Do it anyways man i’m out here with the holy stone, hs 175 um shout out to holy stone for sending this over. I already did the review on this guy, but today man, i want y’all a little something different today, i’m going to do a little, even though it’s breezy and it’s kind of gloomy and crappy. I want to do a little uh brief uh range test without the wi fi, so essentially, what i’m gon na do is just boot. This guy up take off and fly it now. I do have a sd card in there. I will record it directly to the sd card and have that come up on the screen, for you guys and just basically do a line of sight range test go directly straight out, see how far i can take it before i lose sight of it and see How far i can get with this bird all right before either automatically returns home or i have to just return it myself, alright guys so let’s go ahead and do this now, if you haven’t seen this quad before it’s a it’s in a lot of a resemblance To a mavic, you know what i’m saying it’s got the real mavic look to it here. It is it’s a folder check it out guys real nice foldable joint um. It is brushed brush gear motor, so it’s not brushless all right. So you got to keep that in mind as well did come with two batteries here’s one i have oops, i just dropped it.

I just dropped the quad don’t do that um, but yeah has a 2k 2k video, 4k uh camera, so we’re gon na just boot. This guy up guys give me a second to boot. This guy up and we’ll get ready for our flight. All right i’ll be right back all right guys, so we are here with the holy stone. Hs, 175 and we’re gon na do a quick range test without the wi fi i don’t have the phone hooked up or nothing like that. So i do have the a 16 gigabyte sd card and a sd card slot, so we’re just going to do a range sand. Man just line of sight, see how far we can get with no wi fi. I did do the compass calibration and, if you guys just for your info, if you want to know how to do that without the wi fi, you just press this button here the lights will flash slowly. You do vertical three to five times. They will start flashing rapidly and turn green, and then you do um uh, horizontal horizontal or vice versa, three to five times and then it’ll go to solid, green, all right guys so that’s how you do the compass calibration without the wi fi and everything like that By just pressing this button here in the middle, without that too much more being said, guys we’re going to fly this holy stone, hs 175, but it’s down inboard to start the motors so do down the inboard and automatic takeoff so i’m just gon na.

Let it sit there for a minute make sure we got gps locked, not touch nothing, not touching anything at all. Just kind of coming down just a tad bit so i’ll bring her up just a little bit all right, guys so i’m gon na start, the recording lights are flashing, so that’s. Let me know that it’s recording because you got the lights in the rear, flashing and we’re, going to just send this guy out guys. Oh, let me put up my uh antenna. There is an antenna in the back of the transmitter. Make sure you put that up for your best signal? I have that parallel to the quad and we’re going to just go up, go up and go out, let’s go up and go out and the thing about this being gray and the sky being all gloomy and gray. I might lose sight of this thing pretty quick. I hope not so see how far we can get with this thing see how far we can get with it. No wi fi, hopefully i don’t lose my quad it’s, like a little dot now i know if i make it to that road over there that’s about 600 meters. I believe that’s, like 2 000 feet at that road. If i get to that road over there that’s, like 2 000 feet, something like that, i know and now it’s pretty much a dot i’m just pushing forward pushing forward pushing forward. So i completely lost sight of it now and i’m just still pitching forward guys.

I have no idea kind of like where it’s at right now, so i don’t know if i’m still going forward or not. You know so i’m just going to go ahead and press return to home. Hopefully it returns because i completely lost sight of it. It was like it just completely disappeared in the gray abyss out there. I hope it’s coming back. I hope so i hope it’s coming back. Oh man, i don’t see anything guys. Oh yeah, i do. I see it it’s coming back, yes, return to me. I see it guys it is coming back. Ah awesome that is so neat so kind of curious of, if i even made it out to that road, i completely took it out, so i couldn’t see it no more guys, i’m kind of curious. I was just pitching forward the whole time until i just didn’t feel comfortable anymore and there it is up there, look at it. Look at it, it’s so gloomy today, guys, but i just wanted to get out here and test this bird wow. That thing came back to me all right, holy stone, i’m impressed. I am impressed it’s coming down now it’s coming on down now, wow guys, and i took over there’s a case over there it’s coming down pretty close there. It is wow the hs 175 bye bye. Your boy draws the dogs, man all right guys, so there you have it quick, just uh line of sight range test with no wi fi of the holy stone.

Hs. 175. Let me stop that recording so hopefully that recording saved to the sd card. You know what i’m saying, hopefully i have some recording to save for you guys and we’re going to just guestimate about how far we got if we made it out to that road. I know that road out there is, like 2 000 feet. So i appreciate you guys for watching this is the holy stone hs175, not a bad bird. You see it return to papa from my long long raised line of sight sin line of sight sinned, so i appreciate you guys watching don’t forget to like and subscribe catch.