I got it’s the hs175 by holy stone here. It is in the box, let’s check it out. Okay, here we go. This is about my fourth or fifth holy stone. Maybe six! I really like them. It has the same case as the hs720 is a lot smaller, but really nice cases. I like it on my other one. So i probably like this one extra battery or a battery looks like it’s got clear wings. That’S kind of neat looks pretty sturdy built. I like that controller, doesn’t, look too bad and i probably have to read on it to see how exactly it opens up everything but most of your uh picture. Video i’m, not exactly sure what those ones are i’d say this pulls up, probably for your antenna, he’s holding here and however, this opens is probably for your phone i’ll. Look into that. A second charging cable spin. This around looks like some guards for the wings and some extra props battery caution, instructions and charging cables so i’m, going to give it a shot and i’ll add to the video later that’s. What you’re getting this was 169 on. Amazon excuse me 159, and i think the price did go back up to 169, so watch for a deal more to come. Hey everybody we’re back here and got a chance to fly the holy stone, drone so i’m, going to tell you a little bit about it! What i think first thing i’m going to tell you is it comes with two batteries and two chargers: it’s awesome.

You could charge both your batteries at once, if you needed to makes a little bit quicker, but you can have one on charge. I have one here fully charged ready to go. This here is a cord to charge your rechargeable remote, pretty crazy. I haven’t had a rechargeable, remote and i’m, not really sure i’m going to like it or not. Yet simply because, if i’m in the field, i always carry extra batteries, if this goes dead in the field i’m going to have to wait for it to charge so that’s, yet to be seen now, the drone does have some little prop guards. It comes with two extra props again two batteries they pop in and out right here. On the end, a little button push that pops right out spot for your sd card. This is the head and the tail have an on off button on the bottom. Here you have some lights. We also have lights here in the front and your camera it’s a 90 degree angle, camera meaning it’ll tilt up down when you’re flying really cool feature the remote try and do this with one hand here you got a couple, little hand. Holes this pops up for your phone, i have a s10 plus and it seems to hold it just fine on and off. This is a take off and landing calibrate your compass and a home button, the top this will tilt your camera at that 90 degrees.

I was talking about switch view from video and picture and snap pictures again. This is a rechargeable. I have a recharging port down here, an antenna on the back it’s a little windy today. So i didn’t get a chance to go super high. I will include some video, though, of the shots. I took very impressive so far. I really like it and i hope you guys do too. This drone cost me 159 on amazon. I’Ll include the leak in the video and i think the price went up 10, but i can’t be positive. There may be a coupon code and this is a holy stone. Hs175 uh. This is about my fourth or fifth holy stone drone and at the moment i think, it’s, probably one of my favorites. If not my favorite hope you enjoyed it. I’Ll include the links in the description.