Hs 175d that was just released. Nice photo bolt gps drone from holy stone, but this one’s better than the one that they’ve released not too long ago, which was the hs175. This one has a 4k camera a bigger battery, but most important. It has brushless motors. This one has brushed motors and you may say, what’s the difference between brushed motors and brushless motors. Well, a brushed motor is a brush that spins inside of a magnet there’s constant contact, so there’s heat friction but they’re very inexpensive to build a brushless motor and there’s. No contact and they kind of remind me of the old finger spinners remember when they were plastic and they first came out and then they started coming out these really nice machined ones. So this is like what a brushless motor is there’s, no there’s, no contact it’s! Very high precision a lot more power, no heat but much more expensive to produce. So if you look now compares to the brushless motors on the dji mini, which is the most populous drone in the world, so because the hs175, when it came out, had a lot to offer for 149 dollars, it’s a gps drone 2.7 camera on a two axis. Gimbal it had two batteries and a nice carrying case, but still with brushed motors. It still kind of was a beginner toy drone. Well, this is still a budget drone, but i wouldn’t consider this a toy drone anymore and if i was going to lean towards a toy drone, i really loved the hs340 at 55 and the de rcd10 and d50 at 70 and 80.

So this one was 150, which is still the best and cheapest gps drone out there, but for only 30 more dollars holy stone has really stepped their game up. I really love the color too, the black for 189 dollars, but there is a 10 discount code that i’ll put on the thumbnail. So before we go put her up in the air and see how she flies. Let’S go over the app and the controls and how to calibrate the gyro and we’ll even take the speed gun out and see how much better the brushless motors perform over the brushed motors we’ll, even compare it to the dji mini and put it to the speed Test with the speed gun, so let’s dive in so it comes with a really nice carrying case with a really nice feel it’s, a zipper it’s got a nice handle to it foam. It comes with the drone. The controller two batteries two chargers which i really like because they just plug into the battery right here and you charge it into a usb and then just slot on like that, and when the light turns green it’s fully charged takes about. I think an hour and a half and you get 20 minutes of flight time. Also, if you look the battery now is a 1700 milliwatt amp and the other one was a 1300 milliwatt amp. So a lot more power in this battery than the old one. So it comes with the two controllers: it comes with extra props and a handy dandy, screwdriver and a little nice package of salt don’t need that so inside this little bag, you’ll get your handy dandy, screwdriver extra props, extra screws and extra brackets to hold them down.

I don’t know if i’d use this screwdriver, i think i’d get a little bit better one, so you’re not to strip out these screws let’s see what she weighs in compared to the old 175 weighs in at 202 grams and with the larger battery in the brushless Motors it’s going to weigh in at 216 grams, which is still a little lighter than the dgi mini at 238, which puts it right in line with a small banana and a huggy, so here’s, the brushless motors on the dji mini. You can see how it compares to them now or before the brushed motors were encased and you couldn’t even really have any access to them. What has changed now is you do need the screwdriver to change out the props instead of popping them on and off like the old 175.. Also, the blades are marked a and b make sure you get the right ones on the right side because they spin in different directions. It won’t fly if you don’t get these on correctly, so look and you’ll see the a and the b so on the drone on the bottom is the optical flow sensor. It is a gps drone, so it uses the satellites to hold its position in the air, but the optical flow sensor really helps it hold its position over the ground. It’S got a lot of lights. I really like these lights in the back. They change from green to red and they blink and let you know when the battery is going dead.

The power switch is on the top and it’s got four little lights to let you know how the battery is draining down. So the battery just slides in on the bottom and there’s a little button on the bottom, you have to push to pull it back out and on. The very bottom right here is: where you slide in your sd card, it will record to the app into the sd card. At the same time, if you don’t have the app, if you don’t, have the sd card in it’ll just record to the app. So you have lights in the front and then one access, gimbal that is controlled with remote, and you may say man. I wish it had a three axis gimbal, but be careful what you asked for. If you look at this drone, you see how this is exposed. This is the number first thing that breaks on these drones and to repair this gimbal on this drone cost more than twice what this drone cost. So for a beginner drone. This gimbal is really protected in case of a crash. So, on the controller these handles pop out and it charges on the bottom good you don’t have batteries, it just takes a little mini usb to plug in the bottom to charge it this flips up. You have your on and off switch your antennas on the back. Just pop that, up on this side, you pre a short press for a camera and a short press for a video on and off button, your take off button.

