This one is kind of on the toy grade part of the spectrum with drones, but it still has enough advanced features that i figured it was worth showing it to you. This is the holy stone hs 175 now it’s a product that is probably appropriate for uh children uh, you know under adult supervision once they learn how to fly it. You know, i think you could turn them loose to it with it, but also it has enough features on it that it would be appealing, i believe, to an adult that just wants to try out the hobby. Uh and you know, doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on a drone, but just wants to see if flying a drone is something that they’re interested in and when i say flying a drone again on my channel, we uh primarily deal with gps camera drones. So uh, what we’re always looking for is decent uh video and decent playability with the drones let’s. Just uh quit messing around let’s, pull it out of the out of the case here and show it to you. So there you go that’s uh that’s. What the drone looks like in the case – and i always appreciate it when they give you a you, know the complete kit and you’re. Not then, if you just buy a drone in a box you’re trying to figure out how to carry this stuff around in a backpack or something like that.

Well, in this case, they give you everything you need to carry it around. So let’s take a look at the drone, so this is a folding drone. It is under 200 grams, so you’re not going to have to register this with the faa. Anything under 249 grams does not require uh registration uh. It uh you’ll see the the camera on the front here right there and that you’ll also notice that there is no gimbal on this guy it’s, just a fixed camera. You can adjust it 90 degrees up and down, but there’s no gimbal on there. So you’re not going to get stabilized video and it doesn’t have electronic image stabilization either. So you, you can count on fairly shaky video and it is uh 2k by 2080. So some people call that 1080 video some people call it 2k whatever it is. The exact number is, let me read it here, so i get it right. It is 2048 by 1080p and it will also shoot pictures as well, but you’ll take a look at it here, uh. What does it remind you of? Well, it looks a lot like the mavic mini. No doubt that was the inspiration for uh for the shape of this drone uh, but it but it’s, no mavic mini uh don’t buy this thinking that you’re getting a bargain version of uh of the mavic mini because it just simply isn’t gon na have the range. The flyability uh nor the camera quality of that drone doesn’t mean it’s a bad drone.

It just means that it’s not that so the battery. Typically, as these drones go right in the back here, let’s pull it out and you know there you can see that little guy it’s a lipo battery and you do get two of them in the kit. It is uh 7.6 volt, uh, 1300 milliamps. They are claiming and i’m looking on my paper here, a flight time of 22 minutes now, every drone manufacturer – and i am telling you every drone manufacturer – exaggerates their their flight time. The reality is, if you get 15 minutes flight time, you’ll be probably doing pretty good and that’s. Okay, i mean 15 minutes is a long time to have a drone in the air. Folding props, as you can see so it’s got a lot of advanced features and it it feels pretty good. It feels like it’s, pretty decent quality a lot of these drones. The plastic is really thin on them and so forth. This guy feels pretty well built a couple of features i want to show out to you. You’Ve got the power button here on the top and just a long press will fire up the drone and you can see the lights flashing on the drone there and we’ll turn it back off again a long press to shut it down. I do want to point out that it does have an optical flow sensor on the bottom, in this price range that’s phenomenal.

What does an optical flow sensor do well that helps tell the drone when it’s at lower altitudes it can tell if it’s, moving or not by looking at the ground, and so it helps it stay in place. I do want to point out that they do give you a second battery in this kit, which is really handy and then the other thing. Let me show it to you here: they give you two chargers which is really cool so that you’re not stuck charging one battery at a time and it is a proprietary charger. So you need this to charge the batteries on it, but they give you two of them so uh, that’s, that’s, pretty handy and you just plug that into a you know. Your usual 2 amp usb charger and it’s got a light in here. The light the green light will blink while it’s charging once that light is solid. You know, then that is fully charged and again they give you two of them. So you can charge both batteries at one time i’m, not going to pull everything out here, but they also give you a couple couple: extra props and some prop guards now uh the prop guards uh. You may, if you’ve got a a younger flyer and you may want to put the prop guards on there. I will not, but it’s also good to have some some extra props in case you need them, so they also give you documentation, and this is a fairly easy to read manual.

