So this is the holy stone, hs175d gps drone, so its advertised to shoot in 4k and fly for 23 minutes and it comes with two batteries. So double that flight time well see how much flight time we actually get in the flight test coming up next, and you can find this one out on amazon. A product link is in the description box. Now this little guy is 215 grams, so well below the 250 gram registration requirement here in the us and just for context. Let me show you what it looks like compared to the dji mini okay, so heres, the hs 175d on the right and the dji mini 2 on the left. Of course, so you can see that theyre pretty similar in size. The holy stone is a little bit longer and looks like the form factor is just about the same, but once again the holy stone is a little bit longer. Now again, this one is 215 grams. This one is 249 grams. I can definitely feel the weight difference. This is all plastic, much like the dji, which has a its a little bit different kind of plastic, though. Actually i dont know this. One feels a little bit more. I dont know well made, but uh. We should expect that from dji. Nonetheless, lets do another comparison. Look here so, as you can see, pretty pretty similarly sized pretty. Similarly sized this one seems to uh sit up higher, so it seems to sit up higher than the mini 2, but not a whole lot of difference in terms of form factor in size, okay, heres.

What were looking at when the drones are both unfolded and lets go ahead and do that comparison so again, pretty similar. But again the holy stone is a little bit longer than the mini two. So id say its uh just slightly has a slightly bigger footprint and you can see that, but pretty small drones both of them uh. This is really light filling, so im really curious how it will do in a little bit of wind uh, so well, well check that out in the flight test, it has brushless motors two led lights here in the front and an optical flow sensor on the bottom. That works up to 20 feet, heres, where the micro sd card goes. It accepts up to 64 gigabytes Music and once again you can see the two leds up front and notice. There are no leds in the front uh motor pods just on the rear legs here. So you can see that now i mentioned that the drone is advertised to shoot in 4k resolution, but in the manual it says, video resolution is 2688x1512p, not 4k, but photo resolution is 4092 by 3072p, which is 4k so well just have to see when we review The footage whats up with all of that you get two usb chargers for the batteries. It takes a couple hours to charge each battery theres extra props in here theres a screwdriver and extra screws in here, and you get a pretty thorough instructions.

Manual heres, the other battery lets check out the controller now. So this controller has an internal battery. You charge it up via micro, usb right here, heres, where your phone goes, auto, take off auto lan button short press. This button for headless mode, long press to enter compass calibration mode, hit this button to return to home, heres your video and photo buttons tilt the camera up and down with these buttons over here, and this thingamabobber right here is an antenna press n on the right. Stick to change the speeds, youve got low and high, and everything fits nicely in this included carrying case, which is pretty nice. Its kind of a soft cover its a nice handle so lets get outside and get this thing in the air hey were out here with the holy stone. Hs 175 d were going to do the compass calibration lets, go ahead and get inside of the app. So right away looks like its giving us the option to go right into compass calibration mode, so im going to click on that calibration success. Okay, so that must have been the gyroscope calibration. This is to calibrate the compass and you can see its giving us instructions right on the screen. So lets go ahead and do it were going to rotate on the horizontal plane two to three times until the lights go from flashing uh slow, too fast flashing is what the instruction says: Music. Okay, so we can see that the lights are flashing quickly.

Now, im going to point the drone vertically now and were going to rotate once more and looks like uh vertically rotate two to three times until the lights go solid and as you can see thats what has happened here. So we have a successful compass calibration. Please take care of safety, keep a distance of more than three minutes between okay, please wait until the status bar changes from optical mode to gps. Okay, so we have to wait until we have enough satellites and you can see that there in the app you can see that its searching for an adequate number of satellites, thats, usually seven. I dont know that well see how many satellites we acquire here but uh in general thats. How many you want prior to launching – and you can see here – that we can tilt the camera using this uh using this little dial here or slider. I should say on the screen, but we can also do that here by pressing and holding on these buttons on the right see we have a map here we can click in there right. Click back out looks like theres a find drone feature there, really cool uh. Okay, what is this 50 remote control priority unable to switch okay, so thats speed right here are our features, so weve got follow me and uh orbit looks like waypoints, so on and so forth in there and lets go into the settings. If we can okay.

