The holy stone hs170 is their most popular drone and also the highest rated on amazon, as most beginners have opted to start with this due to its recommendations, it comes with a nice set of features, good flight time and ease of use. The holy stone hs170 is a compact and lightweight drone sporting, a bright cobalt finish around its body and frame and on the middle of its main body, you locate the holy stone logo. This drone has excellent shock proof curved legs that absorb the majority of impacts, and, on top of that, it sports prop guards for even more protection. The protection aspect is especially important for beginners that tend to crash the drone in their learning process, resulting in a very durable machine. I can comfortably say that the holy stone hs170 is one of the easiest drones to learn to fly. An absolute beginner can easily fly this drone without any prior experience. Due to its small size. You can easily fly it from the palm of your hand, and you can fly it out of there without any concern. The drone also comes equipped with three speed modes that allow for a beginner to learn to operate a drone appropriately with a low speed setting and then progress to higher settings. Despite being the cheapest drone on this list, the holy stone hs170 provides a comfortable eight minutes of flight time. And if you wish to double your fun, i would suggest you invest in an extra battery, also it’s worth stating that the battery takes about 60 minutes to charge.

The holy stone. Hs170 comes with a nice set of features such as the headless mode and altitude hold function which are perfect for every pilot, regardless of skill level, other than that it features one button takeoff and landing, and it can perform 360 degree flips for that price.