This will go into headless mode with the short press or it’ll go into a long press. We’Ll put it into compass calibration, then you return to home up here on top is how you move your gimbal up and down. Then the one most important things on this is there’s, no speed switch. What you do is you press down on the right one? So when it takes off it’ll be in speed, one you put one short press and you’ll hear two short beeps, and then it goes into speed two. I would do that immediately. So there’s really three speeds. When you go into bin, you have beginner mode speed, one and speed two and to set the trim. If the drone seems to be sliding to the left or right when you’re, not in gps mode. You press down on this one and push this one in the opposite direction of what the drone seems to be drifting. It takes a little bit of practice, but you’ll get the hang of it. So, to get the app, what you do is you go to your instruction manual and you open up until you find the qr code open up the camera on your phone or your ipad and then place the qr code and open up the app. So when you turn the drone on it’s, going to tell you how to hook it up to your wi fi, so point the drone away from you and turn the drone on you’ll, see the blinking lights and they’ll go to slow blink, then open up your settings Open up your wi fi until you see holy stone come up.

This is a step you cannot skip if you don’t hook it up to your wi fi there’s not going to be they’re, not going to be linked. So once you hit holy stone and you see that it’s checked, then you turn on your remote and to set it you go up down and then both down to the right to set the gyro and then you’ll see they’re blinking fast. Then they go to red. That means they’re all linked, but we haven’t set the gyro yet, but now we need to set the gyro calibration to the drone. So what we do is we go back to the app hit prepare hit calibration. You see how they’re blinking really fast, then they’ll. Stop now they’re red, so now it’s going to tell us to rotate the drone, so we rotate it three times. Well, it didn’t say three times, but that’s usually what it takes now. It says to hold it vertically and rotate it three times now it’s success. So we confirm now it says non fixed mode right here, but as soon as we go outside now it says optical mode. This will change to gps mode. If you look the camera’s on it’s, a 4k camera right here, it’s showing the battery. So if we open up settings, we can change it into beginner mode, which means when it gets a little more than 30 meters away from you. It will not y’all left or right and it’ll go really slow, but we don’t want to do that.

Now we can set our max our maximum altitude, so i want to set it so right now i have my maximum altitude set at 100 meters and my maximum distance at 500 meters – and i hit save so over here. One thing: that’s really important – is this 50. So it shows remote control. Priority switch is unable to switch. So what we need to do – i told you before, is we press down on this button here and then that changes to 100 that’s real important when you’re outside see it changes to 50 to 100.? Take off button return to home this right here is your waypoints, so you it has different tips. So right now, it’s on follow me. So we exit follow me and then it has it’ll follow the remote. It also has waypoints, and it has what i really like – is circle mode, but that’s not going to work until you get to the gps satellites right here is your map, so you press this button and it’ll show you where your drone is on the map. If you lose it, you can also hit find drone and it’ll. Take you to where the drone is on this side. Is your flight record? You can trash those if you want here’s, where you switch from camera to video. You can also do that and then right here see. I just took a picture this. You can move the gimbal up and down here, or you can also move the gimbal up and down on the remote uh here’s.

Your photo album and we’ll switch over to video and then, when you press this down, it shows recording, and this will be your time. So let’s go put her up in the air. Here we go open up Music, so Applause it’s, a gps drone, so there’s really no trim man. These brush brushless motors, sound so much better Music Applause. Oh, i think i’m still in speed, one hold on hold on let’s, see i love the color, the black color, all right, there’s speed, two, all right: Applause, you Music, my man, this thing’s, fast Applause, Music, Applause, Music, so the latency seems to be much better here. Let me show you when i come out before, when you would turn it, there seemed to be like a a um like a half, a second look. It seems to be spot on now much much better up backwards forwards. It still seems to steer better when it’s um when it’s pitched and what i mean by that is it doesn’t want to yaw real fast like this, but once it’s going forward, it seems to want to yaw really quick Applause. Music man it’s a lot faster. My goodness Music can’t wait to see how this Music thank you, Music, 18 miles an hour, not bad Music. All right we’re here at the flooded grapevine, marina, my goodness it’s flooded we’ve got so much rain over here. Put it into the test through the mini let’s, see how she flies and a little bit of wind all right guys.

