carrying cases, so thats nice – you can pack it in here and take it with You again, this is just a brushed drone, its not a brushless motor, but it is foldable. So lets go ahead and fold. The arms out take a look at this drone. It is pretty lightweight too. I want to grab my scale and confirm because i think this drone is under it might be under 250 grams. Just pretty important, well wait here in just a moment here. Is your camera and ill have to see that doesnt? I dont hear a servo in there. So im thinking this may just be a manually tilt, but we will confirm that when we get a closer look at the controller, there does look like theres a little like almost like a lens here so well have to see if thats, just like a doesnt, it Doesnt, look like an led, but the box says nothing about optical flow, but it certainly might have it and they just didnt put it on the box so again, thats why you dont always want to go with exactly what the box says on this stuff.

Itll be more important to look at the amazon listing, so if it does have an optical flow camera thatll be nice because thatll help. It excuse me, look at the ground so that it knows you know what its looking at it can hold position so its possible that it does have this im just looking at the uh, the box, so heres one of the batteries it comes with a see if We can find the rating on this battery its here on the side. It is a three point. It says 3.85 volts, so its just a 1s lipo and um looks like it is 1300 milliamps, probably isnt, going to show up in the camera just um in the molding here in the plastics, its just a 1s life, but which is what i expected on this Guy so lets put the battery back in there. It does come with two of these batteries again. These are just brushed motors here, theres, nothing, fancy probably going to be geared in here, so its going to be probably a bit noisy. This should be an led light here. It looks like its an led light here, its actually on the back of the drone on the battery itself. This looks like an extra battery and it is so you get a two battery version. Heres your controller and well. Look at the accessories in the back, so this is one of these uh controllers. That folds out gives you hand grips here and lets take a look here and see now.

This does appear to say that it does have that tilt, usually im listening to here. If i hear a little sound, you know of a motor – and i didnt hear that, but that could just be that its really um, you know just really silent, so well, have to see more and more. These drones do come with the 90 degree tilt on them. So again i it doesnt say it on the box im opening this up and taking a first look at it right now, just as if you guys would be opening it. So a lot of stuff that im saying here i mean the guesting ongoing by past experience. Being that ive flown hundreds of these toy drones over the last five years, so it does look like this – is gon na, be your tilt and go up and down its gon na. Most of these are jerky, as it kind of finds a spot to go its. Not going to probably be super smooth, you got a photo and a video button. Let me try get this all in the in the camera here. So again, theres your tilt, your photo and your video and yes, it is altitude hold because if it wasnt the stick would just be able to drop all the way down. The fact that you can give it a throttle – and it goes back to the middle – tells you that it uh that it is a altitude hold drone, heres your power button, yeah and its just pretty basic thats it i mean theres, nothing else, because theres, no gps, Return to home theres, not any real fancy stuff.

There may be some multi functions on these so well. Look in the instruction manual like sometimes youll, have a one key return, which is like a gimmicky version of gps return where its just simply flying back in the opposite direction. It took off so you can bring it back to you, but of course you keep it in front of you and all that stuff to make that work. And then here is your phone theres more buttons under here. So no the uh phone clip holder, it pulls out for your phone and then here is some of those more uh buttons. I thought it might have more. It was hiding underneath here it looks like a auto, take off and landing button. This is your high and low speed rates, and this is probably going to be the headless mode button. A little compass. Usually the compass is either going to be compass calibration which just wouldnt have because its not gps, drone or headless mode and lets look inside of here and see what we all get of course, heres our instruction manual well take a quick look at that, just see. If theres any other functions on the remote on the buttons that i was wrong about again im just going by past experience here are some extra props, which is nice in case you bust. Some you get a little phillips orange screwdriver in there to take the propellers off, and here are some prop guards.

If youre going to fly this guy indoors, like in a really large area, which would be too big to fly in your house, if youre going to fly, maybe in a gymnasium or someplace you get access to inside id want to put those on if youre. Just this is your very first drone lets say you might want to consider it, but the problem with prop guards is, as you can see here. Even the packages is how easily something can get hooked on there. So if this flies off – and you dont react in time and it gets, it hits a tree its going to hang up in those branches. So i always recommend not using the prop guards unless youre going to fly it indoors, where youre going to bang it against the walls. Possibly it can bust or scuff the props or, if youre, just so worried at first youre going to fly into your house or something you dont want to bust. The props or scar up, possibly scar up your house, which is unlikely with those little plastic props. You might want to consider putting those on, and then here is your charger is the usb. It has this little three prong which is going to attach to the battery. Let me pull the battery out of the drone its going to go its going to slide into this its going to slide down onto there im not doing it the right way here, but youll slide it down.