Sometimes the documentation on these drones is not very clear. I found this one to be very clear and covers most everything. The thing that it doesn’t cover that i noticed is the intelligent flight modes uh, the orbit, waypoints, etc uh. But those will be in the app and should be fairly intuitive, and when we do the flight portion of the test, we’ll stumble through it together and we’ll. Take a look and see how those work here’s the remote for the hs175 and well i’m, going to say it definitely is a kind of a toy grade feeling remote. It is also fairly well well built now it just has a single antenna. Now i can’t tell if that antenna has a wire in it or not. If it’s, just there for looks or or if it’s the real deal, i tend to believe that it might be the real thing, because why would they put just one if they wanted to make it look? You know professional data put two of them on there. So uh it’s, i think very likely it probably is a real antenna. So you’ll want to flip that up and then uh you’ve also got a couple of handles here that flip down and you could fly the drone with those still flipped up or not. But i do want to point out to you something very important: it’s got a micro usb charge port there. Why is that important? That also always helps for the power of the charger i found or excuse me the power of the remote control.

I found that remotes that simply use aaa batteries or double a batteries. They just quite don’t, quite have the power so it’s encouraging that this has an internal battery i’m. Just looking on here on the back here, it says it’s a 380 milliamp battery inside there and it does include a charge, cable, so charge cable, so usb to micro usb, and you would simply plug that micro usb into the into the remote. The usb end into a charger and charge this guy up now. How do you know when it’s charged or not well, let’s open it up here, and this is where your smartphone would hold in there and it looks like it’s going to be stay wide enough for i’ve got an iphone max, so it should fit in there. Uh. Pretty good and then i don’t know if you’re going to be able to see it, but there is a little light there and that light will be red while it’s charging and when it goes out. You’Ll know that it’s fully charged. So the controls are pretty simple. You’Ve got a power button right here. You have a one key, take off button right there, the middle button. There is a compass calibration button. You push that to calibrate the compass and then uh one key return or return to home button. Is that last one there and, if you’re out someplace – and you just want the drone to come back and land press that button and it will via gps, come back and land now on the back of the drone here single push here to start recording single push On the next one to take a picture, and these two buttons are how you adjust that camera up and down, and while i haven’t tried it yet i’m sure it probably goes in increments up and down.

So i realized i didn’t mention the gimbals on the front of the controller. This is yawing back and forth on this one power throttle up and down so raise altitude drop altitude roll this way and pitch this way, so uh yeah pretty standard stuff. So i made myself some notes here: uh and i think i’ve talked about most of this already but uh. I just want to make sure they’re saying that it has a max transmission distance of 300 meters that’s, just under a thousand feet uh. It says outdoor and unobstructed now what i’m going to tell you is you’re not probably going to want to fly that far. I would not fly this more than 100 meters out, probably that you know that’s about 300 feet. This is not a drone you’re going to get a lot of range out of so my advice would be to keep this guy pretty close and, and we may try that out a little bit uh when we do our test flight and we’ll see uh. You know what kind of range it can get uh, but that said uh it also uh they’re, saying a max supported sd card is 64 gigabyte. I’Ll, be honest with you you’re not going to need one that big. I would just grab a 16 gigabyte card. Uh, probably just a u1 card would be more than enough for this for this guy and it does, i forgot to show you where the sd card slot is and it’s right there, so you just push an sd card slot in there now.

I noticed uh that i was reading some of their ad and they said that it saves pictures to your mobile device so i’m, assuming it would save them both your mobile device and the sd card. Don’T know for certain. I can tell you the i’m quite certain that the video will be saved to the sd card and often if it does save to the mobile device. It is of lesser resolution than what you get on the sd card. So i realized that i didn’t show you the box that the drone comes in when i, when i started the video. So here it is, and let me tell you what comes in the box here, so you get the drone itself. The transmitter uh two batteries, two spare propellers two usb charging cables, one uh charging cable for the transmitter and the propeller guards and the manual – and we looked at all that stuff. So i guess that’s uh that’s about it. There’S really only one thing left for us to do and that’s to take this guy out and fly it so uh. What i’ll do is, i will take it out to the park and we’ll, take it out for a flight and and we’ll try a waypoint mission with it we’ll. You know we’ll do aside from just normal flight and seeing how it flies and see what kind of video we can get. We’Ll try a waypoint mission, uh we’ll, try the orbit mode and we’ll try the follow me function that comes with the drone and we’ll see how all that stuff works, and mostly we just want to see how it flies.

