It is easy to fly, it have altitude, hold two speed mode and headless mode with 1080p. Camera fpv take photo, take photo trajectory flight like a waypoint flight, and it has 34 minutes flight time. 34 minute flight time, it also have voice control, take off left landing. This is uh the command flight command. These okay now lets take at the review. Take a look at the review. Well, the price is uh 94.99 and it have a five percent. This coupon here, which is pretty good price for a low budget drones, lets take a look at the review here. We have the top review from ali top review from united states alley as a professional photographer little things matter. A big deal, capturing memories, is a big responsibility to do it right. I have gone through several expensive drones to realize that theres, nothing out there like this holy stone for the price. I get the best feature of the best feature of a dji drone for the price i get uh hes, meaning for this price. He get the best feature of a dji drone comparing to a dji drone. If you dont not know about dji drone, they are expensive. Drones without having the sale out of thousands of dollars, this drone does everything a dji does, except maybe fly to the north pole. North pole, yeah yeah thats one day ill buy a drone that fly to the north pole. I dont need my drone to fly to the north pole testing it at the park.

I first paired it with an app it was flawless. The drone was extremely stable. The pictures go straight to the phone gallery, so i dont even need an sd card. So this drone dont need an sd card, but do we have an sd card capability? The propeller guards make me feel safe. Does nothing will obstruct them? It return and land perfect a joy to watch this amazing take at work just a few years ago. I would never even imagine being able to own such an incredible gadget at this price. I feel like holy stone is carving an amazing name for what drone should be like, and we are looking at some picture here. Actually, its pretty colorful, pretty good. Is there another picture? Well, this the box, Music and another view. Okay, we look at the good reveal. You know its a couple, one here, easy for beginner theres, more full power drones whats. This review have uh very pleased with the purchase purchase for 15 years old boy. The does a great job flight table, control and remote uh easy to use the attitude, hoe works and describe so on and so on. Okay, lets take a look at uh, a bad review, to see what happened. What happened to this bad review, its pretty low, though its pretty low percentage things might happen. Okay, it might as well have dripped up a hundred dollars bill. First, try we went slow and it went up 200 feet and took off on its own.

The controller did not control it at all. I have no idea where this thing is lost forever. After two minutes of bringing it outside, dont buy it, it will fall apart and its cheap and not worth it at all worth it at all. Okay dont buy it dont buy it dont, buy it falling apart. Well, this strong is falling apart. Well, if we look at the percentage theres, only eight percentage, you know well find out well look to find out. Why is a 200 feet and this drone capability uh distant range of this strong? Okay? We are here at the question and where can i check the storage of this video? I did not see the sd card slot, so we dont see the sd card slot. Okay, we have the sd card slot. The sd card slot is on the of the camera. Well, the right side itself: well, it does have it and the wingspan is 14.5 inches. Dont see any thing about the range well, the range, the fbv range is 3 28 Music thats. The range hes talking about the rain, the distant and the other guy losing his drone. He went up 200 feet um 200 feet. I dont know how high is 200 feet, but i usually fly my drone around a return home button around 80 to 100, sometimes 110. Meter altitude, the height so if 200 feet uh, how high is that in meter lets find out, so i did a search on google and 200 feet equal to 61 meter, so hes up in the air about 61 meter and lost lost his drone for two minutes Of flight okay, so i guess things happen, eight percent and the other eighty percent is pretty good uh.

You know five star review. I would say this is a very good drones for the the price the budget price. Okay lets find out whats more. Does it have? Okay, here we, it does have a 360 flip one press to perform a 360 flip to enjoy the fabulous moment with the family and friends. Headless mode fly your drone without discerning the direction of your drone quite easy to operate. They have you know. We talked about this speed control, fpv camera. What is fpv camera lets find out all right im. Looking here at the uh other screen of mine uh. It said what our fpv drone. The first thing to know about fpv drone is that the fpv doesnt describe the aircraft. It describes the method as opposed to the traditional method of drones, piloting where, in the pilot controls the aircraft from their perspective on the ground, fpv drones are piloted from the drones point of view. You know the on board camera in another words, youll be flying the drone from the perspective of someone who is actually on board okay, so that is fpv camera. So when we fly the drone, we fly it Music. In the camera point of view, like somebody whos actually on board, okay, so that is fpv here in the package. The package include a manual for extra propeller, four protection frame; one charging, cable, one transmitter landing gear; two landing gear; wheres; the landing gear; two landing gear; wheres my landing gear; two three point: seven: two x, two, two three point: seven v: thirteen hundred m a h; Lipo drone battery a lipo drone battery that thats a good battery thats a better battery than the lithium oh lipo is, i think, its.

What is lipo lithium lets find out. Google search go such goo is the answer to everything. Lets find out. Whats, a leepo drone battery okay, his people also ask what is the difference between leepole and lee Music? You know lipo and li ion battery the most significant difference between lithium ion and lithium polymer batteries. If i can pronounce thats uh right uh, you know my english is pretty uh pretty bad polymer polymer batteries is the chemical electrolyte between their positive and negative, elect electro. Typically, the advantages of the lytheon lithium ion. Are there high power density and low cost, then lithium polymer battery, so so lithium ion is low cost. So this battery is is more expensive. I guess uh. You know. That is what it said. So we got a good lipo lipo battery uh lithium polymer is a better battery here. Did we cover everything about this strong uh lets see the weight 160 gram, which means it is light and it is uh you dont have to register this straw, i believe is 255 above to register this drone. So no registration, okay. I checked the internet yeah only drone, that is over 250 gram, which is point 55 pounds over 250 gram. Then you have to register with this draw. We do not need to register only store on the phone, no sd card required, but it has that sd card uh. You can insert an sd card uh in this drone Music.

So again. Overall, i think this drone is pretty good for your money. Uh, a beginner budget drones, if you like drone and you know starting out a new habit, a new hobby im, not a habit hobby. This is uh a you know, fairly nice, drawing to start out and learning more about the the hobby. If you find this information is useful, dont forget to like and subscribe link is in the description below.