So we can go into beginner mode. If we want were not going to do that, were not beginners and um yeah lets see. We can switch from video to photo here and look at what it says. It says 2.7 k at 25 frames per second thats interesting because remember uh, the product listing says 4k and i dont see any way to change that. So it sounds like or looks like this is actually shooting at 2.7 k. Okay, take note of that all right. I dont know if we have enough satellites or not, but were gon na go ahead and launch. It looks like its still searching uh im gon na see if i can get the motors armed yep. So it will be inward inward here and lets see if we can shut shut, the motors down the same way, yep so to uh power up the motors or start the motors are coming in and to shut down the motors youre coming in again. Okay lets go ahead and im going to take a photo here, so it doesnt look like we get any kind of feedback when taking a photo im gon na. Do that again, all right im, gon na start, the video and lets do an auto takeoff. Okay, looks like you have to uh unlock the motors first and were gon na. Do an all take off there we go. We are in the air. Now remember this has the optical sensor that works up to 20 feet, so this should be pretty stable Music.

I didnt see any indications that this has any kind of electronic image stabilization, so, as you can see its going to pick up all of your movements, okay – and this is the slow speed or low. So you can see how the drone moves thats, how fast the yaw is in low lets. Kick it up to high by pressing in the right stick and looks like the yaw is about the same interesting all right so were in high. I believe so lets go ahead and fly out and just check the speed just doing some low altitude flying here first and letting off the sticks looks like it tries to pick up some good speed. Okay, look at that. So this is a budget gps, drone, okay budget, gps, drone uh were gon na, go back down to low lets, fly it out and the low speed is useful for getting the smoothest footage. But i have to tell you: it: doesnt seem like theres much difference in the two speeds, at least im not noticing it okay and once again we can pan the camera down. Lets see how far down it goes, Music or tilt the camera down. I should say pretty far i dont know if thats straight down yeah, it looks like it is yep point straight down and lets send it back up point it back up and, like i said before, in the opening, this is a pretty light drone. There is really no wind today, so we wont get an indication of how well it does and when, but, as you can see, it holds its position pretty well pretty well, thats, not bad at all.

Okay, im gon na stop the video and im gon na snap off a photo Music. Try it again! Okay, so you do! The screen does kind of flash a little bit lets see if i can use myself as a subject and well take a photo of me me and jelly all right lets see if the drone will stay put, which it is lets, take a photo. Try that again, not getting any indication on the screen were going to try it one more time there we go all right, get the video back going and lets go ahead and give this puppy some altitude there. It goes that video feed looks pretty good, and you see we have some telemetry here. Its showing us. Our height in meters were up there about 50 meters, thats about 150 160 feet and weve got distance as well and looks like um weve got a little bit of a a radar there as well. You can see there in the bottom middle of the screen. Okay, im gon na do a slow pan lets see. Uh lets see what kind of footage we can get here and once again, this is 2.7 k at 25 frames per second 25 frames per second okay. Weve got reed lake out there and im gon na actually pan the camera down a little. If i can just bring it down a little just like that, yeah lets continue to pan pretty good with no wind, not seeing much uh distortion there on the horizon, but i am seeing some.

Let me take that camera all the way up. So we can check that out. Okay, so weve panned. All the way around now all right, im gon na go ahead and fly it out. So thats full stick ahead. Well, stick ahead and you can see what the image is doing as were flying just flying straight out, so you can see that so thats, the type of footage, youre gon na get uh lets, make sure uh. Let me see what speed were in yep were in 50, so thats low lets go up to high, i believe, thats. What we just did lets just ch okay, yeah, so lets see. Im just gon na fly back, pulling the stick back and were just flying back. Full stick, yep id say: thats moving uh quicker and you can see whats happening on the screen, letting off the stick. Now, okay, im gon na go ahead and see. If i can snap off some photos, while we are filming video see what happens here. I think that worked but im gon na stop the video and take a photo there. We go and lets get the video going again. Im gon na fly it back out all right. Im gon na fly the drone back out and then were gon na. Do a return to home lets test that out now i am not 100 certain that we have adequate satellites, because you can see what that icon is doing.