Like i said i’m going to tell you you’re not going to get stabilized video with this drone, you will get video, hopefully it’ll be clear and jello free, but but the video is going to be jumpy just because this is not a stabilized camera on the front And so that’s to be expected. Another thought before i uh take this out in that is that i again want to talk about who this drone is probably for uh. If you’ve got uh kids that want to try and fly a drone, i think i would do it first with adult supervision but i’m quite sure that once they learn how to fly, they could go out on their own with it and then, if you’re, an adult And you just want to see if gps camera drones are something that you would like to try and are interested in. This is a good way to start so. Let’S quit messing around and let’s go out and let’s get this bird in the air. Hey everybody marcus crawford here with the idaho quadcopter channel, uh we’re out in the field now with the holy stone, hs175 uh folding quadcopter. Now i got a little story. I need to tell you before we start here. I actually came out yesterday to film this segment out in the field and had a lot of trouble with this guy. I could not get uh the the app to connect to my iphone 11.

tried all kinds of different tricks made sure i had all the settings. Okay and the iphone uh, you know, went over the manual again with a fine tooth comb looked up some things online. In any case, i couldn’t get this guy to fully connect. It would partially connect to the app, but not fully so i have also have an iphone 10 at home, and so i messed around with that last night and i was able to get this iphone 10 to connect to the app so back out today to try This out now why that is, i have no idea. Both of them are 5g phones, etc. Uh no idea all the permissions were correct within the iphone it just didn’t work, so that’s, something to bear in mind if you, if you buy this drone and then also i’ve, had a few occasions that the uh rc for the holy stone drone would not correct Connect correctly to the drone uh, so don’t know what that’s about either but uh, but we’re going to give it another shot. Today, i’ve got two fully charged batteries and we’re going to see if we can get this get this little guy in the air. So give me just a second and we’ll: get fired up, okay, so the first step here is to fire up the drone and i’ve got it down on the ground here laying flat. You need to do that to get a good gyro calibration so i’m going to get down and turn it on, and that is simply a long press of the of the power button and then i’ve already connected it to wi fi on this drone, so uh let’s Let’S go ahead and and turn on the controller that’s the power button right here and then to connect to bind the controller to the drone.

You simply with the left, stick go up and then down and you’ll see we have a solid green light there. So that means we’re connected we’re, going to be able to tell here, in a second i’m, going to click on the app here. This button that says prepare and calibration, and this will be the gyro calibration so i’m going to click on that sensor calibrating. It says – and it did calibrate so we’re good so now we’re going to do the uh, the magnetic calibration so i’m, going to click calibrate again, so let’s go into the app again and i’m going to try one more time here: one two: three yeah and it’s. Just not taking it okay, so we’re gon na try something different here. We’Re gon na hit the uh calibration button on the uh controller Music yeah that seemed to work so now, let’s tip it up. The rear lights were flashing, uh, quickly, yeah and now the lights are solid. The rear lights on the drone are solid, so it says we’re good and we do have uh fpv on the drone, so that’s good uh. We should be ready to go here, let’s see if we can pick the camera up, so this is kind of the same issue that i had yesterday. Let’S let’s see if we can arm the motors and you arm the motors by going both sticks down and in yeah and nothing. So, interestingly enough, i was able to get the controller to work uh yesterday and i flew it a little bit.

