We got the hs175d from hollystone here. Gon na do a little test flight with it. Gps drone were gon na, get it all set up here and get it up in the air were gon na power. It up here guys were gon na get this up in the air we got ta get that transmitter paired. All right were paired. Gyros are calibrated im gon na get into the wi fi. Now we went over that in our uh overview of it connect to the wi fi lets get into the app now and then ill. Get this thing up in here and well. Uh well have a little fun with it. So i just got to go through the calibration process here in the app and then ill get it airborne and then well uh well test it out here. Oh just doing the horizontal spin thats done now, they want me to go vertical with it all right. We are done. We are now connected cameras on tell you what guys ill start a screen recording here. That way, we can uh also take a look at whats on the screen. Weve got our sd card in it is in gps mode right now. I do have to flip up that antenna. Show you guys on the back side here, dont forget to flip that up and we should be good to go guys so were gon na. Do the one key take off from the app here? Oh please unlock the drone.

First, there we go and lets get it up in the air slide to take off, and there we go well see how steady it is right from takeoff like it is a little bit breezy, but take it up a bit higher here sticks feel good. Now we are in fifty percent im gon na change it to a hundred percent speed rate. Thats got some decent speed, its fairly quiet too, just wan na fly it around for a minute here guys get the handle of it. Yeah decent speed on this one, not bad at all, now thats in a hundred percent rate, the winds die down a bit lets turn it to 50 and manageable. So if youre uh, your kids are giving this uh a try, maybe on 50, might be nice when theres no breeze, but since we have breeze were going 100 on it now im looking on the screen, it is showing us our height, which is 15 meters right Now and it its holding steady, not moving around at all no toilet bowling very nice. Take it out that way a little bit this things quick, its got. Some speed surprised me. Now we got a little bit of toilet bowl in there, but it seems to have found its uh its location, so its holding steady now took a sec to correct itself and while were at it, guys, im gon na switch over to video and were gon na. Just uh gon na film a bit and move that camera down and were just gon na cruise around a little bit here, get up a little higher, not bad.

Now the camera looks pretty good on my screen were a ways away now. Well were about 85 meters away from us just over 40 meters up. I do want to stay above the tree line. If i can, because we are going to be testing out return to home all right well lets stop it there im going to save that video and were going to switch over to photo get a decently uh decent day out today, just lucky to get a little Bit of uh sunshine: there we go well take a photo of that way. Get some of the farmland move that camera down a bit. I like how were able to adjust that camera thats really nice does take nice photos. This is a 4k camera, so we do expect it to take some nice, vibrant, clear images, and it looks like at least from my screen thats what it was doing now you can see as soon as i stopped there see its toilet bowling a bit, not a Major concern: it is correcting itself and now its locked solid, so that is just uh something im noticing and sharing with you guys there take another picture out that way and that might be partially to do because of the wind. This is a light. Drone remember. 215 grams on this one, so the wind is going to push it around a bit so its going to want to try to correct itself, which is what it was doing, which might be the reason for that little bit of toilet bowling.

Nothing major on that, though, handles really nice no lag in the controls. Gon na get a little lower here, get out of the wind a bit and im gon na fire up that camera again Music. I do have to be careful. I do have some power lines in the area. Okay, so tell you what im going to do guys were going to take it out that way, a little ways not too far and were going to test out that return, the home function. All right lets test that out now we can do that right from the app or we can do it from and were going to just turn the video off. We can do it from the app or we can do it from the controller im going to do from the controller, and it does say on the screen going home so its coming back. This way you always want. You always want to keep these line of sight right because it doesnt have any obstacle. Avoidance well got to be careful. I got some power lines behind me and were going to see how close it comes to where i was right there. I was on that metal or concrete pad right there, Music, so not bad at all guys. I took it out of return the home. We were about two feet off. I just didnt want to land on the wet grass so two feet off from where i took off, not bad at all.

