So today we are going to be taking a look at this holy stone. Hs 160 guys it’s a foldable drone um. I believe it has uh supposed to be 1080p yeah, 1080p camera modularized by battery optical flow and up to 10 minutes of flight time on one battery, guys it’s a real sleek. Looking drone, you know, i’m really fine, the holy stone. They usually typically put out pretty good drones, guys so we’re gon na unbox this guy today and take a look at it. So here it is all folded out and then here’s a picture of it folded up. Real nice drone all right, guys, we’re going to take a look at this boy. The holy stone, hs 160 guys so let’s get this boy down on the table. I have my unboxing on deck. You know what i’m saying yeah baby get this unboxing done. Man, you guys know man we’ll, try to make this real quick for you, guys wow wow check it out. So, of course we get the little caution. A battery warning right there and our instruction manual and holy stone typically usually does a pretty good job with the instructions. So i expect nothing less um look like you got some type of german language and you got english, so it’s pretty well detailed. Everything is in here that you need to know on like what type of batteries like you need: two double a batteries for the transmitter, all that good stuff.

Everything is well laid out. So look at this guy back up in this little goody, pouch. So nice detailed instruction manual, which is always nice so let’s, take this top tier off and let’s go ahead and see what comes in the goodie bag. So in the goodie bag we got full set of propellers. So we got four extra pops full set nice for bow. We have a prop removal tool, wow and we also have looks like a charger which is a micro usb to standard usb charger and that’s, probably going to charge the batteries for our drone all right and from looking at the instruction manual. We already know that we are going to need two double a batteries for the transmitter right, so here’s charger. Four extra props prop removal tool. Pretty nice holy stone all right, here’s, the remote remote looks pretty cool, never had one like this from holy stone. Yet i’ve had a couple holy sold drones. Everything is labeled on this guy looks like we have some fake antennas because i don’t see any wires. I think these are fake, seen wires come, but this cool nice looking professional, look with the antennas on there. We have a speed button up here. Up top, we have photo video button up here. Up top looks like we have a power button. Right here looks like we have either a calibrate or headless mode button. We’Ll have to refer to instructions. For that looks like we have some pretty nice gimbals, there guys look at the gimbals there, pretty nice looking gimbals, they look metal, they’re plastic, but they look metal.

You know they might be metal. I don’t know, i think they’re plastic um automatic takeoff automatic land, and this is probably going to be like the trimming button i’m, not sure yet. Um it’s, like we have a place to put a lanyard. If you want to put a lanyard on here to hold it of course, here’s your battery bay in the back there’s a battery bay in the back two double a batteries, not too bad, so yeah that’s, not too bad, looks like we have a little telemetry looking Screen right here, look at that it says holy stone. You peel this off. It says holy stone right. There i’m, not sure if it’s gon na light up or do anything i’m – not i’m, not sure, but it looks really cool that how it says holy stone right. There looks like it will have some telemetry like if it was a gps bird or something like that. Also we have a little sticker up up top here we have a sticker up top there, too that’s pretty cool check that out a couple, little stickers, really sleek. Looking transmitter for this guy and foam mount is just lever up here, so you got a decent foam mount pull that all the way out and you can pull this little piece out that will hold your phone so nice looking transmitter, guys everything’s labeled holy stone, good Job with that good job with that i’ll take that so nice transmitter.

So and last but not least, we got the drone here guys so look like we have some leds in the rear, with a power switch that’s a pressable power switch ass yeah, so power switch in the rear and i’m guessing. These are some leds here and 1080p camera up front. Look at that so let’s fold out these arms. I don’t think it matter which way you fold out the arms i don’t think maybe it’s front first but check that out. Look at that wow! So very nice! Foldable quad definitely a pocket sized quad. You can fold this guy up, put it in the pocket or a small backpack, or something like that and definitely fly it um. You look for the optical flow sensor supposed to be optical flow, there’s, a very tiny optical flow camera, underneath there guys very tiny so like this there’s, a battery release button here release the battery um i’m, not seeing any sd card slot. So it looks like that. 1080P footage is going to be recorded directly via wi fi to your phone and then in the back and the bottom of underneath the drone. We have two batteries, so look wow two batteries. This is a good deal. I think this thing was like 50 bucks. I believe for a nice little foldable quadcopter by a very nice company, holy stone, get two batteries here and then let me move this out of the way so yeah get two batteries here, and these are these little modular batteries that they’re talking about so here’s.

