Your turns your landing button take off. This will return to the uh to wherever the controller is and uh and land. These trim buttons are to help you. If the the drone is moving to the side side to side uh by itself, you can control that a little bit. However, im looking up some instructions for calibration lets see. It also has a headless mode where it will uh follow you and the other controller, which will be neat to uh, to check out may have to do that on a further review, but lets see here the flip mode says to use at least 10 feet has An emergency stop for the propellers. All right lets rebalance the drone. You pull both the lights. Will blink all right lets see there we go lets, make sure the speeds on the slowest there we go and lets try taking off again got ta start the propellers, unlocking and lets try taking off again. I have to say that is doing a lot better lets try one of these trim buttons. Ah thats, not good hello. My name is michael and i want to thank you for watching my short review of the holy stone. Hs 190 mini drone. Can you see where the drone is? Can you guess where it is its right there holy stone has made this miniature drone packed with so many huge features and has made it easy even for young children to fly this drone so lets take a look and see what we got so lets unpack this Little miniature drone simply open up the case, let it pop outside and then all of these little arms they lock right into place until you have your drone.

The prop protectors slip right onto the legs where the motors are connected there and they just slip right on. Like that, until you have the completed prop protectors on each of the props, here are our accessories for the holy stone. Hs190. We have a prop removal tool. Here we have a set of four extra props. We have screws that will screw the props into the engines and then we also have a phillips screwdriver to remove the screws. Here we have our charging cable. This end connects to the drone and then that usb plug connects directly to our computer, so were looking at a charging time of about 45 minutes to an hour and then, of course, you can see the prop protectors here on the drone themselves, and next were going To talk about the transmitter holy stone has packed so many huge features into this tiny transmitter that make flying this drone so much fun and so easy that even a child can fly it uh. What were going to look at in a couple of minutes is the altitude hold function of the transmitter and also id like to point out holy stone has clearly labeled each button on this transmitter, so were not left to guess as to what button were pushing. For instance, all the trim buttons theyre clearly labeled. We also have a one button take off. We have a three speed control this. This little drone is packed full of amazing features that really normally come with larger drones, but make flying it so much fun and so easy.

So lets take a look and see what flying this drone is like in my kitchen, okay, so before liftoff of our hs190 holy stone miniature drone, we need to turn it on. The power button is right back there by the charging port. So we turn that on and we see we have some lights flashing. There we put this on level ground, so here were going to pair the drone and now were going to start it up Music. Now, as you can see, im not touching any of the of the throttle, this is the fantastic altitude hold function that makes flying this drone. So easy you can see how stable it is, makes flying this drone so easy that even a child can fly this drone. So it even comes with a flip function which were going to do right now: Applause, Music and flip. It forwards, you can flip it sideways and you can see how stable it is. Flying in these tight quarters right here in the kitchen, makes it so much fun. Even a child can fly this drone. I hope that youve enjoyed this little review. The holy stone hs 190 miniature drone. This is a great little drone, perfect gift for children and beginners. They will have so much fun learning to fly drones with the hs190.