Okay, not real sure of that and im gon na go back to the low speed again. Drone is quite wobbly when, in the fast fast rate, okay lets try return to home were going to press that button right now and you can see on the screen. It says going home lets see what it does so, its climbing nope, its, not climbing at all its just coming back at the same height it was at lets, see what it does. Okay, all right, it has come back im going to check the instructions manual to see what the indication is of having adequate satellites because im not real sure what that indicator is: okay, theres. The drone lets see how close it gets. We took off from there thats, not bad im gon na cancel that just by giving it some throttle, not bad, not bad at all. Okay, lets stop that video, okay im going to start the video again and lets try some of the features so lets click in there lets see. Lets click that first icon, its not optical positioning mode, cant start vision following okay. I guess if you turn off gps, you can use that mode, but lets uh lets keep going lets see what this one is. When the positioning distance between the aircraft and the mobile, i guess its not far away enough lets, go back. Lets try this again less than five meters. Okay, i need to go back even further.

It looks like okay lets press it. Music. Five meters is about 15 feet. Okay, so lets go back even further. Lets try this again boom. I dont know guys. I dont know uh: what is this orbit right? What is it gon na do circle? Okay, we see in the right. Okay, weve got some options here: okay, thats the direction unable to fly around please raise okay, so weve got to go up in altitude. Some and im gon na point that down lets, try it unable to fly around please okay, so, oh, we know what our height is right on the screen. I forgot to just use the telemetry on the screen, so we got to be at least 15 meters high. Please make sure the flight height is higher than the surrounding buildings. Okay, lets click confirm and see what it does. What is it doing? Okay, its doing an orbit? Okay, so this would be you know, kind of a point of interest kind of a thing, so you can see what its doing – and you know these budget drones. They do these these functions. Okay, but you know theyre not the best, but you can see what its doing there all right lets stop that lets see if we give the drone an input, if itll stop nope doesnt look like it looks like we actually have to stop that on the screen. I dont like that. I cant say that i like that okay lets see what else we can do lets try lets try the follow again.

So were plenty high and plenty far away im gon na bring it down and then lets see. If i can point the camera down, so we can get in the frame all right lets walk now. Let me grab the leash here. Lets see what its gon na do, bring it down some okay, i dont know. Is it supposed to follow? Okay, i do believe its pointing towards me. Let me raise that up yeah, its keeping me in the middle of the frame, but doesnt look like its actually oh its moving now. Okay, the video stops for some reason lets see if we can start that again. Okay, so it looks like it is following me: keeping me in the middle of the frame. Okay, that actually works really well lets see if i can get closer see what it does, nope its backing up, thats backing up; okay, so its going to keep that distance. Let me see if i can bring it closer manually yep i cant, but now looks like ive confused it. Its going back, going back, going back, going back, all right lets, walk and see what happens: okay, Music, yeah. Okay, all right! I dont know: okay, im gon na cancel that it works. Okay, but again these budget drones and theyre, not theyre, not the best with these uh with these additional features so lets get out of there lets see what else weve got here. Weve got waypoints right.

Okay lets see if we can use the waypoints im gon na, give it some altitude. How are we doing on battery uh ill? Have a flight clock up in the upper left hand corner to keep track of our flight time? Lets just give it some altitude there. All right now lets see i zoom in i can zoom in im just gon na give it some points to fly theres one theres, two theres three theres four and theres five. Okay. Now how do i get it to do it? Do i press this here? Yes, okay check it out now, thats cool, make sure i have enough altitude, its booking too and uh. I hope it comes back and you can see what the video looks like there. Oh wow, i think thats the first one so its going out to the first one and now its okay yeah its going to the first one. Then its doing the second one out there, and i think i want to give it some more altitude. If i can yep, i can just to make sure we clear any and all obstacles, but its out there doing it and now its going to waypoint three lets go back to the video feed. Oh there, it is right there and its doing its thing. Thats pretty cool. I wish there was a way to control the flight speed, though, to see if we could get smoother footage. All right lets see where we are.

Okay were coming up on four now and i like the fact that you can uh you cant change. The height lets see if we can change the position of the camera nope. The yaw is not functioning so its pretty much locked into its uh direction that its facing, but it works, it works. Cant lie. I was a little bit its a little nerve wracking there. Okay lets see if we can get back over to us now, lets fly back over to us now. There we are lets, come on back and put that camera all the way up there we go okay there. It is all right letting off the sticks, and you can see what happens there, its just going to pick up theres, no gimbal or any kind of stable uh image stabilization or anything like that. So its going to pick up everything uh lets see anything else. This i cant seem to cant start vision, its not an optical positioning mode uh. I wonder if thats a headless mold so lets lets bring it down and lets just lets test it out. Darn good flight time here, uh darn good flight time advertised at 23. Minutes per battery and weve got two batteries and uh doesnt look like its close to slowing down at all, yet, okay, theres the drone guys and, of course it looks like a a little mavic like many of these budget drones, they take their design cues from dji Thats, what it looks like you got the leds in the back theres there arent any identification lights in the front, which is a little bit different.

