. So this is actually a more beginner drone im going to go through and kind of explain what actually comes in the box and then ill actually do a bit of a demo. If i can, with the drone just to give you guys some idea, im still pretty new to using drones, but i actually also have another model from holy stone: thats, a mini drone. This is recommended for ages, 14 and up so let me actually go through what it comes with. They have a really nice carrying case. This comes with. You have a foam piece here that you can put on the inside inside the carrying case. You have the ability, the drone will actually fold up heres the drone fully extended out, but essentially what you can do is fold the drone up itll fit into this space, and then you can put your charging and your controller here. So it does come with some extra rotor blades, which is nice, is so for some reason you were to damage these. You have them. It comes with two batteries, so this is the battery here and theres, a special adapter, which is a usb based adapter. You can plug this into a generic usb port. You have a very detailed manual and then your controller so ill go through the controller itself. These two pieces can actually fold in, but you can use this as kind of just extra padding, while youre holding the joystick youve got your power button.

This is used for takeoff, you have a high and a low speed, and then you also have a directional for north east, south and west on the top. You actually have your camera and video button so on the right. Thatll take photos on the left. Thatll take video, and then here you have um basically flight for up or down on the actual unit. This takes four um aaa batteries, so pretty straightforward. Once you get this set up, this will blink and the unit itself fairly straightforward. You have your blade pieces here and optionally. You can add these bumpers, it will reduce flight time, but obviously less risk that you could hurt or maybe hit someone with the blades and maybe end up if someone loses control of the drone. This is going to give it kind of a bumper where it could maybe hit something right it might bump into a wall, or something like that here into my massage chair as an example and um pretty straightforward, you have your camera here. The camera can be adjusted up or down kind of in a position there. You have your lights on the front and ill go ahead and try to do a little bit of a demo here. Basically, the units already on its blinking and you have to go through a sequence to actually turn this on. So you have to put both joysticks down to the right and then push them down in the middle.

So im just going to put the camera here and do this because it can be a little bit touchy. Sometimes it doesnt work 100 every time. So you have to get this synced up once everything is on basically thats how you can get this. I may have to turn the unit off, so it actually makes a little propeller noise when you first fire it up all right, so its on you can see. This is what its on so im gon na hit the take off button, and you can see it goes right up, so there you have it guys its a really cool drone pretty loud. Definitely, people are gon na notice this for sure.