This is their mini drone, and this thing is like the size of a mosquito, its so small anyway, that thats the box. I mean theres theres, not much to it, give you a size comparison. This is like my note, 10. So its definitely small all right, so lets open up, see what we get inside here so right right from the get go that is about everything, so gives you a little uh battery operation booklet. Then this is your drone and controller. All in one, so that is it, then that is your charger which actually charges the the whole little mini drone here, but this control actually charges the drone as well, and what i mean is when you open this lid, you take out your drone. You actually have a little charging cable thats in the controller itself, so you can charge this on the go and what i mean is it has a battery compartment two little battery compartments here in the back lets open one of them up for you, so you can See what we get so you got that little itty bitty screw. That goes on that. So then you have it doesnt come with batteries, but it does take four double a batteries. I mean triple a triple a the smaller ones. Lets put this little screw back in. If i dont lose it its like the size of a watch screw, it thinks so small okay, so everything on here is small, so that is your basic, remote and thats gon na be your power switch, but lets unfold it and thats.

The coolest thing about this is that the the arms fold out on this, so basically you are pulling them out and youll kind of like feel where they kind of like bottom out and are done. And then you have uh your little power switch on the side. Here and its so small – and it has your little power plug here and again through a usb block – you can power this, so basically it connects here and youll see a little has a little channel for that little notch. On top, so you can see you kind of like see the white notch thats up there. So give you a really good idea, and then you plug that into your standard power block to uh, to charge up and like any other power block its got a red and green light, so were gon na. Let that sit for a quick second and again in here. This is your power power plug. So when you turn this remote on, you can actually recharge your drone on the go which is like, like super cool, so lets disconnect that, and i can show you kind of how that works so were going to turn on your your remote, so it beeps and Then you plug this cord in so and then that light turns blue, basically meaning that its its charging your drone, so i mean its a nice little self contained all in one unit, so disconnect that and then you have your little power switch here.

That turns your drone on so now its basically looking to connect to your remote, and it has these cool little rubberized feet that that thing can sit on, and it also comes with a little tool set for re replacement, propellers, and it has like these little propeller Guards that im not going to put on for this flight and then it has your basic remote im going to turn it off turn it back on, so it connects so see how the lights stop blinking. That means that its paired with this remote control. Now it does have your up and down controllers here, as well as your remote. That will start everything, and i believe, if you put it both down into the corner, now its basically calibrated and connected all right. So what were doing on this once you have the remote connected, this will out to either side will activate the propellers unlock them so now, youre ready for flight Applause and again this little guy, its so small and super stable Applause. It does have one up and down landing operations, but if you got a little nervous you can actually bring it down, and this thing is like super agile. But if you werent sure what was going on and you thought youre losing control you basically just kind of like land on the hard side, itll automatically turn itself off and then unlock the rotors again out the other side, Music Applause and then youre back in flight Mode again, so this is a super easy drone, especially for a beginner to uh to practice fly around anyway.

That is your uh.