But today, even though the controller i have the solid light, says it’s connected to the drone. Nothing – and i had this problem last night and i wondered if it’s just because i didn’t have gps. Okay, so let’s uh let’s try something here: i’m gon na hit take off on the app. Please unlock the drone first well. I’D love to do that, but it won’t uh it’s just not happening yeah. So, interestingly enough, okay, so i’m, going to i’m going to turn the power off on the controller and we’re going to power it back up and see if we can rebind. So to do that, you simply hit the power button and the green light is blinking up and then down as soon as the green light is solid. Then you’re connected so let’s. Try that again i’m going to move closer to the drone Music. So what’s interesting. Is we do have some kind of a connection because, as you’ll recall when i, when i hit the uh the button to calibrate the compass, it worked so clearly the thing is connected uh. But this just uh. This is distressing because, if you’re a beginner you’re not going to want to mess around with this stuff, so uh let’s try that one more time – and i had a little bit of this kind of problem yesterday, but overcame it. Okay, so here’s. What i’m going to do i’m, going to again i’m going to power everything off we’ll, go through this whole system again and and see if we can get this guy going.

What do you know? I got the motors to power up so let’s see if we can start up the app and we got nothing on the app yet okay let’s make sure that we are connected. We are connected via wi, fi uh, so let’s fire up that app again there we go okay. At least we have hey, listen, we might have this miracle of miracles. So the only thing i can say that i did different. That time is that i, before i connected to the app i turned on the controller, so let’s try that again, okay, hey we’re gon na get take off here, so i’m gon na hit take off on the app hey all right. Look at that there we go unbelievable i’m shocked, so we’ve got it in the air let’s see. If we can pick up the camera i’m hitting up on the camera there we go. Okay, cut the camera up a little bit, let’s bring the drone up. I’Ll turn it around and bring it in here a little bit and you’ll see the drone sinking there. A little Applause, Music let’s get a good shot of it here, rock it back and forth. Although on this guy there’s, no gimbal. So no point in that really: okay, i’m gon na back it up just a little bit just for the fun of it and uh let’s see if we can start uh recording on the controller. Now yesterday i had an issue with this uh.

When i hit the button on the controller it didn’t give me any indication on the app so let’s try it right now. One click hey look at that, so where it says we started, recording so that’s good. So we started. Recording let’s. Do our usual droney we’re, going to go, uh, reverse and up so reverse and up and the drone is there you go so let’s point the camera down just a tad and let’s go back and up a little more so just as you would expect, because there Is no gimbal you’re going to see a lot of rocking back and forth and so forth on the on the uh app here with the camera, the camera is limited to uh to to the pitch and roll of the drone, because there’s, no so, for instance, right Now you see it looks a little crooked that’s, because the drone is uh, probably fighting a little bit of wind up there and it’s a little uh uh a little sideways in the in pointing towards the wind and uh we’ve got good telemetry we’re uh uh 72 Meters out and 22 meters high, so the first thing that we want to do here is test return to home. So let’s do that right now i hit return to home and look at that. It says coming home, so that’s good, hey, i’m, starting to feel good at this starting to feel like we made some progress, so the drone is coming back just a little bit crooked it’s dog legging a little bit let’s see if we can point that camera down And you can kind of see where it’s at it’s gon na be a little ways away.

I’Ll pick the camera back up, yeah, well, it’s it’s, coming in closer it’s zeroing in so it’s gon na land, oh i’m, gon na say about a foot and a half from the uh from the landing pad there. You saw that take off okay, uh let’s uh fire up the motors again let’s see if we can take it for a little flight around the park. Let’S see how well it does there. We got the motors to fire up i’m going to hit take off on the controller and yeah. It did just fine took right off and boy. We had a little gust of wind come up but it’s doing. Okay uh. We got like uh eight mile, an hour winds today, so it’s kind of windy, trying to pick the camera up here a little bit, but i think it’s kind of pushing in towards the wind Music. This isn’t uh the most powerful drone so i’m, not going to take it too high off the ground in these kind of winds, let’s see if we can pick up that gimbal a little more there, we go that’s better there. We can see a little bit of the horizon. Let’S see how far out here we can get the drone it’s supposed to have a 300 meter range. I am not going to recommend that we’re gon na go out here about a hundred meters. According to this thing and we’ll see how it does so, there’s a hundred meters and i still have good control – i’m testing control of the drone and we’re only nine meters high.

