Hs190 mini drone. So this is actually a really good beginner drone ill kind of go through what it came with and then ill try to do a little quick demo here. It might be a little bit tough since im holding the camera, but i can give you guys some idea of how this will function and work. So inside the box, you have a really detailed instruction manual. This does go through and basically explain everything you have color photos shows you how to calibrate the drone. How to use the controller gives you kind of examples of using speed and altitude everything that you really need to know to actually get up and running with this. It recommends this drone for people that are 14 years and up. I would say that, because of the size of this, this isnt really something that you could easily like bump into things or hurt people with. So i really think this is definitely a good starting drone. This is my first drone, so i was able to get this up and running with a friend of mine and use this fairly straightforward on the drone itself. You have a plug here that you can actually use and then a little flip switch. You can use to power it on its currently in sync mode. One thing i do wish with this was the power cord was a little bit longer, but essentially you take this plug it into the unit, and then this could be plugged into a usb block to charge it.

You have your remote control here and you have both joysticks youve got your speed controls here in the top left and then youre. Basically, you can go up or down on the actual device as well as trim speeds here that you can navigate through as you maneuver. This, the idea is that you have a light in the front, so this is kind of the front of the camera. Okay. So once you have this powered on, basically you have to run a calibration every time you do this, so you have to bring the joysticks in and then bring the joysticks out so im actually going to its a little bit tough to do here with one hand. So im going to put the camera down just for a second, so i can get this calibrated and then ill fire this up, for you guys so thats. Basically, the calibration now its ready to go and youll actually see now its basically active and i can take through the take off button – and this will actually just come right up and now im able to control the drone and move it around. And it can be a little bit touchy. Um it does take some getting used to uh has a good volume to it. So people are definitely going to hear this if its moving and you can see im able to navigate this around the room pretty easily and whenever im ready. Ultimately, i can bring it to the ground.

This might be a little bit um excessive there, but boom there. We go its now come to the ground, so itll run on a charge for about seven to ten minutes on a full charge um, but yeah. This thing is really awesome. I think for a beginner drone. This is something where you dont really have to risk too much of this getting in the way of anything or potentially crashing into something that could cause a problem, but overall im very happy with it. I think, if youre looking for a good starter drone, this would definitely be a good one to go for anyway.