Our charging port for the battery on the side there nice, so you can use any type of android old style, android charger cell phone charger to charge that if you don’t have, if you happen to lose this one just use any type of micro usb charger right. There look at that so cool looks like this guy. Just um line up the marking of the drone looks like it just snaps in and just oh, maybe just oh okay i’ll see, so you actually have to put this guy in like this, you actually have to put the bottom in first so slide the bottom in Okay and then you just push in and it snaps in place and there’s a lever to release the battery right here guys so that i wanted to see if it has any juice powers on the rear. So, look at that wow we got nice flashing leds up front with the power switch glowing green in the rear, with flashing red leds in the rear, it’s pretty nice and there’s no leds on the motor pods, so that’s, pretty nice it’s a nice looking drone nice. Looking drone press up to release it, pull out and wow that’s how you get your battery out, guys pretty simple two batteries gon na get this guy charged up. This is the holy stone. Hs160 has six axis gyro across there with the little holy stone. Symbol. I’M. Excited to fly that nice little foldable, looking joint man check it out, man and i do believe this camera actually pivots but it’s manually, so you can manually, i believe, adjust this camera.

If you wanted to, because they don’t have any yeah you can manually adjust it look at that, you can adjust it all the way down to face to ground or you can just push it all. The way up face forward check that out so yeah. This is a manually adjustable camera. Pretty decent sized lens excited to fly this guy guys holy stone, hs160 we’re going to charge these batteries up we’re going to go out for a quick test flight, hopefully it’s, not too windy, but you already know every time i fly it gets windy. Guys i mean boy drones: the dogs catch you guys outside i’m out all right guys. So here we are for our first flight of this holy stone. Hs 160. You guys let’s go ahead and unfold the quadcopter so it’s front arm. First, then, the rear have our power switch in the back blinking lights, let’s go ahead and set that down go ahead and turn on transmitter do up now finds it leds, go solid, all right guys and we do have leds on the transmitter all right, guys, that’s, Pretty cool, so this is our calibration button. We want to long press that that calibrated the gyros all right and also, if you short press it that enters headless mode and app for this guy, is the drc fbv app before before we get into the drc. Fpv app guys we want to get into our wi fi settings and connect to the wi fi of this quad, and it says this whole stone, fpv, so that’s, the wi fi, so we’re going to connect to that and all right.

So now we want to get into this drc fpv app, let’s go ahead and click start all right guys. So we have fpv feed and it is a brick bit breezy out here guys. So i don’t know if we are going to test the low rates but we’ll try. We have an automatic takeoff button here, hit that and unlocks the motors and then bottle up. This guy does have optical flow, so it might help us fight that breeze. Just a tad bit, look at that wow! Oh, let me start the recording. We have a long press recording started, recording started. We got a timer going off so check that out guys i’m, not touching anything. Look at that that’s, the optical flow holding right there pretty nice, so i did just drop down when the breeze got on it. So i’m gon na have to definitely find my rings. This is going to go into the highest rate. It has three speeds: win the highest rate right now, so check it out, y’all it this way. Now this is supposedly a 1080p camera. You guys – and i don’t believe this guy does flips because they didn’t say anything about 3d flips or anything so that i guess it’s pretty much just a camera bird i’m, not sure if it does any flips. I didn’t see any flip button in the instruction manual. You guys so i don’t think this guy flips it’s pretty breezy i’m kind of shocked.

I was holding check that out i’m, not touching anything on a stick right now: i’m, just letting the hole there. Optical flow is grabbing pretty good and you can’t turn it off. I’M, not going to turn it off right now, because it’s so windy, but you can long press the speed button and turn off the optical flow and fly this altitude ho wow guys so yeah we’re gon na have to stay definitely stay in the high rate. During this flight, so breezy check her out you guys i’m, actually kind of shocked. The holy stone is home. The hs 160 guys it’s, all pretty good, too wi. Fi feed looks pretty good we’re coming up in about two minutes of recording let’s go down this way. I’M, just moving real slow guys i’m, not trying to do nothing too crazy with this wind kicking up. But this this is a really small quiet, little pocket little foldable joint that’s kind of what i like about it that’s. What drew it look at that that’s fighting into the little breeze right now, she’s, trying to fight into the wind right now for as lightweight as this quad is i’m, pretty impressed i’m gon na long press the photo button. I mean the video button that stops the recording all right, let’s go ahead and take a photo. I took a photo right there. Nice let’s see, if i can get me in the picture now we’re supposed to get about 10 minutes of flight time on this battery and that that varies with wind and how much wind you got to fight and how much juice you’re putting in it.

