If i can see, if i can pull this sucker out bam. What what we got here, i paid about 100. Well, i think it was on sale. I paid like 140 140. I paid let’s pull this. This is my go to this is my d j i mavic. This is what i this is my go to drone, but since i’m always shopping around, i had to try out the holy stone. Hs175 let’s see what we got here, see what we got here. We got extras extras plugs. We got plugs charger, um guards, propellers, probably a little tool in there, i’m guessing maybe i’m, not sure. I only got one hand see what we got right here. That’S, the battery man that’s a damn nice controller that’s in here, hold on see if i can get the controller out, not bad i’m sure the phone man they’re doing their best to have do the mavic they’re doing the best. This is almost like a mavic. A little bit cheaper anyway, i don’t know we’ll, do a better video of me with it all together, but uh see we got here. I got ta hold on one second lights out lights out, i’ll be right back hold on. I have to get two hands. Hmm interesting hold on hold on interesting hold on i’ll, be right back hold on all right i’m back. Are you there check it out, so man that’s about the same size as my mavic folds out a little bit different, a little bit different camera setup looks like it has forward.

Sensors looks like it might have vertical sensor vertical and um. It has sensors fellas and girls. I can’t wait to fly this drone. This one’s, this one seems more getting away from the toy drones that i bought so uh, yeah, i’m gon na do a really good review on this guy anyway, i’ll be back. So i got the um hs, i believe, it’s, the one seven five holy stone, one, seven five holy stone, 175 um let’s – see if i can get it to fly, i can’t get the download um let’s see we got here. I think it’s on it’s kind of windy out right now so and we got we’re about ready to go mountain biking. I think i need to let’s put this in here. I got ta look at something real, quick, it’s, probably the same calibrating compass. I should have done all this before, but of course i never it’s windy. I might not be able to fly it hold the drone horizontally. Okay, i’ll be right back okay, that wasn’t good. Ah, did i start it that wasn’t good? Why do i always crash them? Oh no gone. I think it’s too windy all right that wasn’t successful all right, so we’re looking for the drone it pretty much got. I don’t know if it likes flying in the wind and it’s all it’s super gnarly back in here hold on it’s, so gnarly that thing this took off and went completely, not the right direction.

Why does it always do that? I don’t even know if i’ll find this thing, you see it where’s penny claudia found it got like sparks in my mouth. Oh it went. It went way over there. Pinners come on holy, maybe that’s. What holy stone stands for is holy. Oh she’s way over there. All right, we got it back i’m, not flying it again. Today. So yeah i’m out, we got ta, go mountain biking. I don’t know if that’s a good way so there’s the drone you’re. What i’m like right here, you you’re! Damn! Oh okay! I got it yup um pinners, penny pinners. All right, we got the drone back. Doesn’T appear to be broken, even though i hit a tree at full speed when all i was trying to do was i don’t even pinners come on. Oh all right so flying that hs 175 holy stone did have a bunch of problems with it, but it was super windy that day, uh, oh and it’s doing the i don’t know what’s going on here. That control is wrong. Penny, hey it’s, like this control, is off that’s what it did last time. I don’t know how the and i can’t get it to connect. Oh, i lost it again. What sucks is the other day i didn’t get the video of the drone flying away like it did today the same way, but it was super windy like super freaking, windy and now i’m.

Looking for that piece of crap, i don’t know where it went. I like lost it visually and it like man, it wouldn’t come back. I mean that’s this isn’t. This is the h. The holy stone 175.. I don’t know what’s up with it. I mean and the app never all the apps don’t ever connect. I don’t know i’ll be back i’m trying to locate it. I found it. I found it what the hell piece of dog crap. I found it anyway, let’s uh let’s, see if we can fly it back and not lose it holy sorry for cussing. Damn it! Ah. Is it on let’s see if we can’t, i can’t this thing might not be charged. That could be my problem. Oh sorry, for cousins, let’s see if we can get her to fly this time, but this doesn’t want to that’s side to side now. This should be back, and this should be forward. Hey it’s working kinda, all right, i’ll, just maneuver it i’ll just have to maneuver it. Does it go forward. I think it’s fighting the wind there’s a little bit of wind right now, so let’s bring her back. I mean ah doesn’t like coming back like that doesn’t like i have to fly it backwards for some reason, but then i can fly it forward, but in the wind for some reason it likes coming back backwards. I don’t know it’s not really coming back yeah. It is, let me grab my phone.

I still couldn’t get. I got to read into this guy. I still couldn’t get it the um. I still couldn’t get it well. It doesn’t like when i do that it doesn’t like that tender’s with me, i’m, not even paying attention she’s like way the hell over there let’s see if i can catch it i’m going to have to play with this drone more. I am going to give it a good review. I just got to figure it out. I don’t think it’s me i mean i think it’s me, i don’t think it’s the drone. I just have issues it’s, not easy, and now this flew away from me, even though i’m i have the stick like all the way come on. I think it might be this a little too windy. I mean it’s 5 10 miles an hour right now. I don’t know let’s see if i can run this battery out and fly her back to where we got ta, be we’ll, walk the dog or walk the cat or whatever it’s called oh no don’t go don’t go don’t, go baby, all right i’m walking through this Rocky this craziness right now tripping tripping pennies over there. I don’t know if you guys can see all right, let’s see if i can catch it or maybe not let’s see if we can see if we can bring her back let’s see if we can bring this dog back, you know what let me just catch it.

I still got oh penny watch out. Sorry for cousin i’ll try to put a chicken noise in there. For that got it i mean it’s, not a bad drone. I got ta figure. This thing out. I got ta get it the hook up to my cell phone and um. I don’t know i got lucky. I even found it i’m gon na have to read into it more. It was 140 bucks. I mean, i definitely recommend you got ta read in. I haven’t really read in other than the simple how to start it and it probably takes a yeah. It takes an sd card as well, so i don’t even have an sd card in there um. I have to get back on this drone, but i am going to post a video on it and uh yeah. I mean i’m sure you’re going to find it humorous because it did fly into the back of my truck and um. We had. We had to look for it just like i look for it now and um. I don’t know i’m gon na say this drone’s all right, i just got ta i got ta. I got ta learn more. I got ta practice.