Like me, you don’t want to read the manual. You want to hop on youtube and figure out how to fly this thing. If you’ve already bought it, congratulations you’ve made a very smart decision. I bought five of these for christmas presents and everybody absolutely loves them. I’Ve had mine about a year: i’ve crashed it over a thousand times before i finally had to buy another one and that’s, just because my dog caught it midair and crunched on it uh right now. I think they’re 28. I bought them when they were on sale. For 21, they come with three batteries and i’ll get into the how to fly it and how it operates in a few minutes, but i want to go over a few other things. The reason why it’s so important to start as this is a beginner drone before you buy some of these other inspires and larger drones is because everybody thinks that these are beginner drones, that the maverick mini or the spark is a beginner drone. These are not beginner drones and these are not toys. This is a toy, but this is a lot of fun, especially on a day like today, it’s real nasty outside here in texas. Yesterday it was like 70, but you know what they say in texas. If you don’t, like the weather, wait a minute now, we’ve got icicles hanging off the eaves, but um so it’s great for today’s. Like today, my dogs, they hear this little beep and they just come come running because they know they’re going to get to chase this little drone all over the house and the more i fly this around the house for hours.

The more i learn the orientation of what a drone does. Let me explain what that means. This uh controller for the hs210 has two dials that move like this. Just like the controller for like a maverick pro 2 or something these move all the different ways, and what that does that gives you eight axis and what i mean by eight axes. Is you have forward pitch backward pitch? Left roll right, roll up down and yaw left and right so there’s a lot going on with this drone and you throw a three axis gimbal into it, and zoom and also you’ve, got 12 different things that you’re having to think about with this controller. And if you just, if you go out and spend a thousand dollars on a drone, so if you go out and spend a bunch of money on your first drone before you learn the orientation you’re, probably going to end up something like this. A thousand dollar piece of junk, if you don’t, know how to fly it. Also, this is a toy and a great beginner drone. This is not a toy, and everybody looks at this as a toy or a beginner drone. Do you know that this uh dji spark weighs almost as much as this can of coke and uh this thing with the wind behind it can hit up to over 40 miles an hour, and it also has these things on them called blades they’re called blades for A reason they will cut you can you imagine this coke can coming at you at 40 miles an hour with blades and hit me in the head that’s, why it’s so important to start with this hs210 or another toy drone like it? But in my mind this is the best one to get because it just seems extremely reliable, easy to fly easy to hook up the controls are super easy let’s go over some of those, so you definitely want to learn how to fly this hs210 before you go.

Investing a small fortune in other drones. If any of these look interesting to you, please like and subscribe and i’ll be, comparing all these other drones to the different aspects of them in videos to come. So let’s go over the remote and the different things that it does, of course, on the bottom right here, you’ve got your on off switch you’ll hear that little beep when it comes on – and this is to take off you push this button. But before you even do that, you’ve got to pair it so you’re going to go up and then down. I’Ll show you that in a minute when we fly right here, you’ve got headless mode. Don’T ever use that that is uh it’ll take away the orientation of the drone and the whole point of the drone is to learn the orientation it’ll just go whichever direction you push it up here, you’ve got your speed, switch, see that little speed dial right there. It’S gon na take off it’s gon na, be what i call tripod mode. You push it once it’ll beep, twice: that’ll put it into uh positioning mode and you push it a third time to go into sport mode and that’s when it’s really fast right. Here you got your flip button, uh, whichever you push the button in whichever direction you push this next that’s the direction it’s going to go. Um we’ll go over the controls in a minute when we’re flying it.

This is to take off or to take off. You can pull both of them down this way, um also for trim, uh it’s a lot different than the other ones. You don’t see the trim button. So what you do is you push down on this one? You hear that little click and then you go opposite on this one so, like let’s, say it’s hovering to the right. So you want to push down on this button and hold it a little bit over this way until it hovers in place and we’ll i’ll show you that when we’re, when we’re flying it – and if you ever get in trouble, you can push the lan button or If you hold back down on both of these again, the motors will stop and it’ll fall to the ground, so the holy stone 210 comes with this adapter that plugs into the wall. The light will be red when it’s charging green when it’s done, and you just plug them into this side of this little adapter right here and then pull out, and then you just put it in the bottom of your quadcopter. So what you want to do once you get this battery plugged in, is you want to see here that the you got a green and a red light? The green is in the front. The back is in the red is in the rear uh. When you turn when you turn it on you’re, going to hear this little beep.

What you want to do to pair it is, you want to push up and then down, and then you can either pull both of the joysticks in or you can push up on this and then which you push up. The motors are going to light up, and then you push it. You see how steady this thing is. You can hear my dogs in the background. They really want to come after this thing all right, so you see how it’s kind of want to drift a little bit if you want see how it’s going this way a little bit. So if i push and do that then it’s going to set the trim it’s going to keep it straighter, so you’ve got forward backwards, left right up down and yaw okay. So right now the speed that it’s in is in position one you want to see it. You push it whichever direction. You’Re gon na do it’ll go see that it’s kind of fun, but when you press it the second time you hear those two beeps now it’s going twice it’s in second mode number, two i’ll, let my dogs out of here in a minute and then you push It again here’s the three beeps all right now: she’s ready to go good speed. You can probably set yourself up a little obstacle course and go flying it around see how it bumps into things guys that tell us if i bumped into something like this, with the tiller, what you it’ll just bump into the walls and it’s fine it’ll.

Just kick back lots of fun, which makes it a lot easier than picking it up all the time. I think it’s time we let my dogs out. What do you think all right, we’re going to go back here? Oh, how loud they are, but that’s part of it wow. So what you want to do you see that green light point it at you and learn how to make it just work. Make it go around you, of course, everything’s gon na be different, hey guys and girls thanks for watching my review of the holy stone 210, what a fun little drone! This is it’s just a blast. My dogs love. It i’ve had this one for a long time. Actually, this is my second one but um.