In a facebook page it calls holly stone, club or something and the photo won, and so they sent me a main prize, which is this little drone, and now i will give it a try. We will open it test it and let me see how it performs it has looks like a mavic mini knockoff and but its much cheaper, so Music, but it doesnt have so great camera. It doesnt have a image any kind of image stabilization, but it has a gps brushless motors, its under 250 grams, and what else have camera is remotely tilled? You can tilt camera remotely for 90 degrees and has two batteries sd slot as much as i know, and lets open this recharge and give it a try lets test how it flies, and what i like is that its really simple to use, no complications, and you Can fly it whatever, whenever you can and on your responsibility so lets do this lets open it and see you in the field thanks nice, two cables: screwdriver extra props, Music, nice, Music, Music, Music, okay, Music, Music, Music, Music in charge Music, if youre from the west Side california raised right from the town with the palm trees and goodbye. You know the best vibe soaking up the sunshine, Music, Music, Music and i might go away Music. We Music, but Music, Music.