We can probably go a little higher than that. Let’S let’s go up a little ways and let’s go further out towards that corner of the park and, as you can see, as i give it a forward pitch, you can see the the drone pitches down a little bit, but we’ve got it seems. You know good fpv that the fpv seems to be holding up pretty well go a little further yeah. The wind seems to be pushing it back here so i’m not going to push my luck, i’m, going to turn it around i’m, going to try and turn it around yeah. I am. I am not able to yaw the drone so i’m going to hit return to home on the controller let’s see if the drone takes the command. While we still have fpv the drone isn’t taking any commands from the controller there we go, i was able to get it on the app so on the app it uh it. It took the command. So i guess what i’m going to tell you is. I would i would keep this drone fairly close and obviously you’re not going to be able to go so i’m going to have very long range like i said they say: 300 meters, i i wouldn’t fly it i would fly to. I wouldn’t take it out more than 100 meters, which is about 300 feet and at this price range of a drone that’s reasonable about halfway through the battery i’m gon na see.

If i can cancel that return to home – and i could – and i did that with the controller so once we got a little bit closer in the controller – worked fine, so let’s uh let’s take the drone back up Music i’m going to go back up in the Air and i’m going to see if we can do a little bit of a waypoint mission, so i’m going to click on uh. I clicked on those looks like blocks in the bottom left and then i’m going to click on that yeah, and so we got the map here yeah. The problem is without having this. This phone that i have does not have a cell connection so uh we re. We don’t have a map on there, which can make it a little bit tough but let’s. Just put maybe a couple points: let’s get in really close here: Music and let’s just do a couple of points, three points and uh and let’s upload that to the drone and let’s see what it does and it is uh it’s, going to its first point: it’s It’S doing it just fine, okay, let’s let’s go back to this, so you can see it on picture so it’s at the uh it’s. Going to the first point, which is way further out than i thought seems to have stopped. Yeah we’re gon na we’re gon na take it out of that so let’s see how do we end that? Oh, no, there it’s at its first point so and it’s going to its second now, okay, i was a little concerned there.

So, okay, so now uh, we lost all the points on there. So i’m going to hit return to home now cancel we do not want it to land. We won’t return to home, okay, so the drone’s coming back. So we lost connection there again and i just walked out into the field uh until i could get connection again uh with the uh with the app and i hit return to home, so so it’s coming back. So the problem it looked like it worked. The problem was uh. Those the uh points that i set on for the waypoints were just way too far out there, because i didn’t have a map. It was hard to tell the distance okay we’re going to cancel this return to home and let’s see. If we can get it to do an orbit so i’m going to back it out into the field, okay, we’re, going to back this guy out of ways. So what’s odd is uh. You know i have limited. Sometimes this controller actually controls the drone and sometimes it doesn’t. I was trying to change the pitch of the camera there and was unable to do it, and sometimes i can sometimes i can’t so i’m going to go back and we’re going to see. If we can do an orbit yeah there. I got the camera to move a little bit and that could just be a delay that i’m seeing in in the fpv lag.

So i clicked on circle, so let’s go ahead and start confirm and the drone should be spinning around now and i should be able to oh it’s orbiting me, so i understood the uh probably understood the directions wrong. So my understanding was. Is that you would you could back it off let’s see if we can nah, though, if when i read the instructions, it said you could back it off with the stick and and clearly clearly it’s not doing that, but we did get an orbit. So i have to say that’s a good thing so now, how do we stop that orbit? There remains a question. Okay, we clicked on it again. Cancel circle ply, so i couldn’t see the same little blocks there. I simply clicked on that to cancel. There was no actual cancel button, but as soon as i clicked on that it stopped so let’s see if we can do a follow me and we’re getting pretty good flight time here by the way. Uh i’m gon na lower the drone down here a little ways and we’re gon na do we’re gon na well heck let’s, try a uh optical it’s, not optical positioning mode, cannot start vision following so i don’t know what that means, but evidently it’s not gon na. Do that yeah i tried drawing a square around i didn’t. Okay, so let’s! Try it gps, so we’re going to click, confirm holy cow. The drone’s going nuts yeah we’re going to take it out of that yeah, the the uh, the drone uh, really uh – really took off there, so that was not uh.