So remember. This is not a three axis gimbal on this drone, so when it takes off Music you’ll get a little bit of a shakiness to it. So the only way you would get like really cinematic footage is to fly to no wind. You can tell by looking at the lake how, how windy it is so it’s kind of windy. It would take really good photos because it is a 4k camera it. The camera really adjusts to light pretty quick and see how it’s really white and then it the camera, tells itself to uh see how it darkens. So, if you’re trying to get photos and stuff like that, it wouldn’t take long for the camera to readjust itself. Does a really good job with that the color saturation is really good. I mean the greens and the blues come in really good with the camera, and also this is what’s recorded to the app. I had a lot of problems trying to get it to the sd card, but actually i like it better because it goes straight to the app and then you just hit export and it puts it right to your phone instead of taking the sd card out and Have to put it into the little holder and plug it into your phone, so that’s not a big deal unless you don’t have much storage on your phone, so it flies really well, never have any doubt of what it’s doing you know.

Sometimes, if you throw a non gps, drone out it’s kind of scary with the wind, but this holds altitude very well steers very well. You know it’s just so small the line of sight isn’t very far so when it starts to get far away from you, it doesn’t take long to get nervous, so you’ll learn to start looking at your phone or your ipad or whatever you’re flying it with to Learn the direction if you ever get confused just hit the app button here i take it to a different part of the lake and another thing too. It took me a couple times to set the compass on it. I kept trying to hit calibrate. I had to turn it off three or four times i don’t know if i wasn’t doing something right, but once it did it uh once it always calibrated. Really quick never had any problems with that and you can kind of see the shakiness, but the if you do a straight pass and beginner mode would help because it would it wouldn’t uh turn as fast. You know i’m trying to do some sport modes got me in the jeep really like it. I should do a review on that. Alright, guys thanks so much for watching and uh this thing’s a lot of fun. I’M gon na do some more videos on this drone. I’Ll do uh see how far it flies and some more speed tests. I was really surprised it.

Didn’T go faster than 18 miles an hour. It felt a lot faster. The old one was 12 miles an hour and fell fast. Dji mini came in about 26. You know, but the spark comes in about 40.. My inspire 2 is about 77 miles an hour and i think i’ve had the my dji fpv up to 90 93. So you know 18 is relative, but it’s still for small as it is and what it and for the price point it’s really fast, a lot of fun. You know no matter how many drones you have it’s, sometimes it’s fun, just to push them to the limit and see what they can do. So thanks so much for watching my review of the holy stone hs175d man, you really got to give it to hollystone for stepping up their game. I mean this was a really good drone uh the 175, but they upgraded to a 4k camera much bigger batteries. Brushless motors and only 30 dollars, is it as good as a dji mini, of course not guys. This is 600 and this is 180, but with 10 off right now i think that’s, like 160, so it’s, almost 25 percent of the cost um but it’s kind of saying, can a mini truck pull as much as a f 350. Well, of course it can’t, but maybe a mini truck’s. All you need well. Maybe this is all you need um. You know for a first drone if you’re wanting a toy, i still love the hs340.

I really. This is 55 and it’s. A lot of fun has a camera, but it’s, not a gps. Drone does not have brushless motors or even that the a10 from the i’m. Sorry, the d10 from derc is a great drone for like 70 or 80 dollars, but this may be the only drone that some people need and it’s a lot of fun. I love the new color view in black that’s awesome. You know still doesn’t have the three axis gimbal, so you’re not going to get. You know, awesome cinematic footage with it, but you’re going to have a lot of fun with it it’s a lot quicker now, it’s a great way to learn how to fly a drone. It’S kind of like buying a treadmill, usually they just become a clothes hanger right to dry clothes on well that’s, what some people they buy, drones and that’s all they do so don’t spend 600 or 2000. If you think that you want to buy a drone, buy something like this, you can have a lot of fun with it, performs very well: gps, hold brushless motors 4k camera good batteries, great carrying case and great customer support with holy stone. So if you have any problems, you just email them and they take care of it better than almost any company i’ve ever dealt with so uh thanks. So much for watching. If you got something out of this, please like and subscribe, subscribers mean everything to me and i’m giving a couple of these away one this month, one next month, along with some mini drones, you can see the other videos and i’ll post everything on the facebook page.

So like and subscribe and enter to win these, but just like and subscribe, because you want to see more videos on cool little drones. Like this, i mean there’s, a lot of reviewers of the really good dji drones and the inspires and everything. But i love reviewing uh many drones because you got to start somewhere and these things are so much fun to start with, and this is a great budget beginner drum i can’t. Imagine someone buying this and not being happy with it.