Okay, uh lets, stop the video and make sure we have it. Okay lets see if we can figure this out im going to press that button. That puts it in headless mode lets see if that does anything. Oh Applause lets back up and lets. Try it again: okay, i cant figure that out ill go ahead and take a look at the instructions manual and see if i can figure that one out but uh lets fly it around a little bit. Im gon na put this sucker in high and lets just uh lets see how it flies as sort of a sporty drone see how it flies. Now we can tell our orientation because we see that the back of the drone has the green lights and when its facing us, we can see those two white leds in the front, but i kind of wish it had some uh red identification lights uh in the Front there, because that definitely helps with keeping keeping orientation of the drone, not super fast Applause at all, but the drone flies well. I cant say that you know we cant say that its sporty cant say its sporty at all, but hey you youre gon na get plenty of flight time out of this drone and in windless conditions its going to be fairly stable. Now, once again, the video youre going to get out of this its unless you fly it very slow and deliberate and lets actually try that lets actually try that im gon na give it some altitude and lets start recording lets go to the low mode and im Just gon na give it a little pitch just a little see if we can get some steady footage here: uh, oh its going home; okay, our battery thats, not home.

Where are you going? Okay, all right? Okay, you found home okay, now its coming home, all right! Thats our battery guys so um curious how much flight time that was but yeah it pretty much stopped and came back and its landing lets see. If we can control it, we can im going to stop it so that i can uh guide it in and uh. Well, land, it and ill put the other battery in and well do that uh smooth video test again and then well wrap this thing up all right, actually, im gon na hand catch it. Why not thats easier all right? Okay, a little information about this optical mode? So optical mode, um, is what the drone will be in when it doesnt have enough satellites. When you have enough satellites, youll see, itll show green uh in gps mode. If uh, the drone has not acquired enough satellites. Itll stay in red and thatll be optical mode. Okay uh, so, as you can see, we have enough satellites here, ive already calibrated the drone, just pull that camera up. Okay were going to go ahead and get in the air im going to start the video unlock the milk tears and im just going to push up on the throttle and get us in the air all right. So what i want to do, we are in the low mode, so i just want to kind of see if i can fly this thing, smooth and steady so that we can get smooth and steady footage lets see what we can do.

Thats really slow and deliberate. There is a little movement but thats pretty still right, thats, pretty still Music, okay, so just pushing ahead here. Just slightly now im going to go ahead and give it some yaw were gon na yaw to the right. Try to stay smooth, okay, wait a minute whats! Our range doing now remember we have this antenna, doohickey uh point it point it towards the drone here lets see. I havent had any range concerns at all, but right now i think were at our range limit. Its 112 meters see, if i can turn the drone yeah right now. I dont have control there. We go lets, try pushing ahead again: okay weve got control again. Okay and i was gon na try a smooth turn but yeah im thinking. Our range is about 125 meters thats, not a lot thats uh lets see lets, say 400 feet give or take about 400 feet. Okay, its still responding, but not very well see, im trying to yaw and its theres a delay uh in the feed there. So, okay, im gon na go ahead and wrap this up. Im gon na give some final thoughts and then uh well wrap up. The video lets see oh check that out its not a bad shot and the skeeters are getting bad and i aint trying to get eaten alive out here so lets lets see if we cant wrap this thing up, take a photo of that.

Why not take another photo here uh? Oh, i hear the darn bugs now all right lets get her home and lets wrap this up. So there you have it: ive always had positive experiences with holy stone drones and i have to say this was another overall positive experience. This is a 200 drone and id say its pretty comparable to other drones at that price. Point just know that youll probably be itching for something better after a while. My top three pros number one flight time number, two, its small compact size and number three video and photos are decent. If you fly slow, my top three cons number one, the quote intelligent features, unquote arent great, but they sell tomorrow. On these budget drones number two: the drone is advertised to shoot in 4k, but actually only shoots in 2.7 k at 25 frames per second and three. You will get some distortion on the horizon if the drone isnt darn near perfectly level in the air and almost forgot, i actually need to add a fourth con, which is limited flight range. In my testing i was only able to get up to 400 feet of range. All right, yall check out some other gadget inspector videos.