That didn’t make me feel good. Okay, i’m gon na get out here a little bit further. We’Ll. Try that again, okay, so i’m gon na hit that and gps follow and it’s going nuts yeah. I don’t recommend that gps follow the drone, just started going sideways and and uh yeah. That is uh. I i’m not going to recommend that whatever it was doing it wasn’t it wasn’t following me or the uh or the phone here so uh it’s interesting. We still have a lot. We still have about half battery, so let’s get a little height again see. If i can pick up that camera once more, it can be uh uh. The the controls can be kind of sluggish, so i’m gon na i’m gon na fly it out to that towards the other corner of the park here. Whoops, well, that was interesting, Music and the drone i don’t know if the drone yeah. So we have a connection again, but the drone did a return to home so yeah it must have been low battery. So that was weird. It just uh the app crashed and and the drone uh, so the drone went. It clearly went into low battery return to home, but uh the app crashed there and now it’s saying low battery and the funny thing about it is just the second before that. It still had a half battery on there so that battery meter is a little wonky i’d.

Be careful, although i will say it seemed like we got pretty good flight time. I do have another battery uh let’s, uh let’s put another battery in it and let’s see. If we can take some pictures with the drone, try that and then maybe we’ll try a waypoint mission again. Okay, i had to restart our screen recording again there but uh. It looks to me like we’re, ready to go. We’Ve got a full battery. I did the calibrations now i want to note that the only way that it seems i could get a good, hey, listen, look at this. We got control of the camera again too. The only way that i could get it to do. The magnetic calibration is by pressing the middle button on the controller i couldn’t do it from the app it just didn’t seem to work. So the other thing that i did is uh in between changing batteries. I hooked this phone up to my other phone. That does have a cell connection and i went back into the app and i’m hoping that i loaded the maps and – and it looks like it on the screen here so i should be able to uh – do a little better job on a waypoint mission. So let’s quit messing around and let’s take off and we’ll even try the speed modes here and see if we can see a difference so down and in to start the motors and they fired up.

I hit takeoff on the controller that worked so so far. So good let’s go ahead and start recording i’m going to push that here on the controller and that’s right now, i want to say that last battery, hopefully it saved that last video that i did with it, because when the app crashed it didn’t show that it Was recording, i tried to turn it off, so i don’t know if it closed out that file, i may have lost that file might be corrupt, so so let’s go ahead and take it up in the air here and we’ve started, recording and let’s see. If we can map out a waypoint mission here and we’re going to try and get one that’s really close, so i am going to go and and look at it’s got. It’S got a circular area there that doesn’t make a lot of sense, but but i’m going to go one there, one there one there one there and one in the middle, so that’s five way points and let’s see if we can get the drone to take that. So i sent it to the drone and the drone is going up, so it must have a minimum height for waypoints, went up to 17 meters and it’s moving it’s heading to that first waypoint and boy, oh boy, it is different than it shows on the map. Here because it’s going out there a ways, but it is moving now to the second waypoint and it’s it’s moving right along.

I don’t. I don’t see any speed indicator on this drone, but now let me tell you it’s moving and it’s almost to the second way. Point there it is on its way to the third let’s uh, and let me tell you what it’s moving right along and and – and i can tell you that the dots that i put on this map are are it’s it’s out there further than what it looks Like on the map, i guess is the best way to say that so now, we’re on our way to the fourth way point which is out there a ways so let’s see where it goes now, it’s turning heading to number five, and let me tell you what It pitches right forward heads for that waypoint. It doesn’t mess around okay, so it’s at its last waypoint. So let’s go let’s, go back into the app here and now we see a gentleman out there playing a little golf. It looks like so i’m going to yawn around and we’re going to go out to this other corner and we’re, getting a pretty good breeze here so uh i don’t want to get too carried away i’m going to drop some altitude and we’re going to pitch forward A little bit and that’s the thing when you don’t have a when you don’t have a gimbal. The drone will pitch forward when you head forward, so it can be kind of tough to see where you’re going see.