Itll be pretty self explanatory on that and youll slide. It in there – and you know its going to take a little while to charge that up, of course, so, and that looks like pretty much all the stuff lets just take a quick look and see. Also, itll probably tell us what app were going to use here, because this is using fpv feed, so its going to have an app thats going to let you see what the camera sees. So all these drones have that yeah lens or camera tilt up and down lens up and down make sure this is focused in on the manual uh record and take photos just like i thought, headless mode, speed, speed, switch yeah one to key takeoff and landing. So everything that i thought that it did theres really nothing again. This is basic kind of like it because its not going to like overwhelm a new flyer with a bunch of controls. You can take it up. You can learn how to fly it and you dont, have you dont, have all the gps and stuff to really make it too easy to fly. You want to learn how to fly a drone thats, what im getting at. So that is good, but it will take more skill than obviously just a gps drone. Let me see, i mean, is it? Does it mention yeah? It does mention here on page 11, 6 about the optical flow positioning, so this drone does have it thats.

Why? I thought i saw a camera on the bottom that will help a lot that will look at the ground and, as it sees things, it will try to hold that object or whatever it sees on the ground in the field of view of the camera. So it works as sort of a low budget version of gps, its not as accurate as gps, its not going to work as well as gps and the height. You are off the ground. If you get up too high, the camera is not going to be able to see the ground well enough, so its only going to work from certain heights off the ground so again its not its, not gps. You go up a mile, it doesnt. You know i mean you dont cant, do that but itll hold itll hold this position or you can be it two inches off the ground in a holders position, but this drone is going to need to be up. You know 10 feet something like that. Its going to hold position, but its not going to do it at every height that youre flying the drone at so lets see it does mention that it does have that. So i was correct so thats going to make this drone easier to fly, but not as easy as gps. Just mentions a charging in here again im recommending 5 volts at 2 amp thats, going to charge it the fastest youre using a you know, one amp its going to take.

You know potentially twice as long and the app here is called the hs for holy stone. Fpv v4 – i guess version four of that. App and here are the qr codes ill put a screenshot of the app here in the video. If i remember so, you guys see what that looks like at least from the google play store, since i dont have iphone it make it easier to find in case you would have an issue. But if you search for that, you should have no problem or if you just scan the qr code on the manual calibrating, the gyro as both sticks down to the right. So that tells the drone what level is so in case it will want to drift. You might need to land it and recalibrate that and then you can see unlocking the motors both sticks down and in and then you can press the auto take off for landing. So it appears that you need to unlock those before it will take off with the button. Some drones, you press the auto, take off and it will unlock the motors automatically and take off. The instructions implies that its not that way but theyre, not thinking the instructions, are not always perfect on stuff like that. Here is the optical flow positioning that i mentioned, and it is exactly where i thought it was on the bottom of the drone, so pretty basic altitude hold, as i mentioned thats it.

I mean this is a really um. Excuse me basic drone, so should be an easy flyer for myself with someone who has experience if youre new to this its going to take some time, but the optical flow, assuming that it works well and the optical flow can be hit and miss some of these Drones, the optical flow doesnt work. Well, i expect, being this holy stone, theyre, pretty reliable, that this auto work pretty well, so thatll make it easier to fly for a beginner but again again be mindful that it may tend to drift on you, especially more than a safety earphone, a gps drone. Those drones are going to hold a lot more better position than this. It looks like here is your power button here on top i didnt mention as well all right guys. I think that wraps up the table review and overview. I just want to get this out of the way, because some of you guys are going to might watch a flight review and go what else comes with it. You know i want to take a closer look at the controller or the batteries watch. This video, if you you know if you didnt, want to watch this video thats great, go watch the flight review im going to post that as soon as i can get up in the air. This will be the next video ill make after this will be the flight review at least thats.

My plans right now all right guys that wraps up the table review and overview for the holy stone. Hs 260..