So lets go ahead and unbox. This drone and lets see what it has to be a good drone. A really good case it has an hd camera. It also has a gps positioning, uh, camera 90 degree adjustment very first impression about this case. It has a really good feel, not really heavy, so heres the main drone, not heavy, but its really. It has a good feel, though, fits on our pump, so it unfolds just like a really familiar drone, dji mavic, and i think it is as big as a dji mavic mini lets. Put it here. Drone battery, i always love remotes from holy stone or holiday, fits well in the palm okay theres a foldable antenna here. One is for video recording. Another is for photo camera up and down okay, so it folds out like this, and there is a mobile holder, usb cable battery charger for drone. The instruction package contains one drone: one transmitter: two batteries: two spare propellers two usb charging cables, one usb charging cable for transmission, so this is for transmitter, propeller guards four and one instruction got it, so they have provided a qr code for both ios and android. So just scan it and download the app photo resolution says 4096×3072 pixel and video resolutions are two zero. Four eight by one zero x, zero. So, for the first time when you try to push the battery in make sure there is a plastic here which covers the the battery connectors, so first remove that and then push the battery in and to remove the battery push the button and pull it out.

Lets. Try to move the camera, let me show you a little zoomed in its coming up. You see its coming down. There is no speed, control and thats. The only movement you have, if you are paying a good amount, why the drone companies are not investing into gimbal and make it more sellable, so lets download an app that they have mentioned. It says hs gsp version 5., so lets go for next prepare and it says calibrate. Okay, so, with the press of a button it started flashing and now it is telling me to rotate horizontally so its calibrated. It has a nice quality, i would say not. The best lets go on a field and try the drone out and see if it is actually flying that good hi and now we are in the park. Uh lets go and open our drone and fly it out and test it lets see if its flying well one eternity later. I never had any issues, even if it was my very first drone, but this one back in the park again. So when i was here last time, i had a very rough time getting this drone up in the air, and the problem was, if i connect this on an app first and then it doesnt connect on the remote controller. But then i talked with the representatives of holy stone and uh. They. They told me that theres a particular sequence that you have to follow: to connect uh to the drone and get the both video footage and the control from the remote controller.

So lets go ahead and try this out and lets see if we can get this drone up in the air. This time. The correct sequence of connecting a drone uh with our application and with the remote controller, is first press and hold to turn on the drone. Turn on the remote controller so to mount the remote controller with the drone. Well, do the left joystick up and down once this is done, bring our phone open. The drone app go and turn on the wi fi should see the wi fi from holy stone. Drone tap on that and it says no internet for now make sure you say yes to this lets go ahead and try to fly the drone. You can take off with the single button here with single button, take off and landing, or you can move this up or move both joysticks in the center to actually activate the mode so to change the speed of the drone. You have to press this, and that means its on the 100 speed which you can see it here right now and if you want to go at a half speed push it again and a single bit and it goes back to half speed. So video is good. Its not great, as i said before, but i mean yeah – this is an fpv drone and fpv footage is great according to me for all the features tap on apps, where you will find rotate around me.

Waypoints follow me and vr mode, which are really cool features to have for such a small drone. Now lets try a waypoint, so waypoint is basically you tell the drone to go a certain place like you, you plan a path for it, so just step on the map where you want it to go Music, and i think you can come back here once you Have the map ready you press the same button here? It sends the data to the drone, and now you can see the drone is actually flying to different locations. So the drone itself has its own gps and it will also read my gps from the phone and it will try to follow me. Okay, so lets try now lets see if it is actually. Yes, you can see, it is actually following me and we can just take a background Music hi guys. We are back in studio and it is time to raid. Our drone here are my ratings for this drone. We can start with features. Ive tried uh rotate around me. Follow me also waypoints, so for follow me and waypoints worked really really great, but rotate around me. Wasnt working fine, its supposed to rotate around me or lets, say rotate around the phone that was connected to it, but it wasnt rotating around the phone. It was rotating around like a point one or two meters away from me and i wasnt, even in the footage. So i would say that feature disappointed me, so i would give four two features: camera stability.

I think this is the one we should talk about. Camera stability wasnt great because even if the small blow of a wind will drift the drone away from you and that also affects the footage quality. So i would give stability three out of five so for camera. I wouldnt just go ahead and rate something because it depends on what are you planning to do with the camera output? Is it for your photography or videography, or are you going to use this drone for fpv purposes so for video and photo footages? I would rate the camera three, but for fpv i would actually rate it 4.5, because i tried the uh fpv mode in vr headset and it works like a charm so for fpv go ahead and buy this drone, its really good drone, but for, if youre planning To use it for photography or videography, i would say you can look more into the market and go with a better camera. The next one is how easy this drone is to use. The drone is really easy to you know, get in the air and fly around, but if youre applying to get the footage on your app because of the current app version, it is very glitchy. I would rate this three and the final, and the most important is flight time. They claim that the flight time is around 20 25 minutes, but what i experienced was around. It was between 15 to 20 minutes, so its not bad, its, not great its good.

So if youre planning for uh fpv practice – and just you know, learn uh if you want to learn how to fly drone, this is a good drone and 30 minutes for two batteries is a really great time. Overall for this zone, i would rate 3.5 out of 5, which is a really good rating for a drone guys so thats it from this video guys and dont forget to click and watch a video about how i made my nano leaf, which i call rickshaw and The link for that will be somewhere here.