If i can pick the camera up a little bit and we got a little breeze kicking up here so i’m going to kick it forward just a little, and i can see that i’m still moving, because i can look at the ground and we’re out there about A hundred meters so wow we got a pretty good little wind kicked up. I want to take it up higher and take some pictures, but i don’t want to do it. While we got this wind it’s definitely moving the drone around. You can see that okay it’s kind of calmed down a little bit so i’m, going to pick the drone up a little bit and see if we can pick up the camera. That looks like probably as far as it’s going to go i’m going to stop recording and i’m doing. I did that on the app i’m going to switch to camera and i’m going to take a picture and i’m going to see if i can pitch the drone back and take another picture so i’m going to pitch back and take a picture well sort of. I don’t know if that worked very well or not uh. Okay, so uh let’s go ahead and see let’s let’s. Try a speed mode here, i’m, going to bring the drone directly back to me and it’s. Taking commands it’s taken commands much better now than it did before. Let’S see, i forgot, we should start video again so i’m going to switch back into video mode start video, and i did that on the app and i’m bringing it back.

You know what i want to say is it: it does pretty good for the for the amount of wind that we have here today, i’m, actually pretty impressed with how it’s powering through it so so let’s bring it back to us and boy i’m watching it pitch. So let’s uh let’s see if we can mess around with speed modes here i’m going to turn it the other direction and i’m going to bring it down lower so that i can make sure i get a good line of sight on it and i’m going to Back it up to us and let’s, try and change it to change the speed mode here now i should be able to do that right here on the app unable to switch fast or slow. It says remote control priority. So don’t know what that means. I think i can change that speed by pushing down on the left. Stick let’s! Try it yeah! Now that didn’t really change anything. Try that one more time yeah, so so how we change that speed mode on the remote i a lot of times you can. I i know, if i push in on this, stick that that will change the way, the rem, the way the stick operates. We can try that though let’s try, it yeah, look at that that got us two hundred percent okay, so uh, i i maybe, if i held it a long press probably is what changes it, but uh changes the way when i was messing around with it yesterday.

If i long pressed this stick, it reversed the way the sticks, uh operated, so let’s uh let’s, try and go forward and see if it’s any faster, so full stick forward now and i’m going to be honest with you it’s fast, but i don’t know that it’s Any faster than it was before so i’m going to point it back towards us. Yeah boy, i’ll tell you what this thing is, it can be difficult to. Control is what i’m telling you to be uh, steady on the sticks and – and you definitely have some fpv lag – okay, so i’m – going to go full, stick forward and we’re going to go right over the top of us here. So full stick forward right now and i mean it’s pitching forward, but i thought it. I thought it pitched harder in in the other mode, so i don’t know i don’t think it’s any faster i’ll, be honest with you, bring her down here and bring it in again and uh and then we’re going to go back to 50 speed and i’ll. Let you guys decide Music, it definitely moves around, and you know this isn’t this isn’t a precision drone that you’re going to do any precision flying with i. I can tell you that it moves around some, but i will say also we’ve got a fair amount of wind today, okay, so i’m going to hit that button again and see if we can go yeah that takes back to 50 percent.

So let’s turn around again and uh and i’m going to bring it back towards us a little bit and i’m going to hit full stick forward again, and you guys tell me what you think if we increased any speed so full stick forward and i’m telling you. I i don’t see any difference in speed at all, so i don’t think that speed control really makes any any big difference, and one of the things i’m also going to caution you about is the the lag in the app makes it difficult to fly this drone. First person view it’s a little bit of a guess, so i would what i would recommend is that you uh try and and uh yeah low battery, so uh it’s gon na bring it back to us here which is interesting because it’s still showing half battery so Let’S go ahead and hit return to home and it is it’s raising to its return to home height. So what i’m going to tell you is keep this drone. Pretty close in don’t fly it out very far that’s what i’m going to say about that and it’s coming down what i’ll say is the gps is fairly accurate on this guy you’re going to see it come down here and it’s. You know it’s going to be. I don’t know three feet from the pad, maybe, and it shuts down and i’m going to stop recording so that we don’t lose that uh that file and uh yeah, okay uh.

