These are definitely one of my most popular and most viewed videos. So, first and foremost, thank you guys so much for uh checking out all of the different drone videos that i’ve put out and i’ve got another one here for you today. This one actually is a drone i’ve had for a while. This is my first drone that i bought the holy stone hs 160.. This was a pretty cheap drone. I think when i first paid for it, it was like 85 to 90 dollars. I can’t remember um, but this was my first experience flying a drone uh. This is a really easy to fly drone uh. This is really good for beginners, kids, adults that just want to have fun flying around um, but i wanted to do an unboxing and show you some of the features all right guys. So here is the box for the hs160 i’m gon na open it up and show you what’s inside. So this is the instruction manual comes with. It gives you all the instructions on how to use it comes with two batteries. Each one lasts roughly about 10 minutes on a full charge, obviously you’re going to need the charging cable for that. So it does come with the usb cable to connect for that. You’Ve got your remote control here and it does have the phone holder. Let me move the box here, so you can see it better, so it does have the phone holder that pops out there that way, you can sit there and clicks forward, and then you can just pop your phone in there got your toggle switches.

This one is a little bit unique different than the other ones that i’ve shown this one does require two double a batteries. The other ones i’ve shown are all rechargeable batteries built in and use the usb cable. But this one does have two double a’s to operate. It um so there’s your remote and then the drone itself is one of the more compact drones um. So it’s got uh four different wings or arms. I guess that come out here with the propellers on each end and that’s what it looks like this one’s kind of a unique cool look almost looks like a car like the they’ve got the grill and two headlights. I’Ve got the camera on the front. Here. Your power button is actually right here on the back, and these lights are gon na light up and indicate the battery charge to let you know what the the battery percent is, which is pretty nice, but it’s very light weight. Drone sit it out here, for you guys to see and it’s a uh like, i said, very easy to fly drone. The camera, i believe, is a 1080p actually before i forget it does come with some spare blades and a little metal tool here that can help you pop off the blades. If you need to it does come with a little bit less than this. This one actually is a replacement that i had to get my first one one of the motors burned out in it.

So i did end up getting a replacement um. Actually holy stone was was nice enough to replace it. For me, i didn’t have to pay for a replacement. They actually just sent me a whole new replacement drone and i kept um kept the broken one. They didn’t want it back, so they let me keep the the broken one, and so i just have spare parts and spare batteries for this one, but this one i actually gave to my son, jack and he’s, the one that primarily uses this but um it’s it’s. I think one of the the nicer smoother flying drones that that i bought and for being a cheaper little drone. I i definitely would recommend it if you’re looking for a good, just beginner drone um that flies easily flies. Nice uh one of the drawbacks to this and the reason i ended up, not uh primarily keeping this one is. Is it doesn’t go incredibly high? This one goes. I have to check the specs on it, but typically it it’s gone, maybe as high as the roof of a double story. House i’d have to double check the feed on that, but it doesn’t go super high but, like i said it does fly nice. So we’ll go out and check it out. Music. One of the features i forgot to mention earlier is that you can change the camera angle manually. You can adjust it up to 90 degrees from forward facing to straight down Music me.

I hope this video gave you guys a better understanding of what the hs 160 can do and, if it’s a drone that you’re thinking about buying. I hope that this helped you in making your decision thanks. So much for watching don’t forget to subscribe to the channel, hit the notification bell and give our video a thumbs up.