But it says 10 minutes we’ve been flying about four minutes. I’Ll say like right now see if i can get myself in a picture. Your boy drawing the dogs took a photo. Nice let’s go ahead and start the recording again recording started pretty breezy guys so we’re. Just gon na do some flying a little cruising around here. Nice look cruising around with the hs160. Definitely a nice little pocket drone she’s just cruising right along this – is a little cruiser, definitely not a little speed demon because we’re in a high rate and she’s just cruising right along there check her on out it’s cruising right along a little slow cruising bird i’m. Fighting into the breeze now yeah right into that breeze and coming back this way, gosh she’s, doing pretty good in the wind, i’m, really shocked, recording still going turn this way. Yeah, you guys see the dream. Lord, i know you hear the wind in the microphone it’s a blowing, you guys, and that thing is just sitting up there like it’s, nothing hanging, pretty impressed pretty impressed holy stone man they just they make good birds, man. You know there’s one thing about holy stone. You either really like them or you just really hate them. You know i’m saying hey and i’m, not a hater. I i feel y’all holy stone. This is this. Is a nice little pocket, one it’s, just a cruiser, my mavic mini, will be having trouble in wins.

Like this, and this little thing is just cruising a little 50 drone cruising right along guys. Let me stop that recording break it down. Let you guys see it check it out now. Look i’m, not touching anything it’s just sitting there that’s a nice little drone, guys let’s just fly it out. Man to the to that battery starts to tucker. You see the little bars in the back, the leds. We have full leds. Now we only have two split that’s, also a battery indicator, so that’s pretty nice, letting you know that your battery is getting low, the full bars it was real. All these lights was lit up when we first started flying now. You see there’s only two left so that’s a battery indicator. You guys this is a nice drone. Now i did stop recording. I just wanted to fly it out and see how it just flies now, we’re just checking out the performance on it pretty much right now. Flying that battery out there comes wifey up the street that comes wipe me up the street. Maybe we will get a little recording, maybe i will get wifey when i get wifey before the battery tuckers out of me, i started the recording. Oh, the wind kicks up the wind kicks out. Let me see if i can get wifey on the drone. Can i get her on the drone? Let you guys see wifey, you guys really see white, because she’s, always behind the camera check her on out.

There check her out, you see her. Can you see her? You see her as she comes on past there she’s trying to scoot on pass they’re gon na try to scoot pass yeah. I see you caught her on the camp cam caught her on the drone. Cam. Stop that recording guys little thing is still flying pretty dope huh, pretty dope, pretty dope wow one battery guys got camera two batteries. I still got another battery to fly out and you know i’m gon na fly this joker out. Once i get done showcasing this droney y’all, you guys just getting a taste of it wow. I think this thing flew longer than 10 minutes. I know i got a couple. Three minute recordings took some photos. Wifey pulled up got a little bit of a hurdle. Uh drone and this thing’s still hanging up in the wind, no flashing lights yet, but i can tell that power is getting low because it’s moving this juice, but there we go there. We go. Oh she’s, getting blown she’s getting blown come on back. I got ta land it i hit the land button wow i had to hit the automatic land button, the juice was landing and the wind was getting on. It said hurry up hit that man button, but other than that, not a bad drone guys. You could tell started losing power once that battery got low holy stone, hs 160 guys even had the uh controller beeping at me once the battery got low, so yes definitely hit that 10 minutes, probably more a flight time.

This is definitely a good drone. Uh. You guys got 50 bucks. You want to spend on a pretty decent little front yard flyer this. Is it the holy stone? Hs 160, guys perfect front yard. Flyer: i’m: your boy drone! The dodge, appreciate you guys for watching and checking me out today.