Let me get everything shut down and we’ll talk about the drone a little bit: hey! Okay, guys uh the holy stone, hs 175 uh. You know it’s clearly intended as a beginner drone uh and it works. It flies i’m. Going to couple recommendations i’m going to make is flying on pretty calm days, although it was relatively windy today it. I know that that definitely affected the drone, because you saw it moving around quite a bit at the wind. I think you’ll get better results on a calmer day and then the other thing i’ll say. Is it it’s it’s, not probably the easiest drone to control it? It moves around a little bit and the controller is fairly vague, and then you have enough lag in fpv that you can’t always rely on what you’re seeing on that fpv screen, so always keep it within line of sight. So you can see what the drone is doing. We tried the follow me function. I do not recommend that every time i put it into gps, follow me the drone just kind of took off on its own and and really was not following the controller. The gps. On the controller like it’s supposed to do the optical uh follow me function. You saw the error mode on screen. I can’t remember what it said could not enter optical mode or whatever. So you know i would question that on a drone of this price range anyway, because that typically those kind of optical follow me, take a fair amount of processing power.

So sometimes that tries to use the processor on your phone – i don’t know but uh. You know the drone, i guess you know it flies fairly, reasonably uh. I already know what the picture quality looks like and the picture quality is okay. I mean there’s a lot of jello in it, but it is real bouncy. So expect that and the photographs that you take they’re going to have a little bit of that a fisheye effect, but you know they’re. Okay, when you consider this is a beginner drone. So yeah i mean i’m, not gon na uh uh. I just see i still had it on there, so i turned it off uh. So what i’m gon na tell you is uh yeah. If you’re looking for a beginner gps, drone uh, you might try this one. You know you can pick it up on amazon now, for they got a 20 off coupon on there for 130 bucks. So you know it might be worth a try at that. I got to be honest with you. If it were me, i would probably spend a little more money and uh and step up uh to to a drone uh with that that has a gimbal on it and uh and maybe a little more range etc. The only other thing that i want to add is is that i am fairly experienced in flying drones and – and i spent a lot of time, i dedicated a lot of time to get this thing to work for me and in fact it didn’t work uh with It absolutely would not work with my iphone 11.

why it works with the iphone 10 and not the 11. I have no clue it. The the controller, i think i kind of figured out the magic there. You turn on the drone. Uh turn on the controller, bind the controller, so bind the controller to the drone first and then connect your app and that’s. What seemed to work for me today, uh the instructions are a little bit vague about that. The instructions. If you talk it’s talking about hooking up the the wi fi first, so uh in any case, you might just have to experiment around and see what works for you but uh, but we did get it in the air. We were able to fly it around and we went through a couple batteries. I had a couple of nervous moments. There uh that first waypoint mission, we tried where it took it way way off out there and then the waypoints disappeared, which could have been because i i touched the sticks so that could have been my fault and and then it wouldn’t didn’t take any commands. So i walked out in the field, hit the return to home and it took that so it got a little closer got within range and it came back to us uh and then the other thing again i’m going to repeat uh. I would not put it into gps. Follow me mode. The drone went nuts and uh. You know. I was afraid that it might even have some kind of a fly away or something so that’s.

Why i quickly uh got out of that other than that. If you want to just try out a gps, drone and uh – and you know, take some a little bit of video and a couple pictures, this might be a way to do it so that’s, probably about the best. I can say this is marcus crawford with the idaho quadcopter channel out and if you like this kind of content, please consider subscribing to my channel uh. Most of all, i appreciate you taking the time to look at this video and yeah we’ll, see on the next one, the holy stone, hs, 175 uh interesting little product.