So why dont we try some of these intelligent flight modes im going to just let it sit there for a sec, but it uh. You can see a little bit of toilet bowling, nothing concerning its locking in on its position there, as you can see right there now. I wonder if that optical flow works, while the gps. No, so the optical flow is not active. When the gps is active, we could take it out and but theres no reason to were gon na just always fly gps with this. Well, you have the option to all right now. One thing i did not point out in the review i dont think is: we need to take this out of beginner mode, so now weve got full range with it successfully set. Now it was in chinese there not a big deal. I can switch that by getting out of the app here and making sure its on english, which it is so im not sure why it was in chinese theyre, not a big deal. We can get back in the app weve already done. Everything so were gon na. Let it just get back to gps mode, which it has right now and lets get up a little bit and lets get into some of these intelligent flight modes. Now before we do that, go on the map here you can see. We have our location here. We can zoom in and out on that that is nice, okay, so its got a people tracker, so lets get myself into the frame here there i am.

Oh, i see so you got ta. Have it on optical flow, so were not even gon na bother trying that please make sure flight height is higher than surrounding buildings. To avoid possible injuries and losses, so were gon na get it up a little bit higher because of the trees there. That should be good enough. If i need to, we will take it out and there we go okay, so now its gps tracking here and lets just see if it keeps me and the field soaking wet here now it looks like its keeping me in the frame. Not bad, actually pretty centered there im gon na try to get out of the water lets just walk around with it a bit. You can see its up there guys and you can see on the screen still that its keeping me in there well start to took a picture were going to start the actual video as well from the camera. We do have the screen recording still going. I believe so not bad its keeping a lets. Keep me nice and centered on this one stop for a sec, and you can see it corrects itself to get me back pretty much dead center of the screen there really nice lets go over here, a little bit. Its a little dryer actually all right. Well that worked out great, so i guess the people tracker. You need to be an optical flow. I wasnt sure of that.

So not a big deal, starting to get a little bit more breezier. Now, all right, so its getting a little bit windy were gon na bring it down right now guys and then were going to. You can hear that wind really starting to pick up, but it is starting to blow this guy around a bit. We are going to hit the return, the home all right, its coming back home guys. I was having a bit of issue with it there all right. All right guys well drone, is trying to fly away on me im trying to return the home right now. You can see we had a bit of issue. We dont panic. It looks like its come back. Wind got a little too breezy for it. You dont panic in a situation like that. This is why you have returned the home were going to let it do. Its thing looks like its back its locked in and its coming down, which is great now taking it out because were a little close to the power lines there. I do have control over it now all right and were gon na bring it down guys right where its at there we go a little bit of a crash, not a big deal, all right guys. Well, we had a little bit of an issue where we were losing control. We were way over there. We hit that return to home button. It got us back to where we needed to be.

I took it out to return the home because i was a little far away and i was worried that we were going to hit something here and and unfortunately, we crashed there, not a big deal, no damage. So what im going to do now is were going to calibrate the gyros now this is what it recommends says right in the manual. If you have a crash and every time you start up the drone, they want you to uh recalibrate, the gyros, which ive just done so were good there now and were gon na get back into the wi fi and into the app here so back to the Hollystone wi fi well start our screen, recording here right away and into the app all right so were good. There now im going to actually get out, because i want to recalibrate the gps. I actually never got out of the app last time so were calibrating the sensors right now. Music, that is done were going to do the magnetic calibration now, which is your horizontal spinning, as it shows on the app there we go now were going to do the vertical and there we go were good cameras back in, and i just want to see. If were going to have any issues i dont expect to but uh Music yeah it uh, definitely uh caught me off guard there. We were having a little issues with it and thought it was flying away.

Returned the home worked great. You never want to panic guys. Always always stay calm. The return the home is there for a reason so were going to get this up in the air now and make sure were nice and rock solid, which were looking great nice and solid goes forward, goes back right and left no issues. Yaw. All right guys, everything works great. The camera is nicely protected within the housing or the body of the drone. There were gon na fly for a couple more minutes here, firsthand look there on what return the home is for and why not to panic right all right! Well, its returning the home on me right now and its because my batterys low, i did not realize the battery was low there, so were just going to bring it down. I didnt check the battery status before we uh before we took off there. Now we do have that second battery im gon na try to land it manually. Here there we go and were good guys, so you can see on the screen, it does say low battery. So that is why it returned the home had enough battery to take off, but you guys decent drone here, the hs175d. You want to grab one of these for yourself check out the link down below in the description.